Saturday, 16 July 2011

Beauty Spotlight Team: Marcia Shares What's in her Makeup Bag

The Beauty Spotlight Team are opening their treasured makeup bags to share with you. Twice a month our team will be featuring one of our member’s current makeup bags. This week the honours go to Marcia from Beauty Info Zone. If you're interested to find out what she has hiding in that pretty bag, you can find out more here.

makeup bag

In other news, I wanted to say a huge thank you for all the support and comments after my recent blogging ramble post. It actually made me feel a lot better having spoken about how I was feeling. I've put quite a lot of the advice in to practice already. I've managed to sit down and write several posts to schedule. I've also taken and edited a lot of pictures so this should allow me to continue to post whilst I have a little rest. This is good news too for my face which currently looks like that of a post-fight boxer after a spot picking incident gone wrong! Cautionary tale coming soon.....

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