Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Ilia Lip Conditioner in Blossom Lady

I have another horrible cold thanks to the generosity of the small people. My lips tend to suffer badly when I'm under the weather, they seem to dry out and get quite flaky. To try and remedy this I have been wearing Ilia Lip Conditioner in Blossom Lady most days.



The Ilia Lip Conditioners are described as a balm, gloss and lipstick in one and 85% of the ingredients are certified organic. They contains jojoba oil, cocoa butter and Vitamin E as moisturising ingredients. I think they are great for anyone that is looking to avoid lip balms that contain petroleum.


There are a total of six colours in the range and they're not all as muted as Blossom Lady. There's a red - Bang Bang, a coral - Shell Shock and a deep berry - Arabian Knight, as well as a sheer nude - Nobody's Baby and a soft melon - Dizzy. Blossom Lady is a muted pink, I don't tend to go for this sort of pink normally but the sheer nature of the colour makes it very wearable. Although it is sheer you can build up more colour by layering. It has a nice glossy finish without feeling sticky and as you would expect for a lip conditioner it is very moisturising. The moisturising feel lasts a long time too so I don't feel I have to apply it constantly to feel the benefits.

This shows the glossy finish very well




I like the exterior packaging of this very much and it definitely has the appearance of a luxe organic item. I do have one gripe though and that is the fact that the bullet doesn't sit in the plastic base firmly. The circumference of the plastic housing is bigger than the lipstick bullet so the lipstick wobbles from side to side during application. I try and make sure not to wind too much out but the bullet has ridges in it from knocking into the outer casing as it moves around. I know it's a petty complaint but I realise this would bother some people.

I am very pleased with the texture and finish of Blossom Lady and I've very keen to try one of the darker colours as I think they would be perfect Autumn/Winter wear. Ilia Beauty Lip Conditioners are available from www.beingcontent.com in the UK and cost £20 each. You can find more details about Ilia Beauty on their website www.iliabeauty.com.

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  1. Thats really pretty, I have had these on my to get list, either the shade you have or the nudey one. They sound like they will be great for the colder months. I do think the wobble factor would bother me to be honest(I am very petty)but I might have to overlook that for such a pretty colour, thanks for the review xx

  2. Darn those small children! <3 What a pretty lip balm!

  3. Such a pretty colour, and it looks super moisturising too. I always struggle with dry lips so this is definitely on the wishlist for this winter! x

  4. @Replica: I think you would really like the moisturising feel. The wobble is a faff but it might be that it's just this particular one that does it (fingers crossed).

    @Eden-Avalon: They are so generous with their germs!

    @P&L: It's an excellent product for this time of year. I like the range of colours too.

    Jane x


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