Friday, 24 September 2010

The Friday Confessional (Part III)

It's been too long since I've had a bit of Friday fun. Whilst cooking the boys dinner earlier on I was reminded of a funny (and very embarrassing) story that I feel the need to share. For a change this is a non-beauty version and I will expect some sharing from you later!

This story comes to you from my days of student in Norwich. Back in those days I used to buy quite a lot of music (when I wasn't hiding out in Boots). One day I came home with an album. It was an unusual choice for me but when I showed my boyfriend he looked at me with sense of panic. You know that "what have you done with my girlfriend kind of face"? I'd bought the album on a bit of a whim because I'd liked one song. I put it on that evening and I listened for a bit. I sat there for a while and it finally dawned on me, I had bought......

A Shania Twain Album!!!!!

I played it for no more than 15 minutes, put it back in the case and the very next morning took it back to the shop. "The reason for the return madam?". Me "Because it's sh*t!". Knowing look, "Yes, madam. That will be a full refund then". Thank goodness they were understanding!

I'll leave you with the song that made me do it. Take it away Shania! No, no, really....take it away!

Go on, tell me an embarrassing story. You'll feel better when you've let it out. Let's see who can top my Shania shame.


  1. They let you return music? LOL love the clerk's response--like sending back an over-cooked steak. Great post...

  2. Hi Amy, no I don't think you can take music back normally. I've not done it before or since though to test it out. Honestly, I just think he felt sorry for me as it was obviously an aberration!!

  3. You were a student in Norwich? Sorry, I'm just interested cos I've just finished there!

  4. Hi Hinna, yes I did my degree and Masters at UEA. I lived there for 7 years altogether. I'm still very fond of Norwich! What have you been studying?

  5. I too bought that album because of that song - it's still here somewhere - the shame!!!

  6. It's not even that version on the album is it? Shocking stuff!

  7. I feel as if my embarrassing moments are now - if you head over to vaguely in vogue, you will see, I have no idea what they are talking about!

  8. I'm another BOTP fan I'm afraid! Though, as I've never come across anyone else that remembered it I don't think you're in the minority! It's not enough to beat Shania shame!

  9. Jane, you have NO IDEA how popular Shania Twain was here in Georgia in the late 90s... I was in middle school at that time and it was seen in every talent show!

    My confession: once (while slightly drunk) I got stung by a jellyfish and my best friend chased me down the beach trying to pee on my leg. She had heard somewhere it would relieve the sting... keep in mind this was a family-oriented beach and we were the only college students there. Oh how embarrassing :D

  10. Another uni story:

    Got very (very...) drunk after lectures, walked for MILES for no reason and ended up at a local football match. Wandered out onto the field and got whacked in the face with a football. I turned to my mate, smiled and burst out laughing then promptly passed out in front of many delicous sweaty men.

    I'll admit...I have a couple Miss Twain tracks on my iTunes!

  11. @mlbb: Obviously, glossing over the fact that you were in middle school when I was at Uni ;). I prefer her real name Eileen Edwards, I bet there wouldn't have been so many rushing to perform as Eileen in the talent shows!!

    Great story, your friend obviously sounded very keen to wee on you!

    @Chrissy Dee: Excellent! Did the hunky men take care of you or did the came carry on after you passed out? I'll forgive you a few songs. I bet you couldn't stand on album full though ;)

    Jane x

  12. How funny! I once bought the smurfs go pop album because I thought it was funny... It was for about 2 minutes, before I realised what I had done! It was soon consigned to the bin... Did I just admit that?! xx

  13. I'm gonna pretend I didn't read this..... ;P

    I had a really embarassing moment today, I bought some LM eyeshadows but was sent to the clinique counter to pay for them, the SA said something to me which I must have misheard as she started saying what a good job the LM lady had done on my eyes and asked me to close them so she could have a better look, and then said she could see that it had been tighlined and wasn't the SA good at that, it had gone too far for me to say that I didn't have the LM do anything on me so I just keep nodding and smiling, I nearly got away until my mother who I had brought a long with me, blurted out "she did her own eye makeup" the SA looked at me like I was mad, ugh hate things like that....

  14. No...they pretty much ignored me while my friends dragged me off the pitch and let me sleep it off in a taxi home! Ahh I miss the days. No chance of it happening again though!

    I'll take the challenge. I'll put on an entire Shania album full blast first this saturday morning. I'll get through it! Haha xx

  15. @Replica: Oh gosh, I hate those moments. When you have to go along with it as correcting them is too embarrassing. Your Mum sounds a bit like mine. Still embarrassing me to this day!!

    Are you a closest Shania fan?

    @ChrissyDee: Hahaha! I hope you enjoy the Shania challenge!

  16. my mum does seem to be at that stage of saying exactly what she is thinking..
    I'm not a Shania fan, I know its disappointing...


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