Monday, 18 July 2011

Decléor Aroma White C⁺ Range

I've been using three products from the Decléor Aroma White C⁺ skin care range for a couple of months now and I wanted to share my thoughts on them. I used the Aroma White C⁺ Night Cream for four weeks and used the Aromessence Whiteᵀᴹ Brightening Serum either morning or night as required. After the four weeks, I added the Aroma White C⁺ Extreme Brightening Essence in to my routine.


I've taken some pictures of how my pigmentation spot looks currently. It's very hard to see any changes as my skin has freckled up significantly with all the sunshine, despite my wearing sun protection daily. I'm outside quite a lot of the day with the children so it's hard work avoiding the sun. I'm considering putting on hold the use of any targetted treatments until the Autumn so that I can better judge any changes whilst tacking any new pigmentation that has popped up.


The night cream was pleasant to use. It is lightly fragranced though it's a clean, fresh scent rather than an obvious perfume. It feels rich but not as rich as the Shiseido cream I tried earlier in the year. It felt nice and nourishing as it went on but sometime I would wake and my skin would feel a little parched. I wasn't sure if this was due to the active ingredients or just that it wasn't hydrating enough for my skin.


This is when I would use the Brightening Serum. The Brightening Serum is a treatment oil and instantly reminds me of facials. It has that gorgeous herby smell and it sinks in beautifully. I've not used it consistently enough to comment on the long term brightening effects but this does make my skin look more radiant whenever I use it. I also thought this was a good formula for targetting specific areas of the face as you can apply only to areas of hyperpigmentation if you wish.

The Extreme Brightening Essence was a product that immediately caught my eye when I was investigating the range. The essence is to be used as a four week intensive treatment. There are three vials in the box, each contains a measured dose of what I assume to be freeze-dried Vitamin C (the Vitamin C used in the essence in Ascorbic Acid rather than one of the more stable derivatives). The vials are activated by pressing down on a plunger to release the powder in to solution. Once the powder has dissolved, the essence is active and can be used for 10 days.


The essence itself is somewhere between the feel of a serum and a liquid. At times it left a slight tacky feeling on my skin but that sensation would disappear within a few moments. I would leave a slight pause either side of applying this essence. I would cleanse, leave the skin to dry, then apply the essence and again, I waited a few minutes before applying moisturiser. I took this approach too avoid diluting the concentration of Vitamin C.

Although it has been hard to spot any changes in skin pigmentation whilst using the essence, what I have noticed is a difference to the lines on my forehead. The vertical lines on my forehead have softened and the skin feels noticeably smoother.

On to the cost; the serum costs £49.50, the night cream is £51.50 and the Extreme Essence treatment costs £52.50. The Extreme Essence is exclusive to Harrods and I feel I've failed somewhat in terms of testing the efficacy of this range as I've actually seen an increase in pigmentation over the summer. I cannot test the essences again but I am going to return to the night cream and serum in a couple of months time to see if I can see a difference in skin pigmentation. I shall update you around Autumn/Winter time with how I get on.

Disclosure: PR samples.


  1. It looks like an interesting range, I always like the idea of Decleor, but worry that all the essential oils would upsett my sensitive skin x

  2. Thanks for the review. I have a problem with pigmentation/acne scarring so I am always very interested in these types of products! Hard to find ones that work. I plan to try the new Estee Lauder one next.

  3. looking roward to it cause i bought the super expensive clinique dark-spot corrector have been using it for a month and a half now and i dont see anything. leinti nti

  4. @Replica: Essential oils can be quite irritating for sensitive skin, can't they? If you want me to make you sample of either the cream or the oil let me know.

    @productdoctor: I shall be interested to hear what you make of the Estee Lauder range. I haven't used any EL skincare for ages. I used to be a big fan of their day creams.

    @leinti nti: I've heard mixed reports about the Clinique but I've not tried that one myself. I definitely need to return to these in the Autumn.

    Jane x


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