Sunday, 2 October 2011

Revlon Facets of Fuchsia

Facets of Fuchsia nail polish is part of Revlon's A/W 2011 collection. It was actually a picture on Twitter that sparked my interest and when I found out that it was already available, I practically ran to Superdrug! I realised once I saw it in person that I had admired this same colour on a sales assistance a couple of weeks ago.

Facets of fuchsia is made up of large and small metallic, hexagonal fuchsia/violet glitter suspended in a thin black polish base. This is my first experience with a chunky glitter and it's been quite a positive experience. The brush was ok, though longer and thinner than I'm used to. It was quite tricky to apply the glitter evenly and I wasn't sure whether several thin layers or loading up the brush was the best way to go. In the end, I went for a combination of the two. In the pictures I am wearing two coats (one thin and one thick) with no top coat.







I applied this in the evening and I loved how it twinkled under artificial light. It looks just as pretty in bright sunlight too. Weirdly, I think close up pictures don't do it justice. The wear time was pretty average but next time I would probably apply a top coat to prevent the glitter catching. As you might expect, it was also a little tricky to remove. I found the best method was to soak a cotton wool ball and hold against the nail before wiping.

There are two other new Revlon nail polishes; Smoky Canvas and Gold Coin. There was a space for Gold Coin on the display but no bottles as yet. I was quite tempted by Smoky Canvas, a pale beige-nude but decided to seek out some swatches first. I bought Facets of Fuchsia from Superdrug where it was reduced to £4.49 from the usual RRP of £6.49.


  1. Love the colour but cba with trying to remove glitter polish so am going to give this one a miss!

  2. This is such a pretty colour! Apparently Revlon have a shade called carbonite, I'm not sure if it's supposed to be from this collection, but everyone's been saying it's a close dupe to Chanel's graphite!

  3. It is on my list for my next Boots visit! Beautiful!

  4. I love this and Ill agree the photos cannot do it justice, same with my post about it, it looked 100 times better in person than in my photos.

  5. It almost looks like Deborah Lippmann's Across The Universe (which I love), but a deep pink version. The glitter looks the same kind of size, very pretty, will have to look out for that x

  6. I agree with LL - definitely similar to Deborah Lippmann's polishes... but so much cheaper! I'm going to get this one... x

  7. Thats really pretty, do you happen to know if it contains Toluene, Camphor Di Butyl Phthalate?
    I might have to go on the look out for that, thanks for sharing x

  8. I love this pollish! And all hexagonal glitter polishes as well!

  9. I keep seeing this nail polish on every blog it seems ahah but it,s definitely gorgeous!

  10. Love it, want it, gotta have it.
    This one and Carbonite are the two Revlon nail polishes I'm seriously lemming lately!!!


  11. I'm so sorry I've been slow to come back and reply. Thanks you for all of your comments.

    @Debbie: It's not as bad as a full on glitter to remove but you have to be in the right mood I find!

    @Carla: I haven't spotted carbonite yet, I shall keep my eyes peeled for it!

    @Gaelle: Happy shopping!

    @Ms Red: It's strange isn't it? I definitely looks better in person.

    @Lipstick Luuvie and @TBBB: It reminds me a lot of the Lippmann polishes. I've never been able to get hold of Lippmann so this is the next best thing!

    @Replica: It was a no on all counts for those ingredients. It took me a while to locate the ingredients list though! They don't make it easy to find.

    @Marina: I'm so pleased with it.

    @Ms Bubu: It's my first hexagonal glitter. There may be more!

    @GABY: I hadn't seen any other posts but I can understand the excitement. It's a bargainous pretty!

    @Tina: Two mentions of Carbonite mean I MUST hunt it down ;)

    Jane x


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