Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Annabelle Smoothliner in Jade

This Annabelle eyeliner found it's way in to my possession from a giveaway hosted by the lovely Lipstick Rules. Annabelle is a Canadian cosmetics brand and not one that is available in the UK, as far as I'm aware. I love coloured eyeliners and this is no disappointment. Jade is a gorgeous rich green, though I'd say it's more emerald in colour rather than jade. It has some shimmer which you will hopefully you can see in the swatch.

Annabelle eyeliner1

Annabelle eyeliner3

Annabelle eyeliner4

This is called a Smoothliner with good reason. The pencil is so soft to apply, it glides on like butter. It's not messy or smudgy though and it was possible to get a nice even line. It reminds me quite a lot of the YSL Waterproof liner in it's application. This is also a waterproof formula and after some very watery eyes yesterday, I can confirm that it is as good as it's word. The staying power is excellent and it lasts all day without smudging or fading.

Annabelle eyeliner6

Annabelle eyeliner7

Looking on the Annabelle website, these retail for $6.50 (CA) which is a little over £4. If you have access to the brand I would definitely recommend giving these a try.


  1. You apply pencil liner soooooo well! I can't do it without making huge big smudges all over my lids :(

  2. That's such a pretty colour, it looks lovely on. x

  3. Such a gorgeous colour indeed! Nice pop of bright with a bit of taupe...perfection!

  4. The colour's fab! I love my green eyeliners (I usually go for Rimmel's Jungle Green) but this may have to be my next! :) x

  5. Looks great with the eyeshadow! Would go really nice with a coral eyeshadow too x

  6. One of my favorite lipliners is from Annabelle. It's super smooth going on.
    The color of your eyeliner is beautiful.

  7. I'm so glad that you were able to try this out, Annabelle is such a great line.. it's a shame it hasn't gone global.

  8. I love that color--I need to try these ASAP!

  9. I love this colour, I have a similar one from e.l.f. Surprised I suit it I have blue eyes but it really brightens them and makes them look bigger x

  10. @Old Cow: I found this one made it easier to be neat. I tend to blob too if they grag on my lid.

    @Madame Gourmand: I really like the colour too.

    @Nina: Thanks. I was wearing MAC Vex and Club with it, I have somehow made them look very taupe-y but I really like how it turned out!

    @Hair and Beauty Reviews: I'll have to have a look at Jungle Green. I really like green liners too.

    @Claire: You know, I don't know whether I own a coral eyeshadow. I'm not very adventurous with eye colours!

    @Marcia: Going from my experience with this liner, I imagine your lipliner is lovely to apply. I'm pleased I've had the opportunity to try this brand.

    @Tamara: I agree, I'd love to see Annabelle over here. I'm doing a swap with someone and I look forward to exploring the brand a bit more.

    @Cindy: They're well worth a try. I was so impressed with how creamy this was.

    @EJ: The e.l.f. one sounds lovely too.

    Jane x


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