Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Strange Habits of a Beauty Blogger!

Yesterday afternoon whilst going about my business, I realised I have adopted several strange habits since I started writing a beauty blog. As I mentioned earlier in the week, I have a horrible cold. I don't mind admitting that yesterday I was feeling particularly sorry for myself. Yet, the moment the sun came out in the afternoon, I literally ran for my camera and grabbed a load of things to photograph. Now honestly, I don't think these are the actions of a normal person but I'm sure I'm not alone in this strange sun worship.

Part way through taking my 100+ snaps, I thought 'my skin looks a bit ropey, I better put a face mask on'. So I pulled out my Naked Truth exfoliator mask thingy and stood around taking photographs looking like this....

Face Mask
I got it all over my hair on purpose. It's a cunning grey root disguise! you do! There are plenty of other strange things I do too. Like carrying practically all of my makeup outside into the garden because it was the best sun spot. I have a cream table cloth which sits around in my conservatory waiting to act as a backdrop for pictures. There's a box under my bed that serves a cosmetics holding pen for items I can't use until I've photographed. And of course, I've taken literally hundreds of pictures of my inner arm. I caught my four year old trying to take pictures of his arm the other day. It's not normal is it?

I shall leave you with proof that I am not slacking on my Mum duties when immersed in these strange blogging rituals. Here's my little assistant helping out on an earlier photoshoot!

Grabby Hands
Miss MB gets in touch with the Zeitgeist

Tell me, am I the lone blogging weirdo in the village? Does anyone else have any strange blogging habits or rituals?


  1. Hahaha! I also worship the sun! I was telling my mum yesterday that I needed to take swatch pictures and she told me "You're going to do this tomorrow evening" and I said "No, in the morning, I need the sunlight! I also refrain from using products before taking pictures, which sometimes can take a while if the sun is not around!

  2. Haha love this post! Love Miss MB's little chubby fingers so cute! I may have to get my son to start helping me out :) xxx

  3. Oh yes, I am guilty of all these things too! x

  4. hahahaha that rings so true... I also have a box I collect things in that can't be used until they are photographed first :)... and it's been rainy and overcast in Toronto for what seems like weeks now... I can't catch a weather break.

  5. Totally not the only blogging weirdo in the village. My 2 year old daughter has pretend makeup, crappy makeup brushes and a toy camera, and she will quite happily sit in the backyard and "swatch" all her makeup. They are little mirrors.
    She also can't go past a makeup counter without asking me to swatch on her hand.... oops!

  6. Cute little chubby baby fingers :) xx
    I have bags of items waiting to be photographed and can't use them until I do so! And certainly have more nail polish than any sane person could use in a lifetime ;-)

  7. I find it so funny that your four year old was photographing his inner arm!

    I think all of us beauty bloggers are a little bit mad, but it's a good thing!

  8. Oh how this post made me laugh! I totally hear you! :D And love those baby fingers <3
    Nic x

  9. I've just posted an empties round-up on my blog the other day and someone commented that we beauty bloggers have very strange habits indeed, we collect piles of empty packaging and take photos to show them off to our buddies online. So true!

  10. LOL, I must be a weirdo too then, as you do the same as me! I have even been know to be desperately trying to take eye look pictures minutes before leaving for work, just when a snippet of light has come out, sure it hard work being a blogger ;) xx

  11. I take pictures of myself in front of the window of our living room before I leave for work. I'm sure neighbours wonder what the heck I'm doing.

  12. Lol, all too familiar, given the slight variations ofc!!!
    I think every blogger has a special way of doing things and staying organised... (although come to think of it, if that's really the case, then we're all a big bag of nutso ocd chicks, aren't we... hahaha!)!!


  13. Thank you for all the lovely comments, they made me giggle. It's good to know I'm not alone in these strange habits!

    @Michelle: I wonder what my neighbours will think if they catch me at the window. I shouldn't think most people take pictures of either their face or the windowsill that often!!


  14. I think everyone has a beauty box of stuff they can use until it's swatched and pictures are taken. I'm sure my neighbours wonder what the heck I'm doing when they see me snapping pics of shower and swatching body scrub on my hand.

    I even wander over to my neighbours garden to take snaps as they have more greenery but they are used to it now!

  15. Oh, I totally get the photos of windowsills! My flat faces onto an old folks home and a bus stop - I'm sure they think I'm taking pics of them! x

  16. @Skin Scrubs & @TBBB: I have a feeling that even if we DID explain to people what we were doing, they would still think we were bonkers! x

  17. I can relate to this post. Everything on my dining table means it still needs to be reviewed. Products are only allowed upstairs if they've been used and reviewed. My husband thinks it weird we don't eat at the table I made such a fuss off owning just because I've got products on it. With pictures, I get my husband to take them, even if it means waking him up at 7am! You're definitely not alone x


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