Monday, 24 October 2011

Hourglass Flash Sale at Zuneta!

I spotted that Zuneta are having a flash sale of Hourglass Cosmetics. From now until 28th October you can get 20% off Hourglass using the code GRATITUDE11. If you are looking for ideas on what to get you can find my previous posts about Hourglass Cosmetics here. My personal recommendations would be the Film Noir mascara, the Femme Rouge lipsticks and their brilliant primer.  The primer comes in a new travel size which in itself would probably last ages as you only need a tiny bit to prime the face.

Hourglass Cosmetics3



I was actually lucky enough to have a makeover with Gina Brooke, creative director for Hourglass on Saturday in Liberty. In my excitement I forgot to take any pictures so I will endeavor to do a re-creation later in week. I brought home the eyeshadow duo in Suede but I'm also keen to get several other items, including a hidden corrective concealer and the large concealer brush. Gina used these instead of a foundation and I was very pleased with how flawless my skin looked. I still kicking myself for not taking pictures, both the makeover and meeting Gina was an enormous thrill!

All the links in this post are for information only. I am not affiliated to Zuneta, Liberty or Hourglass, I'm just a big fan! Happy Shopping.


  1. So happy that you've enjoyed your makeover! It's a shame you forgot about the photos, I can imagine how upset you must be... x

  2. Oooooooh!! Thanks for the tip!

  3. THANK YOU! I've been meaning to pick up more of their primer.

  4. @Marina: It was so silly to completely forget. I had my camera with me, I just forgot to take it out of my bag! It was a great experience, pictures or no pictures :D

    Old Cow & Eden-Avalon: Happy shopping!

  5. And I can bear witness to the fact that it was indeed a fabulous makeover! I never expected the concealer shade (Sand) to look so good, as it gave the impression of being rather dark...but no. Quite flawless. And I absolutely loved the shadows :)
    Nina x

  6. Oh those products all look so divine!!!

  7. Thanks Tali! Without really realising it I've grown quite a collection of Hourglass products.

  8. Thanks Nina :D. I will be really interested to hear how you get on with the concealer. As I mentioned on Twitter, I'm hesitating over which shade will be best for me x

  9. I'm only now catching up on posts..which means I missed it..which means...*insert cursive*!!!!!

    Better luck next time, right?

  10. Oh no!!! I shall make a point of hollering at you across Twitter next time so you don't miss it ;)


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