Thursday, 6 October 2011

Stella Print Collection


The Stella Print Collection is a limited edition release of the original Stella fragrance dressed in three different floral print designs, taken from her Spring Summer 2011 fashion collection. The designs are very bold floral illustrations which probably capture the fragrance inside rather well.


I've been spritzing and sniffing the Stella Eau de Parfum for about a week and a half now. I have actually been spritzing this fragrance on and off for years trying to decide whether it suits me. The predominant note is of rose and the amber gives it warmth and intensity. It is quite a powerful fragrance but this is one of those unusual perfumes that my nose gets used almost instantly. On the first wear, it had tremendous sillage and I could smell it all day long. On subsequent applications, I can smell it for half an hour to an hour after the initial spray and then I lose the scent. I had this same issue with Kenzo Flowers and would reapply frequently thinking it had vanished. I was probably the cause of many headaches for my work colleagues at the time!

Rose im Regen
Image by Jürgen Tesch

Losing the smell obviously makes it difficult for me to pinpoint all the notes and tell you how this develops on me. In view of this, I asked the Biochemist's opinion. He said I smelt a bit like an old lady. How charming!! I imagine it was the strong rose scent he was referring to.

I think Stella Print is probably best described as a sweet and quite intense floral fragrance. It's feminine but without subtlety, if that makes sense? If you like strong florals or you are already a fan of the original, these limited edition bottles would be a beautiful edition to your dressing table.

The Stella Print Collection is available from The bottles cost £35 each and contain 30ml of Eau de Parfum.

Disclosure: Sample received without cost for review purposes.


  1. These are beautiful illustrations but sadly I don't think this fragrance suits me:(

  2. These are so beautiful...I've been admiring them from afar!

  3. Sadly those bottles actually put me off!! Mr Sparklz clocked a review pic the other day and thought it was something an old lady would own - *ducks* - Very interested to hear what you say bout Kenzo Flower a recent acquisition - thankfully in the 5ml size because like you I can't smell it at all just after putting it on. x

  4. @Meeta: I like the scent but I'm not sure it suits me either Meeta.

    @Mercedes: I really like the bottles too.

    @S&S: So you're all against me then ;). Kenzo was my signature fragrance pre-children. I got pregnant, went off it and have never loved it again. It's quite strong and I know how well it lasts as I can smell it on others. I actually have a bottle upstairs unopened. I wonder if I'll ever be able to wear it again?!

    Jane x

  5. The designs on the bottle are sooo pretty!!!

  6. XD Some old ladies can smell really really good?

  7. I love the bottles, they are very pretty. I really like Kenzo btw...

  8. @Kajal Couture: They are lovely, aren't they?

    @Eden-Avalon: I quite agree! My husband is very cheeky ;)

    @Nuria: I used to love the Kenzo but something about my hormones in pregnancy ruined it for me which is a shame.

    Jane x


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