Sunday, 2 October 2011

Neglected Makeup Challenge

I feel in the mood to set myself another little challenge. Earlier today I attempted to gather a few bits together for a blog sale. When it came to the crunch, I just couldn't part with any of it. Some of it has sat unused for months but I'm rather attached to it all. To make up for my failure I thought it might be a good idea to force myself to use some of my more neglected items. So, I have picked out 7 items of makeup (Elixir challenge style) and intend to wear all of them over the coming week.



The 7 items are:
MAC Tippy Blusher from the Hello Kitty collection
Dior Gris Montaigne nail varnish
Illamasqua lipstick in Wanton
Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill in Pulp Fiction
Suqqu dual gloss in EX-03
Guerlain loose kohl in Oriental Metal
MAC Pearlglide liner in Petrol Blue

I will report back on how I get on at the end of the week. I'm hoping it will make me feel better about being such a hoarder!

Do you keep things when you know you shouldn't? Or are you decisive rather than sentimental about neglected items in your collection?


  1. I'm a terrible hoarder but came up with the perfect excuse - studying the history of cosmetics. Now I *have* to not only buy but hoard things because it is for my work. I also *allow* my friends to give me their old unwanted stuff for my collection too.

  2. I'm in the same boat! I'll be looking forward to reading about how you did with your challenge! xx

  3. Ive got stuff I rarely use but also dont want to get rid off. I parted with as much as I could stand when I did some blog sales a few months ago..

  4. Oooooh I wish you were blog sale-ing, I like the look of that Dior polish! Ha, this is a really good idea (and I should totally do this too, I have loads of stuff stashed away which I never use!). Can't wait to see how you get on. x

  5. I did exactly the same the other day and just can't bring myself to give up any make-up! I can't wait to see your progress

  6. Good luck with your challenge! I know I have waaay too much makeup but I try and decide what I'm wearing the night before and pull it out. It makes me use something different everyday rather than grabbing the first thing I see over and over again in my pre coffee haze x

  7. My make-up addiction is quite new so I can't really say I have a lot of items I don't use. The ones that are left untouched are usually because they didn't work for me. The Dior nail varnish looks gorgeous!!!

  8. I know the feeling! THose are nice bits! Keep them! :)

  9. I don't purchase a lot of things, so I have a hard time parting with ANYTHING (not just beauty related).

    Today, I sold a brand new sewing machine that's been sitting in my closet for five years. I just couldn't get the hang of sewing. Sixty dollars in my pocket and more space in my closet!

  10. This is a great challenge. I'll be looking forward to your use of the Guerlain loose kohl in Oriental Metal. I've wanted one of those things for years (being the eyeliner junkie that I am) but haven't yet taken the plunge! :)

  11. I do that too, I find that rotating my collection makes me feel a lot less guilty, plus I rediscover a lot of favorites! x

  12. I definitely keep things when I shouldn't. I always think that I'll eventually use them. Good luck with the challenge! It's a great idea.

  13. I'm exactly the same, I shop, use a couple of times and then forget.
    Glossout helped me a bit though, at least as far as lipgloss goes, but I honestly need to shop my stash more often!!!

    I think I need to do this "neglected makeup" project every now and then! ;)


  14. I haven't been using makeup long enough to be able to neglect some. But I definitely have some standouts and some products that I wish i'd never purchased (my Cinnamon and Red NYX Powder blushes, for example.)

  15. I need to do this, as well. I just cleaned out my closet and found literally bags full of abandoned products. I started to go through them to give them to needy friends and just couldn't quite part with most of them. I really need to follow your example and resurrect them before I purchase anything new (yeah, right!)


  16. Thanks for all of your comments. I've been really enjoying my weekly challenges.

    @Glamourologist: How fantastic! It sounds like fascinating study.

    @Powdered Almond: Ha ha!! None of these bits were in my blog sale pile but they have been very neglected. Poor things!

    @Aesthetic LA: It sounds like letting go was quite profitable!

    Jane x


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