Monday, 3 October 2011

My latest brush lemmings

One of my favourite mood lifters is virtual shopping. I can while away many happy hours on my favourite sites compiling list of things I want to buy. Browsing brushes is a particular favourite and at the moment I seem to have a major Japanese brush obsession. I have plenty of brushes already and only one face to use them on. So I don't need any more brushes I just want them. Here are a few that I'm craving right now.



This is one lemming that has left me feeling most frustrated. I have visited the RMK counter in Selfridges quite a few times but I hadn't considered their brushes until recently. What a lot of missed opportunities! I can't find the UK prices as they're not available online from Selfridges but it is possible to order the brushes from BonBonCosmetics. I'm very taken with both the Cheek brush and small Cheek brush. You can find reviews of both the Cheek brush and Cheek brush S on Delicate Hummingbird.



I bought my first Hakuhodo brush a little while ago. I knew I would want more as soon as I took the plunge. There are a few that I'm quite interested in: the G544 Powder & Liquid brush and the 210 Blush brush, as well as several eyeshadow brushes. In fact there are more such as the S103 Pointed Blusher brush that I would like but soon as the prices go over £18 (changing to £15 on the 1st of November), I know that I will have to factor customs charges at this end. This works out as roughly $28 but obviously depends on the exchange rate. For lots of excellent reviews of the Hakuhodo brush line I recommend paying both The Non-Blonde and Delicate Hummingbird a visit.



I spotted the Lunasol brushes whilst looking for RMK on BonBonCosmetics. They look quite similar to the RMK brushes and equally tempting. The Cheek brush N is calling to me but as yet I haven't read any reviews of this range. I can hope the reviews are bad but I bet that's not the case!

Shu Uemura


I've seen the white, goat hair brushes from Shu Uemura pop up on a few blogs now. I don't know why I'm often drawn to white goat hair brushes. I went weak at the knees looking at the Tom Ford brushes simply because of the white hairs. Does this make me odd? The only one I can find on the Shu Uemura website is the Natural 18 brush. It looks very cute though and reminds me a little of the new Hakuhodo Powder & Liquid brushes.

Of course there are some lovelies that I want but I just can't have. I'd put Suqqu and Chickuhodo brushes in that category. Suqqu beacuse they're out of my league price wise and Chickuhodo because they don't do International shipping (sob). Of course, it's good to know your limits when imaginary shopping...

Do you ever indulge in fantasy shopping? Or do you find looking always leads to spending?


  1. Looking always leads to spending for me, which is why I tend not to look...especially at brushes!

  2. I'm with you Jane! I am Kenneth Soh and I'm a brush whore! I travel the world on shoots and jobs and always make it a point to walk around and see what brushes I can find! One of my favs is a face powder/blush brush I found while strolling in a remote village in Spain! It was a little grotty hairdressers and I bought their whole stock! That is the extent of my addiction! Thanks for sharing these, I have a few of them and will be checking out the rest. X

  3. Oh yes, the RMK is next on my list. I would have purchased the last time I was in a shopping mood but I deliberately avoided Selfridges on that occasion as I didn't want to risk some Ton Ford impulse-buying (pathetic, I know, but there you go..I am weak!).
    I'm pretty sure that Delicate Hummingbird has reviewed a Lunasol brush...
    Nina x

  4. @Georgia: Pretend you never read this ;)

    @KennethSoh: It's good to know there are fellow brush whores out there. It must be fantastic looking out gems in unusual places. I remember you once saying that you have cut your own brushes for specific jobs. I can't imagine being brave enough to do that!! My old Barbie dolls can attest to my lack of skill with a pair of scissors ;)

    @Nina: Will you be treating yourself now that the writing is over? I think you deserve it :D. You're right, DH has reviewed the Lunasol. I daren't read!!

    Thanks for you comments,
    Jane x

  5. This post just made me happy! I'm not the only one whi enjoys "virtual shopping" :D

  6. I have a meager brush collection at best so I too have been eyeing Japanese brushes. Suqqu and Lunasol brushes top my list, but they are so incredibly expensive! Ah well.. I can dream.. for now. :)

  7. OMG! I didn't realise that Tom Ford had released makeup brushes...there goes my spending cut back during this economic downturn ;)

  8. @Y: Yay! A fellow virtual shopper!

    @reene: Ah, sweet, sweet brush dreams.

    @Parveen: I'm looking forward to reviews of the Tom Ford brushes. They do look very nice.


  9. Hi! Try this site for Chikuhodo brushes:


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