Sunday, 26 September 2010

Things I'm Liking Right Now

I never got round to doing my favourites from last month, so to make up for it I thought I'd do a little post about what I'm using and enjoying at the moment. I've not had as much time for playing with make up lately but I have found myself reaching for a few lipsticks to make up for the lack of colour on my eyes.

I've worn Edward Bess Night Romance lipstick a lot since I bought it. It's such a nice deep raspberry pink. Wearing this make up feel instantly more made up, even with very minimal make up. This is definitely my favourite school run lipstick at the moment.


Another lipstick that I've been wearing quite a lot is YSL Rouge Volupte in Spicy Pink . I wanted to sell this a while ago as I thought it was too dark for me. I'm not sure if it's the change in season or just the colours I've paired it with, but I've worn this quite a lot recently. I like the feel of the Volupte formula and find myself smacking my lips together a lot! It can be a little drying though so I can't wear it two days in a row. I'm really pleased that I kept hold of this now. I think it's going to get a lot more wear in the coming months.


I got the new Hourglass Film Noir mascara as part of my Zuneta products to review. I will be talking it about it fully in my next guest post but this certainly deserves a mention. I've worn it every day since I got it and I really like it. My lashes never feel brittle wearing this and it doesn't flake or smudge at all. I've never had a high end mascara before (apart from samples) and I have a terrible feeling I might be hooked!

I've always dismissed dry shampoo but I picked a travel version of the Batiste Tropical spray as I was intrigued to know what I was missing. The first time wasn't a success, I didn't put enough on as I was worried about making my hair go grey (or more grey in my case). I was more generous the next time and was much more impressed by the results. My hair felt really bouncy and fresh. I rather like the smell too even if it is a bit synthetic. It ran out this week, so I think it's time to splash out on a full size version.

My final mention is Lancome Teint Miracle foundation. I've been very pleased with this foundation, it's a touch pink on me but not enough to be a major problem. I like the texture and finish, it feels quite light on but gives me a nice coverage. I always apply foundation with my fingers and I find this foundation is really quick to apply this way which is great as I am perpetually in a rush in the mornings!

In the interests of balance, I think it's only fair to mention a few things I'm not loving!

I've really not enjoyed using my Dove Visiblecare cream shower gel. This is such a thick formula (you might find Vaguely in Vogue's rant about it quite an amusing read) that it blobs out more like cream than shower gel. It doesn't foam much and I find it dissipates much too quickly. I don't find it that moisturising either. I definitely won't be buying it again!

I had to get an SLS free formula to use after my Brazilian blow dry and I picked up some Naked Shampoo and Conditioner as they were on offer in Boots. I like the smell and sometimes my hair feels nice after I've used them. Other times, my hair lank and as if it hasn't been cleaned properly, even though I always wash twice with this shampoo. I can't decide if it's the SLS free formula that I don't get on with or the Naked products in particular. I think I need to try another SLS free to make the comparison. All suggestions would be welcomed.


The No.7 Smoky eyeliner. I don't feel I really need to a review on this as M. from facegoop has said it all here. Be warned, if you are of a sensitive disposition this might want to give it a miss!

I would love to know what you're loving (or hating) at the moment so do feel free to share. Any SLS free shampoo recommendations would be a bonus too.


  1. I really love Louise Galvin's Natural Locks range - I've been using it for years, before I even knew about the whole SLS thing. I just seen the range when I was shopping in Waitrose and have picked it up every time I go food shopping since!
    I alternate between the nourishing version for dry/damaged and the volumising for fine hair.
    It's the only SLS/Paraben free range I keep going back to!

    I'm finding Naked isn't working for me anymore either - it's starting to feel very drying on my hair - and that is the intensive for dry damaged hair so I can't understand it. Typical, as I stocked up when it was on offer and have loads of the stuff left!
    x x x

  2. I've never tried the Naked range, unfortunately I've heard a few dodgy reviews a bit like yours so decided I'd skip it.

    I really like Tigi Superstar shampoo and conditioner which smell like Calpol (from when we were kids and it had real sugar in it, rather than modern Calpol) and is sulphate free.

    I've also just started using JASON Lavender shampoo and conditioner, which is sulphate and paraben free and 70% organic. It comes in a few difference scents and so far is leaving my hair really soft. I hadn't particularly bought it because it was sulpate free, I was looking for something lavender to help me sleep so this is a winner on two levels.


  3. I love Batiste too! Did you know you can get coloured variants now? So you don't have to worry about the dreaded white hair!? Haven't tried them yet, but it is on my list. Think Superdrug sell them.

    I'm using L'Occitane shampoo/conditioner at the moment and I love it. Not totally sure if is is SLS free. Like Beth, I can recommend the TIGI Superstar range too!

  4. Label.M do some organic SLS etc free products (not all of them are) it is just like any other professional grade product you'd have no idea it was SLS free it's gorgeous x

  5. that edward bess lippy is so tempting! I love such colours too.

  6. I am sorely tempted by EB lipsticks full stop. And I too have been put off by Batiste because of a fear of white streaks, but love it now, it is a staple buy. Thanks for this post, I love hearing about what suits and what doesn't. Jan x

  7. Max Factor Experience weightless foundation. Quite possibly the best foundation I have ever used, loving it.

  8. I was curious about the Film Noir mascara as I was contemplating buying one from Zuneta while they have their 20% off this weekend. In the end didn't get as I have a few mascaras to use up first.

  9. Hi Jane

    thanks for the rec on the Batiste spray. I saw it at my local Sally Beauty Supply a couple of days ago, I passed but when I go back I will get a travel sized can to try.
    As far a SLS free hair products go I cannot recommend WEN by Chaz Dean enough! It's all I have used for a year now and I sincerely believe my hair is in much better condition than it was a year ago!

    Great post!


  10. @WelshBeautyBlog: Thanks for the Louise Galvin recommendation. I do have a Waitrose nearby so I’ll have a look.

    @Beth: The Tigi sounds interesting, I’m going to have to give it a sniff! I was looking at the Jason range when I was buying some bits from Victoria Health. Thanks for the suggestions.

    @LeanneOCD: I didn’t know about the coloured variants. I’ll have to check them out! It’s interesting to have another mention for the Tigi too.

    @Sarah: Thanks hun, I’ll have a look at the Label.M products they sound great. I don’t mind the reduced foam but I really dislike the variability in the cleansing.

    @Get Gawjus: I really love this lipstick just the right sort of deep pink.

    @lipstickmama: I like reading these sorts of posts too. I find it impossible just to write about the good things though! I was surprised how much I like the Batiste. I finally get why everyone raves about it!

    @Debbie: That sounds like a winner. Do you find it easy to match yourself? That’s the only think I struggle with when I’m left to my own devices!

    @Meeta: I’ve been told there’s going to be a great gift with purchase for Hourglass at Zuneta this week. It might be worth you taking a look if you were interested in the mascara?

    @Jeanie: I would definitely recommend getting a travel size to give it a try. I was really dubious but have been won over. Thanks for the recommendation too.

    Thanks for all of the comments and recommendations, I really appreciate it.
    Jane x


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