Sunday, 10 July 2011

False Lashes Fail!

A little while ago I had a play with some false lashes I'd received in an event bag. The lashes in question were MAC #33 and are described on the website as Retro-Mod. There are little bundles of lashes on the band rather than continuous lashes. Within the bundles the lengths of the lashes are variable, with the longest in the centre forming almost a diamond shape.


This was also my first dabble with Duo glue. I was so excited to try it out that I managed to squirt some on my bed (those with filthy minds need not comment..). This was only the start of me messing up the application. I applied the glue, waited for it to go tacky and then started to apply the lashes with the aid of tweezers. I don't mind admitting that I made a terrible hash of it. The lash strip was very flexible and quite long and I struggled to get it to follow my lash line. I managed to stick them down in such a wonky way that I would have required super heavy Dusty Springfield style liner to cover up the bodge! Instead of doing that I took a few pictures of myself, laughed a lot and then took them off before my husband came home. I was worried he'd think I'd asked the children to join me in a game of 'let's play make-up artists'!

Fake Lashes2

Fake Lashes5

I'm not normally quite so cack-handed with false lashes and have previously had success with Eyelure Naturalites. I think the fairly natural look of the lashes is probably more forgiving. It's possible that trimming the #33 lashes would help.

I'm still on a journey with make-up application. Having started wearing make-up daily later on in life, at times I still feel quite inept. However, it's one of the few areas in life that I don't mind messing up and starting again. Are there any aspects of make-up application that you don't feel as confident about?

Disclosure: These lashes and glue were part of an event bag. The bodges were all my own!


  1. Haha don't worry, I've had far worse attempts with falsies! I have teeny tiny eyes so it's difficult to find ones that flatter my eye shape. What do you think of the quality of the MAC lashes vs the Eyelures? x

  2. That's a really interesting question. I didn't really find any difference in the quality between the Eyelure and the MAC lashes. I find both to be easier to use and nicer to wear than Revlon though. I think MAC maybe has more intricate styles. The packaging of MAC lashes is much better though in terms of storage. I need to get a more standard shape in the MAC to make a proper comparison I think. Have you ever tried any MAC lashes? x

  3. I haven't no. I don't mind paying the price if I could be sure that they will fit (I have no problem cutting up cheapy lashes to fit but I'd be more hesitant with MAC, Shu etc). Revlon lashes feel pretty heavy on to me x

  4. Oh gutted :( I'm rubbish at applying falsies and will only attempt if i have at least 15 minutes to spare as i usually make a right pigs ear or my eye makeup, rip them off in frustration and need a swift touch up. I spend the next hour wishing i hadn't bothered! I think i have sucessfully applied them twice, out of about 20 attempts. 10% success rate....hmmmm.

    Trouble is i usually end up ruining the lashes too (somehow?)so i'm wasting money along the way. I try to get the eyelure ones when they're on offer in Boots and i wouldn't dare try a pair of MAC or (swoon) Shu's even though i would love to.

    Ahhh, the lash drama continues. but they look LUSH when they're on properly so i guess we'll continue on :) xx

  5. I really like the look of these ones. I love mac false lashes but i do think they are a bit overpriced as i dont like to use them more than twice before throwing them away.
    I wear false lashes a lot and i still have days when they go wrong, i guess its like anything the more you do it the better you get.
    I do find mac ones nice and flexible though and by the way i dont think they look that bad xx

  6. After so many failed attempts I just can't apply false eyelashes! I've purchased so many different brands, shapes and sizes and I can't do it.

    I am however very skilled when it comes to applying falsies to other people!

  7. Falsies definitely take a lot of getting used to! I think you should try using full strip lashes before trying to conquer the individual ones. I've mastered the strip lashes after many MANY attempts, but I've never even tried individual ones myself, I think they would be waaay to fussy. Maybe buy cheaper ones like Ardell, Red Cherry etc (not sure if they are available where you are), but you can get them from US websites and have them shipped to you (I live in Australia). Practice makes perfect I say! Love your blog :-)

  8. I struggled with it on and off for a few years. Gave up and decided that mascara was enough. Then this year I decided to give it a final go with Ardells. I have very small Asian eyes so only 108 and 110 look natural on me. I'm glad to say I finally got it right now I wear them out frequently. I still have days where I mess up but they are getting fewer.

  9. the clear bands are so hard =[

  10. Hi! If you wear false lashes, you should wear eye liner first (pencil), then glue your lashes and wear a liquid liner over the lash line again. This way the lashes look a little more "natural". Ever tried individual lashes? They give a much more natural look (people believe my individual lashes are my own!).

  11. I so know what you mean about the Dusty Springfield eyeliner! I had a nightmare with some Ardell lashes! I've not tried MAC lashes, namely as the nearest store to me that sells them is 45 minutes away and I like to see before I buy with things like that.
    Love your blog and honesty! From another 30 something girl,
    Mel xxxx

  12. I think you did well! I can't apply them and every time I have tried they always end up on the side of my face!

  13. I have never worn false lashes, though I'd like to try one day. I am particularly bad at applying gel or liquid liner above the lash line, but I am fairly adept at tight lining.

  14. Say what you want, but you're doing a much better job than I have ever been able to do...
    No matter how many tutorials I watch, the mysteries of falsies application have eluded me so far, and I don't anticipate this changing any time soon lol
    Have a great week Jane :)

  15. These remind me of dolly lashes, the kind to be worn with circle lenses and cutesy loli dresses. I don't know if I think these are safe for work, so I agree with you. As someone else who is starting out on makeup and feels inept, I think you did a great job.

  16. Hi sweet,
    I fail to understand where you think you have failed. the lashes looked in the right position to me. don't be so hard on yourself xx
    I do think though that the design of these lashes are for the people who are fortunate to have quite dense eyelashes already and they are meant to merge in in your existing ones. In other words, even though the shape is exquisite and finish is quite natural, they'd be no good on me, as i have zero lashes xx

  17. Thanks everyone. I will take on board the tips about liner first. It was an error to put them on with just an eyeshadow for definition! I'm pleased that so many of you say it gets better with practice.

    @Flyavsted: I've never tried individual lashes but I'm give them a go to see if I can achieve a more a natural look

    @Eden-Avalon: lol, yes they do look a bit like dolly lashes! I don't think I can really pull that off as a look :D

    Jane x


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