Monday, 13 September 2010

Rue de Passy Looks

I know quite a few of you asked about a face of the day with Rue de Passy. It's taken a bit longer than I expected as I managed to delete some of the pictures that I'd taken during a little tidying up!

So, here are a few ways that I have used it so far.


Here I have the pinky nude from the top left of the palette with the darkest colour from the top right. The dark colour is almost a charcoal brown if you understand what I mean, somewhere between grey and brown. I've also run a small amount of the liner colour along my lashes.


In this photograph, I have the light brown (bottom left) on my mobile lid and the taupe (bottom right) in my crease. I added a little bit of the darkest colour too to add more definition. I used the liner shade along my lashes again. I also have a little of the iridescent pink towards the inner corner of my eye.


In these photos, I have the taupe brown (bottom right) on the mobile lid up to the crease. I ran the darkest shade along the lash line with a pencil brush but found the pay off quite poor and didn't really manage the smoky look that I was after. On top of that I added the No.7 LE Smoky liner and smudged it with the pencil brush.

Here's the photo of the palette again for reference to colours

To be honest I'm quite disappointed that I've struggled to make darker looks easily. I think I need to play some more before I completely rule out using it in this way. I do like it for the soft definition but it's a great shame if I can't get a variety of looks from the palette. I have a suspicion that I will need to use a dark cream or pencil base to achieve a darker eye, which isn't great considering the cost of these palettes. I'm definitely deflated after my initial good impression. Liz and Replica, do let me know how you're getting on with yours? I'd be particularly interested to hear if this is the same for the other palettes.


  1. Could you get a darker colour if you used them wet? I often use shadow wet to give better definition.

    But that's not much use to you in making the darker colours darker on your eyes as proper shadow.

    Oh - am disappointed for you :-( Will look forward to hearing how the problem is solved.

    Ali x

  2. can I be totally honest with you and say that I feared this might be the case when I've seen swatches... although lovely, they all seemed a bit wishy washy, which for the money I didn't expect...

    Having said that, the colours do look lovely on you and you've created some lovely looks. Really lovely. And its still highly covetable in terms of design.

  3. I like the taupe brown, but they seem a little too light for me. Like said before, maybe apply wet for a darker look? Sorry to hear these dissapoint you.


  4. I am really disappointed too. Thankfully I got the Naked UD palette too which is a million times better than the Guerlain.

  5. The looks are really pretty - sounds like it might be a palette for me (no I really don't need one). I find it hard to work with darker, pigmented shadows, so like a more lighter finish. But it's a shame if it's not working for you, as you wanted the opposite! xx

  6. I've only used my Rue de Sevres twice so far and I am not impressed, like you say I don't feel like I can get many looks from it, they just look a little blah and nondescript on me,seem to go on a bit samey, I really hope the other one I got it better..

  7. Meh! Oh no.. Not great to be disappointed by any products, especially not one you'd been so excited about :(
    Hope you work out a way to use it xx

  8. Hmmm, that's a shame, especially when you paid an arm and a leg for the palette!

    Were you using the colours with a good primer? I find a half decent primer (Too Faced Shadow Insurance is a fav) give lighter eye shadows a good base to cling onto so the colour is generally darker.

    Even if it isn't exactly what you were expecting you look great it the pictures - subtle, pretty and very natural :)

  9. Mixing medium from MAC should help illuminate the colours a little bit more, or using a cream base or pencil in a matching colour underneath. Its a bit of a shame though that the palette isn't proving to be what you expected. Let's know how you get on x

  10. @Ali: I could use them wet. It’s something I’ve never done to be honest, does it make it impossible to blend? I was going to have a go with layering them over either my Dirty greasepaint stick (the colour is dirty rather than unhygienic ;P) or the MAC Teddy eye kohl like Jasmine used. It’s not ideal but worth a go. I will update with how I get on and probably post a picture.

    @Charlie: I totally appreciate honesty, it’s always good to get different opinions :). I was concerned too and had read reviews which suggested the eyeshadows weren’t all the best quality. The payoff with the lighter shades is ok, not excellent but ok. The darker shades are fine for in the crease and have the advantage of not being able to overbake them as you can build on them. In terms of doing a smoky eye though it will be tricky.

    I would say there’s definitely a large element of style over substance here. I’m happy to write this as it’s valuable information for someone thinking of buying. I am pleased with the softer looks I’ve done with the palette so it’s certainly not a dead loss.

    @Jess: Thanks for the comment. The colours are definitely quite light. I guess I could use the liner shade as a shadow though for more definition. Hopefully the post will help someone else that is undecided about purchasing.

    @Anon: I’m sorry to hear you’re disappointed too. I’m happy with the lighter end colours, it’s just a shame the palette isn’t as versatile as I’d hoped. I’m becoming quite tempted by the UD Naked palette. Good job it’s not LE so I have time to decide!

    @TBBB: It is nice for the lighter shades and as I said to Charlie the advantage with th darker colours being less pigmented is that it’s harder to overbake when applying in the crease. I just hoped it would provide more of a variety of looks. Will keep working on it though ;)

    @Replica: I hope you have more success with the other palette. We’ve definitely taken a hit for the team on this one it seems! Having said that for the softer looks it’s fine but you would hope from a palette with 6 colours, there would be more versatility.

    @Sweetcheeks: I’m sure I’ll find a way to improve on it. I have a MAC greasepaint stick that I think would work well but for a premium product I think it’s a shame that it has to be supplimented. I do still like the palette but want to be honest about it’s shortfalls to help someone else that is looking to buy.

    @All Made Up: Thanks for your comment. I think a good primer with this is a must. I had the best results when I’ve used either TFSI or the elf mineral primer. It’s an expensive palette to be so reliant on primers though. I’m pleased you like the looks I did. It’s definitely not all bad!

    @Bella Queen: Thanks for the suggestions! I was going to have a go using either my MAC Dirty GPS or Teddy eye kohl underneath. I’ll let you know how I get on. I think I’ll have more success that way. I’ve never tried mixing medium before, it sounds really interesting. I wonder if that would help with the Sleek palettes too?

    Thanks for all the great comments, I really enjoyed reading them and value the suggestions.
    Jane x


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