Wednesday, 22 September 2010

RMK Super Basic Liquid Concealer

I've been meaning to write this review for a while. I was reminded to do it when I used Benefit Erase Paste this morning on my undereyes. I have become rather attached to this concealer as it happens. It's not perfect and we're certainly not talking holy grail territory but I use it a lot and it definitely deserves a mention.


Super Basic Liquid Concealer comes as a Touche Eclat style pen. That is where the comparison ends. This is a very opaque concealer and although the SA warned me not to use it on blemishes as it is a highlighter, I've used it in that way when I've been in a rush and find it works fine. I don't really see this as a highlighter at all, as far as I can see there is no iridescence or light reflection. It's certainly quite pigmented. You can click on the image above to enlarge the photos.

The aspect of this product that I really like is that it's quite a dry formula. It sets (without feeling drying for me) and doesn't move around and crease unlike my MAC Select Moisturecover. It last well too.

What I don't like is that it's quite yellow toned. I don't always notice this but sometimes when I've applied it I do feel the colour looks wrong. I prefer a peachy colour to correct my dark circles. My preference for it's consistency and staying power wins over the issue of the colour though.

Here's what you've all been waiting for, the before and after shots:



Hopefully you can see that it really does take the edge off my dark circles. The colouring is a little different in the before and after photos but this is due to lighting and I suspect I have added foundation in the after photo as well. It definitely reduces the redness at the inner and outer corners of my eyes, as well as lifting the area generally.

I really do like this concealer and I reach for it almost everyday in preference to my Moisturecover and Erase Paste. I will no doubt finish it off. I'm not sure I'll re-purchase immediately as I have a couple of other concealers I'd like to try but I can see my buying this again in the future.

The Super Basic Liquid concealer costs £19. I bought mine from Selfridges but you can also buy RMK cosmetics from ASOS. It's definitely a brand I'd like to investigate more. I was really pleased with the cleanser and liquid soap samples I tried too.


  1. You touched upon something that I have always wondered with concealer pens like this and Touche Eclat - they always seem to be advertised as for highlighting and having owned Touche Eclat I can 100% say that I wouldn't/couldn't use this as a highlighter..yes it lightens but there is no shimmer to it at all.

    Anyways the before and after shots are helpful and like you say there is a noticable difference in the inner corners really does brighten and conceal that area.

    Nice review as always :)

    Fee x

  2. With Touche Eclat in particular the highlighting aspect comes from the light reflective action. It's why it's quite a thin consistency as it relies on bouncing light away from the imperfection rather than concealing it. It's also why it doesn't work terribly well on blemishes. You can definitely see the light reflection in photos with flash. I wouldn't use TE as a regular highlighter either though!

    This however doesn't seem to reflect light or have any pearl/iridescence. It's quite pigmented too so definitely works on blemishes and redness. It was definitely a good buy for me, I just wish there a greater range of colours.

  3. That looks nice (packaging).. I tend to not get on with those pen style concealers, for a reason or another.

    Looking at your skin tone, I really think you'd like the Bobbi Brown undereye corrector.

    Definitely try it out, if you ever get the chance, it really evens out skin under the eyes perfectly, to a natural skin tone colour (12 shades available).


  4. Thanks SC, I have had them apply the BB corrector and concealer at the counters before and it's always looked cakey. They seem to really go for it and try and cover everything which is too much for me. I've been assured before that when you do it yourself it doesn't crease.

    I wish I could just colour match myself as I always get put off by the at counter application. I'm rubbish at doing it though!!

  5. I agree with what you said.. The Bobbi Brown MUA insisted that if I bought the corrector I HAD to have the concealer.. I insisted I did NOT!

    She proceeded to apply :
    A: Corrector
    B: Creamy concealer
    C: Setting under eye powder

    Wayyy too much for me, particularly as she had even said herself, that my undereye are wasn't discoloured!! So wy so much stuff on there?

    Anyway, I stood my ground, I just got the corrector, and used in my own way, under foundation, it does not crease or even show.

    Just lovely..

  6. I have a fear of under eye concealer and tend to go without - to be fair I do not have huge problems with dark circles or eye bags, but I do have teabag staining particularly on the upper eyelid. The best thing that I have found is TE or Radiant Touch or whatever it is called now, but the trick is to use the MAC 187 brush and buff it in all over the lid with the eye closed - Goss Makeup Artist did a video on this using the BB concealer which I dislike (too yellow, too creamy, makes lines to settle into!) and it works very well - when I can be bothered, story of my life! Thanks for the post, sorry for the essay. Jan x

  7. Hello,
    That one was too yellow for me as well and didn't cover enough. My circles look horrendous compared to yours! I'm just going to sit here being jealous if you don't mind..... x

  8. @Sweetcheeks: That is bonkers. The products are really good so doing too much is a detriment to them. I have the corrector on my list as well as the new concealer from MAC that Replica has recommended.

    @Jan: Never apologise for an essay. I write and love other people's long comments. I like a natter ;). I've had TE before and I don't mind it. Sometimes it's a bit light for me which is why I'm going with more opaque at the moment. I know what you mean about settling into lines. It's why I've got on better with this than some of the others I have. Although the colour is a bit off, I do like the other aspects.

    @Replica: Don't worry, make your way over to the confessional and you can laugh heartily at me which is bound to make you feel better! I do really like the effect you got with the MAC one. I think I'm going to have to give that a try. Add to my collection ;)


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