Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Kleenex Facial Cleansing Range

For some reason when I first heard that Kleenex were branching into skin care products, I instantly assumed creams and moisturisers. It sounded like a strange move. So, when I actually saw the range it made a lot more sense! Rather than cleansers and toners, Kleenex are doing what they do best; tissues. As it turns out the original Kleenex tissues were designed for facial cleansing so this is really a return to their roots.

The range includes facial wipes, eye makeup removal wipes, facial cloths and blotting sheets. The packaging is very appealing. I like the white background with the pretty mask detailing and I especially like the handy cube that the facial cloths are housed in as. The blotting sheets are also very neatly sized for slipping into your handbag.


Both the facial wipes and eye wipes are for use on sensitive skin. Both of the wipes are very gentle on the skin but I don't find them very effective at removing all of my makeup. There's something a little too soft and quilted about the texture so that whilst it doesn't drag the skin it doesn't seem to grab all of my makeup either. The eye wipes take off eyeshadow successfully but won't remove my eyeliner or mascara. Whether or not I wear more than the average amount of makeup, I'm not sure so this could be a factor. Although I don't find the facial wipes good for makeup removal, I have had great success using them as gentle face wipes on my children. Especially for their little cold ravaged faces. I also discovered that the eye wipes are brilliant for post-arm swatch clean up!



The soft facial cloths are designed to use in place of cotton wool pads or balls and can be used wet or dry. I have tried them out for several 'beauty' jobs. I didn't have much success using them to remove cleanser but I much prefer to use a damp muslin or flannel to remove cleanser anyway. I have used them successfully with toner and also for nail polish removal. Although it's not possible to soak the cloth sufficiently to remove a glitter polish.

And now I'm probably about to out myself as a bit of a hippy dippy but I do like to keep my use of disposable items to a minimum. I really like how the facial cloths feel, they are soft, thicker than a tissue and have a quilted, cushioned texture. I also appreciate that all of the range is made with 'ecoform' fibres to reduce environmental impact. However, I personally think that the facial cloths are too large. They're much larger than the cotton pads or balls that you would use to do the same jobs. So, because I am a hippy dippy, I find myself tearing them in half rather than be wasteful. I do really wish they were half or even a quarter of their current size. I know this issue won't bother everyone and I do intend to buy more of the facial cloths as they are very handy but I'm likely to carry on my habit of cutting them up!

The range is available from Superdrug and other selected stores now. The facial wipes, eye makeup remover wipes and shine absorbing sheets all cost £2.99 per pack. The facial cloths cost £1.99.

Disclosure: Press samples.


  1. I saw an advert for this and thought that I was having one of my "moments'. Thanks for the review. I think I am a bit hippy dippy too!

  2. I bought some of the facial cloths and the oil blotting sheets although I've only used the cloths so far. I do like the texture but agree that they are quite big. I use them mostly for nail polish and sometimes eye makeup.

  3. @Old Cow: No, it's definitely for realz! I'm glad I'm not alone in being hippy dippy.

    @Meeta: The blotting sheets are excellent. I really do hope they reduce the size of the cloths. I feel weird about being wasteful.


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