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SpaceNK Iconic Products

I received a mail out from SpaceNK the other day that I found quite interesting. A number of the brands and the faces behind them are featuring in the October issue of Vogue. Many of these are brands which I've heard lots about but never actually tried and the list of iconic products includes lots of items that I have wanted to try for some time.

Iconic products I'd love to try.....

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm
I've heard great things about this cleanser. It's similar in style to Eve Lom but as @KennethSoh and Beauty Mouth rate it, I know it must be worth a look! I intend to buy the starter pack that SpaceNK sells when I need a new cleanser.

Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial
Again, I've Sarah Chapman skin care mentioned a lot on blogs and on twitter and I'd really like to try it out for myself. The idea of making my skin facial fresh whilst I sleep is definitely a selling point for me. It range has a fairly high price point but with good results I don't mind spending a bit more.

Lipstick Queen
The Iconic product in this case was actually the Medieval lipstick but I'm rather keen to try either a Saint or Sinner lipstick. I'm not sure on shade, probably nothing too radical but you never know, occasionally I have been known to go a little more statement! 

Not lusting.....

By Terry Baume de Rose
I know this probably has quite a cult following and I know it's a firm favourite with Lollipop26 but I just don't feel tempted go spendy on a lip balm. I am however quite tempted by the tinted Lanolips tubes that are coming to the UK very soon.  

Not on the list but lemming.....

Chantecaille Tigers in the Wild Palette
Chantecaille doesn't make it on the list purely because it's not a SpaceNK exclusive. I first fell for this when Replica at Visionary Beauty pointed me in the direction of some pictures. She's has some dastardly ways that one, I tell you! This beauty will set you back £73 and contains three eyeshadows and one blush shade. I think it's a leap too far for me but it won't stop me lusting! What I do like about this collection is that it aims to raise awareness about the plight of the wild tiger and Chantecaille is supporting TRAFFIC, a an international wildlife trade monitoring organisation to help save the remaining tigers in the wild. What do you mean you can hear me justifying from over there?........

Looking forward to....
The reward card! SpaceNK recently announced that they will start a loyalty scheme for customers. The programme is called N.dulge and you will be able to collect points and get rewards as well as exclusive invitations to events and birthday treats. I've already signed up as it sounds great!

So, tell me what are your favourite products from SpaceNK? What have I missed from my list!


  1. I signed up to N.Dulge too :) Already started collecting my points as I picked up NARS Douceur blush the other day along with Lipstick Queen Jean Queen lipstick. You have to check out that lippie, it's a beautiful and wearable pink and the formula is great :)

    Kelly x

  2. Ohh a loyalty card would be fab! Great excuse to stock up on Shu Uemura once more.

  3. Does the email still take you to corporate events? I love SpaceNK and have the first 3 products - there is a good article in Vogue this month (October) with an invite to a Vogue night next Wed with 15% off. I like the website, but invariably find the staff wherever I go unfriendly and uninformed - last year when I ordered my Clarisonic, the 2 branches I tried had never heard of it????? One SA actually said "Clari wot?" Thanks for the post Jan x

  4. @Kelly: Well done on already collecting points. I fancied Douceur myself then I realised that it’s really similar to a MAC blush I already own. I’ve seen some swatches of Jean Queen and it looks lovely. I’m hoping I can visit the shop in Henley soon.

    @ChrissyDee: I love loyalty schemes, it always encourages me to spend a bit more!

    @lipstickmama: The email link is working and I signed up the other day. I got the email about the event on Wednesday evening so now it’s my job to see if I can twist OH’s arm in to taking me. It probably won’t work but I have to ask. It would make for great blog research ;).

    Jane x

  5. I love Baume De Rose I never thought I'd be so wowed by a lip product but for me its worth every penny.

    I am completely addicted to the entire Sarah Chapman range. The eye cream is amazing. I used to use Clinique All About Eyes which I liked but the Sarah Chapman is far superior. Its their best selling product and I highly recommend it. SC customer service is awesome too.

