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BECCA Tangerine Dreams Nail Polish

BECCA+Tangerine Dreams10

BECCA Tangerine Dreams nail colour was released with the Halcyon Days collection along with two other colours, Summerdaze which Helen reviewed for me and Dancing Barefoot. Tangerine Dreams is soft coral shade, I see something of the salmon pink about this colour too. It has a super glossy finish: in the pictures below I am wearing two coats with no top coat. It is slightly translucent as the free nail edge is visible if you look very closely.

BECCA+Tangerine Dreams4

BECCA+Tangerine Dreams5

BECCA+Tangerine Dreams1

BECCA+Tangerine Dreams8

I really like the handle on these bottles. The rubberised material makes it easy to open and grip. The brush has a nice size and shape too. I found I had wear with this manicure quite quickly but this was probably an error on my part missing out a top coat. Not to mention the uneven surface of my nails. The colour and finish was a delight to wear though. I think this is a great holiday colour as it looks really nice against tanned skin and it also makes a lovely pedicure shade.

Tangerine Dreams comparison1
From bottom left, clockwise: Pink Grapefruit, Coralicious, Tangerine Dream, Gamma, Bright Orange.

Tangerine Dreams comparison3
Thumb - MF Bright Orange, Index - Gamma, Middle - Tangerine Dream, Ring - Coralicious, Pinky - Pink Grapefruit

I compared the colour to a few oranges and corals to put the colour in to context. In the pictures above, you can see the colour compared to Illamasqua Gamma*, Max Factor Bright Orange*, Rimmel Coralicious and 17 Pink Grapefruit. Hopefully you can see from the comparison that Tangerine Dreams is quite a light and muted coral-orange shade.

The Becca nail polishes cost £12 and I bought this particular bottle from Zuneta.

*Both the Max Factor and Illamasqua polishes were PR Samples.


  1. Its a very pretty colour, it is surprising how different the shades of nail varnishes look when you put them in context with other similarly hued one's isn't it - I always like nail varnish posts that do that so I am giving you 10/10 for this post!! That does make me sound like a patronising cow doesnt it, sorry!!

  2. What an absolutely gorgeous colour, very wearable too. Jude xx @jadlgw

  3. Pretty! Reminds me of the tangerine polish from OPI

  4. gorgeous! i didn't even know Becca made polishes!

  5. This is a really delicious color. It reminds me of papayas...which I hate to eat but love to stare at!

  6. So pretty it looks almost edible. I like Tangerine Dream and Pink Grapefruit on you the best.

  7. *covers eyes* i have soo many coral polishes. but this one is so gorgeous!!! It looks amazing on you

  8. Love this shade - so pretty and glossy! Perfect for warm weather :)

  9. @Debbie: Oh, as a big swot I'm very happy with the scoring! It was really interesting to look at the colours side by side. I find it often helps in a way that a single colour swatch cannot.

    @Jude: It's very pretty, isn't it? I like that it's following the orange bright trend but it's still ladylike and grown up enough for everyday.

    @Aprill: Thanks for your comment. I'll have to look up the OPI one. I'd love to see them side by side.

    @jbrobeck: This is Becca's first foray in to nail colour. They have three coming out in Autumn which are on my wishlist already. Griege-y goodness!

    @Eden-Avalon: Papayas are a very weird fruit. Pretty but such a weird texture!

    @Zuzu's Petals: I like the Pink Grapefruit too, I must do a mani with it soon.

    @luv2smilexo: Let's just pretend you've never seen this post........;)

    @Makeup Magpie: I love the glossy finish too. I think that's what makes it so special for me.

    Thanks for all of your comments,
    Jane x


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