Saturday, 29 October 2011

Face of the Day with Hourglass Suede Duo

I don't seem to have done a face of the day post in ages. I wore this make up a couple of days ago. This may be a little disappointing for some as the makeup is subtle and muted but that is exactly how I like it. I'm really enjoying the Hourglass Visionaire duo in Suede and liked how it looked with the BECCA pencil in Goa. Like some kind of oddity I'm hitting the bronzer now that the summer is over. I'm no doubt trying convince myself that one of the cream to powder bronzer palettes from Hourglass would be a sensible idea!




LMdB Peau Vierge in 01
NARS Laguna bronzer
RBR Manet blush wand
Shu Uemura brow pencil (H9, Seal Brown)
RMK Super Basic Liquid concealer on undereyes

Hourglass Visionaire Eyeshadow duo in Suede
BECCA Automatic pencil in Goa
Max Factor Xperience Volume mascara

Giorgio Armani Shine lipstick in #5

Disclosure: The Peau Vierge, RBR Manet, BECCA pencil and Max Factor mascara were received as PR samples. The Armani lipstick was a gift from a lovely friend.


  1. Not disappointed at all, very soft and pretty! I think the bronzer suits you. It's not OTT, just natural and healthy looking. Perhaps we should be using bronzers in winter to give life to our pasty white sun-deprived faces! (said like a true Aussie-you can take me out of the country...)

  2. I use suede quite a bit as my every day look. its SO simple and beautiful. I'm excited someone else uses it too ;) hehe

  3. Very soft and gorgeous, I love this look - perfect for everyday xx

  4. I love a softer look as well and have been wondering about the Suede Duo. It might be next on my list :)

  5. I like the gleam on the eyelids - yes it is soft but when you are a beautiful lily, why bother gilding it? xx

  6. You should definitely try the Hourglass bronzer. It's very good. It looks quite dark but blends out beautifully.

  7. Very pretty, love how it suits you, among my faves for you along with becca's lost weekend!

  8. I want the Hourglass bronzer too! Haha =)

  9. I loved Suede on you a week ago and I love it now. It's a soft and elegant combination. As for the bronzer duo, you know it makes sense lol.
    Lovely look overall ;)
    Nina x

  10. Thanks for all of your comments, I'm pleased it wasn't too boring a look to share!

    @Sharon: Ah, that's interesting. I wonder if my bronzer use is my Aussie genes trying to summon the Summer!

    @BlushingNoir: It's a lovely duo isn't it? I'm very pleased I bought it.

    @Georgia: Thank you, I think I'm going to get a lot of use out of Suede.

    @Martha: I do think you'd really like Suede. I think it well pair well with some of my other eyeshadows too. I'm tempted to try it out with my Edward Bess Dusk e/s today.

    @Jan: Ah, thank you Jan. I don't feel like a lily this morning but you have perked me up tremendously x

    @mq, cb: Thank you. I have it in my head there is a lighter and a darker duo (one with a highlighter and one with a blusher). I must check, I know that Mel at the Hourglass counter has used one of them on me before and I really liked it, especially because of the texture.

    @Eden-Avalon: Thank you!

    @Yulia: Thank you so much Yulia.

    @Joey: I'm glad it's not just me that fancies buying bronzer as soon as it goes cold!

    @Nina: Thank you both for the compliment and the encouragement ;)

    Have a lovely Sunday everyone,
    Jane x

  11. I second the Hourglass cream bronzer recommendation. It really blends down well and looks very natural (I have the one with the blusher). I love Suede on you; yes quite natural, but very pretty.

  12. Thank you Grace. I think the blusher from the duo is the one Gina used last week. I remember admiring it in your Zuneta post some time ago. The texture felt very nice too.

  13. The whole look is gorgeous Jane, so I guess this means I need RBR Manet as well :)
    I really like suede and have hit pan on both of the colours, which is always a sign xx

  14. Hey Replica! Manet is lovely on. I have pictures for a review and I must post it soon so you can have a better look. It's another unexpected winner of a cheek colour. It looks like a dark orange almost in the wand but is very natural on the cheeks. Suede is definitely going to get a lot of use too. I can see why you've hit pan on these colours.
    Jane xx

  15. I've always wondered what this Hourglass duo would look like on. Very pretty and natural looking. I love the lip color as well. Thanks for sharing! xx


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