  6. dastardly, I don't know what you mean :P I do really like the Sarah Chapman eye cream, not tried her other stuff, my brother uses it as well (and he is not the type to use much skincare) and he just asked me to buy his third one, so must be good!
    I would like to think I would be sensible and not buy the Tiger palette, but I can't help but feel that we owe it to the tigers to take the £73 know you want it,just think what a pretty pop of colour the blush would be on you ;)

  7. Oh yeah, well done Replica...using the tigers to guilt-trip me into buying the 73GBP palette :-)))))
    Isn't it just gorgeous?
    Did you really see an improvement in the eye area with the SC cream? I'm in the market for a new one (using the Revive one, but as I'm finishing my third consecutive bottle I feel it's time for a change).
    I also got the Jean Queen lip gloss the other day and I'm amazed that Kelly commented above that she got the lipstick, as the assistant at the Covent Garden shop said they had only received the lipgloss and that the lipstick would not be available until Christmas...go figure!
    Have a great weekend everyone.

  8. @inthesweetshop I have seen a big difference with SC Eye Recovery. I was using the All About Eyes rich and my eye area felt really hydrated for a while but as soon as I put foundation on it settled into my fine lines and the area felt dry but with SC my skin feels hydrated and smooth all the time. The texture of Eye Recovery is just divine, it feels so luxurious. I love the fact it comes in a pump rather than a pot I have to dig around in and the packaging is lovely.

  9. Hi Nina,
    Yes, I will go on and on about the palette until someone caves... :)
    I'm on my second SC and intend to buy another when I use this one up, I agree with Clairey about the texture, also its the only cream that seems to have work on those thin little lines under the eye.
    About the lipstick queen, how odd, the lipstick is on the spaceNK website so I'm not too sure about that SA!

  10. @Clairey: It’s great to hear that you rate the Baume de Rose. I tend to bypass things like this in favour of colours because of the instant feel good factor. It’s not always the best choice though. My lips are very chapped today so it sounds very tempting! I like the sound of the Sarah Chapman eye cream as a few of you have mentioned it. Thank you for the little review, it’s very helpful (and lust inducing!).

    @Replica: You know exactly what I mean you minx! I only have myself to blame though for mentioning the Tigers! I look forward to seeing who cracks first! ;P

    Regarding the Sarah Chapman, if a man uses and likes a skin care range it’s high praise indeed. The eye cream seems to a clear winner too.

    @Nina: Yes, Replica is definitely pulling on my heart strings. She has special ways! How odd about the Jean Queen lipstick. I assumed it was out already as I’d seen a few reviews. It’s such a nuisance when they get their facts wrong (the Guerlain release date fiasco springs to mind).

    Jane x

  11. SpaceNK is one of my favourites! I picked up the 'vogue products' leaflet the other day and I must say the Emma Hardie and Sarah Chapman products look tempting and they are on my list.

    I love the perfumes they stock, which sometimes you can't get anywhere else. I bought one the other day (don't remember the name now). The SA must have been very good, because when I got home and checked the receipt I screamed! Pricey, but the smell is so well worth it. The OH hasn't yet seen his bank statement, so I may need to hide at yours when the time comes! lol!

    Reward scheme, eh? I do like the sound of that. They take far too much of my money every month, its about time I got something back :-) is there a link you can post to sign up?

  12. I don't think I've ever looked at the perfumes in SpaceNK, this is obviously a mistake! You're very welcome to come and hide at mine till the heat dies off ;)

    I've sent you an email about the reward scheme. I'm not sure if there's a link yet. You should definitely sign up if you're a regular. You'll be stacking up points in no time!

    Jane x

  13. ok, I may have ordered the Tiger palette, I lasted well didn't I.....

  14. ^
    Ah-haha! I expect a full review you know. Was it the tigers that sealed it?

  15. I'd like to say tigers but think makeup greed it more apt ;)


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