Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Topkapi Regard Signé de Chanel Quadra Eye Shadow

The Chanel Topkapi Quadra was released as part of the Byzance Collection in July this year. I much admired it at the time but had not anticipate getting hold of it. I wasn't sure it would be available in the UK but having done some research for this post, I now realise my error. I came by this particular treasure via a a swap with Cindy of Prime Beauty.

This is actually my very first Chanel palette. I've swatched our European releases before and given them a miss due to the poor pigmentation and texture. The pigmentation and quality of the Topkapi eyeshadows is a world away from my previous swatching experience.





Once I overcame the fear of touching the pans and spoiling the quilted design, I discovered how creamy and rich all of the shades were. The colours are richly pigmented though the gold is a little more sheer than the others. This is no bad thing as I find gold and particularly these sorts of yellow gold make me a little nervous!

As I mentioned, the gold is a slightly sheer with a shimmery finish. The taupe and chocolatey-bronze are opaque and metallic in finish. The dark brown is a satin, I hesitate from describing it as a matte as there is a hint of something in there. None of the colours are especially unique however, I think the quality does set them apart. I have fallen in love with the taupe (no surprise there) but I do wish there was a little more variety in finish. I'm wary of wearing a shimmery lid shade AND a shimmery crease colour at my age but of course it is possible to mix them with other eyeshadows in my collection in the same way that I do with my YSL Pure Chromatics palette.



Hopefully you will forgive me for sharing something an older release. It was too pretty to keep all to myself though. I have some application pictures to share with you in the coming days.


  1. A thing of beauty! Think I would be too precious about it to use it! x

  2. If I have this, I won't even want to swatch it! It looks so beautiful by itself!


  3. I love these sorts of colours, they look gorgeous. I haven't really been tempted by their eye palettes so much before either as like you said the quality of previous ones doesn't compare as well to other brands.

  4. WOW this is too beautiful - adore the embossed, quilted finish and bow down to you for photographing before testing! The colours are all very me, though I love the two darks best. I hear you about wanting a matt in the crease, but the sheen in the darkest shade looks like you might just get away with it.

    Enjoy!! :)

    Nic x

  5. I am yet to get my first Chanel palette but this one looks so appealing I am thinking I can't wait any longer. I may just have to start hunting one down in my little country of Australia.

  6. Youre soo lucky, I really relly really really wanted this too, but could not find it in the UK,
    I think that the old saying 'old is gold' is very applicable in ths case -lol!
    Thanx for the post

    Raspcherry X


  7. Its lucky the colours are as gorgeous as they are or that could easily become an untouched museum piece, dying to see what you do with it! x

  8. Such a pretty palette! Beautiful photos :)

  9. That really does look pretty and the texture sounds great, shame they don't do that with their normal eye quads. Well I am not jealous one little bit....... ;) x

  10. I can't help but think of money in video games when I see these. 8D So pretty.

  11. I'm still head over heels with this palette. I pack it with me whenever I travel. In fact, I find myself using it almost daily.

  12. I debated and debated over this but I knew I'd never end up swatching it. I've done that so many times. I'm glad that you "broke through". I can't wait to see your eyes. Beautiful colors!

  13. Thank you for swatching this "older release"! Just last week I decided I couldn't face life without Topkapi, and snagged one off eBay. Now that I've seen your swatches, I'm even more excited to receive it in the mail.

  14. Thank you for all of your lovely comments. I really hope you enjoy Topkapi too Leigh (eek at my misspelling)! I'm sure you're going to love it.
    Jane x


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