Thursday, 13 October 2011

My French Fancies

I wanted to give you an update on some of the products I've been enjoying from my french haul. As it turns out, one of my favourites is actually an item I'd forgotten in the first post; the Bioderma Créaline wipes. As a general rule, wipes are a bit of a no-no and have broken me out in the past. However, the Créaline wipes are as gentle on the skin as the Créaline H2O cleansing water. I actually prefer them to the cleansing water for facial cleansing as they don't leave that tacky residue that I find the regular cleansing water does. The micellar water is still tops for clean up jobs. 

I am really pleased that I picked up a can of the Klorane Dry Shampoo with oat milk. I bought it hoping for something with a less artificial scent than the ubiquitous Batiste. I find it's maybe not quite as effective at removing oil as Batiste but the bonus is that it feels very gentle on my hair. I'm very pleased with the lack of overpowering scent too. I know this isn't anything more than a superficial observation but I like how this looks in my bathroom. More grown up and less psychedelic!

French fancies2

I wasn't sure how I would get on with the Embroylisse moisturiser. In the past I have been disappointed in products that are hailed as a makeup artist must-have (yes, I'm talking about you Maybelline Great Lash). So, I applied it the first time with some trepidation. I need not have worried though as it was love at first application. I only need a tiny blob to cover my face and neck (the word concentré should have been a giveaway but I am cynical). I find it very hydrating without being greasy and it gives a nice radiant finish to the skin. I apply this whenever I feel my face needs a bit of pepping up in the morning.

If you are going to France soon, I would highly recommend seeking out these pharmacy gems. Although I don't think the Bioderma Créaline wipes are available in the UK as yet, it is possible to buy the other two online. The Klorane Dry Shampoo is available from and Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentré is available from both and


  1. I got the Klorane dry shampoo about two-three weeks ago and I like it. in the UK you can buy it at John Lewis!

  2. Ooo I just posted a review of Bioderma H2O, I like this stuff- I will be looking out for the wipes- especially when I go over there xx

  3. I am 100% with you on all counts. Bioderma is ubiquitous in Greek pharmacies as well, so I stock up on a number of different items...except for the miscellar water lol. I hate the tacky residue of this particular water (my favourite being the Caudalie). It has to be said that they do some great moisturisers as well and have an extensive range for sensitive skin.
    As for Embryolisse, I have loved it for years (and I really like their hydrating mask as well).
    Glad you're enjoying your purchases :)
    Nina x

  4. I have always admired French skincare. Most Bioderma products work for me, but I did not like Embryolisse. Too heavy:(

  5. I was going to pick some Embryolisse up at the IMATS but suspected it of hype too and didn't bother. Maybe I'll have to give it a try after all. x

  6. @Ms Bubu: I didn't realise that you could get it at John Lewis, that's really useful to know! Thank you.

    @Computergirl: I really like the wipes and will be asking my Mum to pick up more for me at Christmas.

    @Nina: We're obviously on the same wavelength! I will investigate the Bioderma moisturiser as I suspect I would them if we have similar taste on the other items.

    @Rola: Yes, I imagine that the Embryolisse might be too rich for some skin types. I only need a tiny bit for my whole face.

    @Sparklz and Shine: It's definitely worth a try. I was surprised by how much I like it.

    Jane x

  7. It actually is when I look at French Beauty Blogs, or posts by international bloggers that went to France, that I realise how much I miss the times where I could pop to the Sephora that wa sjust around the corner. Or to parapharmacies that stock Klorane, Crealine etc....


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