Friday, 8 July 2011

Sunscreen Mini Review

I've been trying out a few facial sunscreens recently on the hunt for 'the one'. Or the one for this summer at any rate. Knowing that I was looking for sunscreen, Klara from Mookie on the Bench sent me a sachet of Murad Oil-Free Sunblock SPF30 and Triology Age Proof Moisturiser with SPF15. I also received small samples of Coola facial sunscreen SPF 30 in both the scented and unscented versions from Mise Beauty. These are just my initial impressions but I thought they might be useful to anyone on a similar hunt.

I found the Murad Sunblock really easy to use. I'm not usually a fan of oil free formulas on my skin but I liked this very much indeed. I find sun protection on my face can sometimes feel cloying, especially when worn under foundation, so something I can't 'feel' is ideal. This is described as having a matte finish, I don't think I registered that but it certainly didn't feel greasy. I had fully intended to purchase this as soon I finished the sample but it appeared to be out of stock everywhere. I'm going to take this as a good sign! A full size tube costs £25 for 50ml.

The Trilogy Daily Defence moisturiser with SPF15 was not as much of a success. This felt super, super thick. I think it's partly the texture of the moisturiser itself but I found it too heavy for my skin. So much so that I actually wanted to wash it off. I've just applied some to my hand and I would say it has the feel of a night cream. I think unless you have very dry skin, this is probably one to miss.


Coola Ingredients

I've only tried the cucumber scented version so far but I really like the COOLA Moisturising Sunscreen SPF30. I like the cucumber scent, there's something about it that reminds me of holidays of my youth but I've yet to put my finger on why! It goes on easily with no hint of a white cast. It doesn't feel any heavier than a moisturiser and layers well. I wish I'd been able to do a direct comparison with the Murad as I can't say for sure whether one is better than the other. Price wise the COOLA costs £23.50 for 50ml. They also produce a Mineral Sunblock which is a little more expensive at £26.

Have you tried any of these? Do you have a favourite facial sunscreen or do you prefer to use a moisturiser with SPF? 

Disclosure: The samples of Coola were sent to me without cost.


  1. I want to love the Trilogy Daily Defense one because I love all their other products.. but I just can't. It makes me oilier than normal and my makeup just slides off my face half way through the day. I'd like to know if their Vital Moisturiser with SPF does the same.

  2. Thanks for these Jane, I was having a look on Mise Beauty the other day and was interested in the Coola sunscreen.
    At the moment I am using the Dr Sebagh one but I really liked Invisible Zinc's Environmental Skin Protector as that really is matte. I also like iS Clinical but that one is a bit more creamy so I like that better when using with a serum rather then a moisturiser.

    I am also curious about the one Dempeaux has raved about - Marie Veronique’s Moisturising Face Screen SPF 30+ although that one is more especially with shipping etc.

  3. Nice post Jane. Thanks, I myself am rather fond of La Roche Posay Anthelios and also Alpha-H SPF 50+ moisturiser for the ease! X

  4. I just don't think it's a good idea to use the moisturizer/spf combo as I think you need to apply moisurizer, let it sink in to creat a barrier and then use SPF. I like the LaRoche-Posay, Neutrogena, and my current fave--Shiseido Urban Environment.

  5. I've just switched over to using the Coolio fragrance-free version, and I'm liking it a lot so far.

    I'm definitely going to have a look at that Shiseido one too - thanks Barbara.

  6. @Kat: I like Trilogy too, so this was a disappointment. It would be interesting to know if the other moisturiser is the same or not quite as thick.

    @Meeta: I shall have to take a look at the Marie Veronique. I like all the suggestions of new ones to try :)

    @KennethSoh: I really like the Alpha-H too, it sinks in very easily. I think I shall have to take a look at the LRP as it's had two mentions. I like their products generally.

    @Barbara: Hi! Thanks for the suggestions. I had a look for the Urban Environment yesterday but that's another that seems to be out of stock everywhere. I always think that's a good sign! I'm going to have a look at the LRP as both you and Kenneth have mentioned it.

    @Grace: I'm thinking of getting the children's version as I suspect it will be easier to apply than some of the gloopy stuff I currently have!

  7. I liked the Murad sunscreen a lot, the finish was very nice and it wasn't greasy. At the moment I'm using either the Hourglass or the Becca primer because they both have mineral filters. I will check the sunscreens from Coola, haven't read much about them before, thank you for the mini review. x


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