Monday, 31 October 2011

Trick or Treat? New Candy Fixations by Tigi Bed Head

I don't imagine that it has escaped anyone's notice that it's Halloween today. My cupboards are laden with sweets in preparation for this evening but I shall be exercising my willpower and ignoring them. Instead, I plan on getting my sugar fix another way!

Tigi Bed Head are releasing five new confectionery inspired hair products. The Candy Fixation collection includes Sugar Dust, a volumizing powder and Mega Whip, a marshmallow hair texturizer which I have been testing out over the last couple of weeks. Well I say I, it has been a bit of a family affair as I enlisted the help of Mr. MB too.

Candy Fixations2

Candy Fixations4

Can I just start by saying how much I like the Sugar Dust packaging. The pot reminds me of the old style pepper pots, complete with little holes on the top which you line up to dispense the powder. The powder is super fine; the entire contents weigh only 1g so this is a very light powder. I have tried similar volumizing powders before and whilst this does give hair a candy floss type texture, it doesn't feel as sticky or itchy as say the Tresemme powder that I wrote about earlier in the year. It doesn't give quite the same level of volume but I'm happy with that trade off for the increased comfort. I didn't combine it with backcombing but found it gave root lift by simply massaging the hair with my finger tips.

Candy Fixations5

Candy Fixations3

Mega Whip has a whipped, springy texture and smells good enough to eat. It is designed for use on course, thick or difficult hair. My husband's hair is short and very thick, the increasing number of grey hairs mean that it is quite course too. Mega Whip gives his hair texture and separation without the wet look and stiffness of his usual moulding products. It can be used wet or dry and he tells me it doesn't feel heavy on the hair. I also find his hair more malleable to the touch.


The other products in the Candy Fixation range are: Glaze Haze, a smoothing serum, Totally Baked, a volumizing 'hair meringue' which you apply like a mousse before blow drying and Sugar Shock, a texturizing hair spray. The products range in price from £10.50 - £12.50 and will be available from salons from November. You can find a list of salons on EDIT - EJ was kind enough to let me know that the collection is already available on Feel Unique and currently on offer. Thank you EJ!

As it is Halloween, maybe I should opt for a bit of backcombing, what do you reckon?

Disclosure: PR Sample

PS. I apologise for my use of volumizing instead of volumising and texturizer instead of texturiser.  As Bed Head use the American spelling on their products and descriptions I felt it would be overly stubborn to switch between the two. It was touch and go for a while though!


  1. What a pleasant surprise! Wasn't expecting a review of these! Seen them on Feel Unique available now and on offer. The Whip interested me immediatly because of the packaging and then more so once I read what it was for, think I will give it a go x

  2. Oh, thanks letting me know that they're on Feel Unique already. I could update with a link. The Whip smells delicious! I like the springy marshmallow feel too in a completely childish way :D

  3. They sound interesting, I can't keep my eyes off mega whip, they really went with it on the packaging didn't they ;)
    Well I cannot believe we got no trick or treaters so I'm sat here eating the sweets we had bought for them, wish I'd bought some nicer ones now... xx

  4. The Mega Whip packaging is very cute! It smells delicious, I keep opening it up for a sniff, lol.

    We didn't get many trick or treaters either. Though we did has a pair of teenage girls who's costume consisted of their school uniform, backcombed hair and black kohl all over their faces. Just another day at school then girls ;) xx

  5. Heee!!! It looks yummy! ...And that's why most of the pretty things I own have warning labels against eating. >>


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