Sunday, 19 September 2010

Illamasqua Art of Darkness Collection


The Art of Darkness collection is here! I've been really looking forward to this release after seeing snippets of information over the past few weeks.  The visuals feature 13 different fantastical creatures created by Alex Box, including the Dark Angel and Wanton Woman which are my particular favourites!

The collection itself is full of amazing jewel colours. There are three new liquid metals: Stoic, a metallic emerald; Resolute, a metallic ruby and Superior, a metallic sapphire. There is also a new liquid metals palette that includes all three of the new colours as well as the old favourite, Solstice.

Of the two new pigments, I have seriously fallen for Alluvium, a beautiful iridescent blue. I've seen several swatches and it looks amazing. I'm also very taken by the nail polishes too. Scarab is a deep metallic ruby as worn by the Queen of Gypsies character. Viridian is a stunning peacock green and I can see this being extremely popular. You can see the full collection here.
MizzWorthy is currently hosting a fabulous contest where winners will receive the entire Art of Darkness collection as well as a place on MUSE's "Catwalk Trends Makeup Bootcamp". If you're inspired to try your hand at creating a 14th character, pop along to MizzWorthy's blog to see details on how to enter!

Will you be you getting anything from this collection?


  1. I love this collection and I have Superior Metal, and Alluvium. I recently did a fotd with them on my blog. Alluvium is fab, and so unique. Get it! I quite like the look of the polishes :)

  2. I have seen some really nice eye looks on blogs with these colours. I am liking the look of the Superior liquid metal and the bronze pigment,I think the contrast would pair well, no way I'd have the nuts to wear a blue lipstick though! x

  3. Thanks Sophie, I'll have a look at your post. I'm very tempted by both Superior and Alluvium. The blue is so vivid!

    Hi Replica. The combination you mention sound beautiful. You're so good with pairing colours. Are you sure you can't be tempted by the blue lipstick? What if I mention the poor tigers? They would definitely appreciate it ;P

    Jane x

  4. Definitely Superior! Will be checking out the collection this week.

  5. It is all a bit too dark moody and theatrical for me, love the idea, but know that it is all wasted on me, I rather go and have a cup of tea, the responsibility of "creating" a look would weigh heavy. I look forward to seeing your posts though, because I know that you are able to make it wearable. Jan x

  6. i have spent the entire evening looking at this collection. I have decided I want tonnes of it. But I can't afford any of it :(

  7. @Bella Queen: You'll have to let me know what you think when you see it in person. Will you be going to the new store?

    @Jan: You're too kind! I'm normally not great with colours but I like the splash of blue with neutrals look that's appeared in lots of the Autumn collections. These are the most amazing looking blues and I think they'd make a great contrast to the browns and taupes I wear a lot of.

    @Charlie: It's so hard when you get collections like that. You try and make a list, narrow it down and swing from one decision to another. I hope you will be able to get something. I think one of the polishes would be a good buy for you.

    Jane x


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