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First look and Swatches of NARS Grand Palais and Delphes

My apologies in advance as this is probably going to be picture heavy and text weak! The NARS Autumn collection is out as an online exclusive to the NARS website and, unable to contain my excitement, I immediately put an order in for the Grand Palais duo and Delphes trio. Although I haven't applied either yet, I thought sharing my first impressions and swatches could be useful for anyone unable to get to a counter and wondering what these eyeshadows look like.

NARS+Grand Palais+Delphes

NARS+Grand Palais+Delphes1

NARS+Grand Palais+Delphes3

Delphes is my first NARS trio. I was actually a little surprised to see that the packaging is the same size for both duo and trio. For some reason I had expected the trio to be a little bigger. My first impression is that this is definitely shimmery! The light peachy pink shade is very sheer, I struggled to get it to show up as a swatch. It also contains some quite sizeable flecks of glitter. I will be interested to see how this behaves on my eye over a primer. I don't think it's going to work well as a base colour but we'll see!

The grey contains the least shimmer of the three but it does have a tiny bit as you can see from the picture with flash. It's a blue toned grey and actually makes me think of shark skin. Well, if a prosthetic Jaws counts? The green of the trio has a frosty finish and looks quite mossy coloured to my eye. It's actually a very pretty colour and I used to wear a similar one from an Urban Decay palette years ago.

For me, the biggest question is how these colours are going to work together. I'm hopeful that I will be able to create something as pretty as Makeup Magpie.



Grand Palais - Shimmering Pinky Taupe paired with Matte Dusky Pink
You'll be unsurprised that I bought this for the draw of another taupe! The taupe is a shimmering pinky toned taupe. I don't think I have any similar singles but hopefully I can manage a comparison in the not too distant future. The other colour is a matte dusty pink. It's surprisingly smooth and has good pigmentation. I confess I'm a little scared of pink on my eyes. I'll give it a go though for research purposes. I'm also tempted to see how it works as a blush.

NARS+Grand Palais2

NARS+Grand Palais7

Again, apologies for the picture overload. I wanted to show the colours in a variety of different lighting conditions and also show them side by side, as well as separately. Hopefully the swatches help demonstrate exactly how sheer the Delphes pink is and also how blue toned the grey colour is.

Left - Grand Palais, Right - Delphes
Swatches+Grand Palais+Delphes3
Bright outdoor light

Swatches+Grand Palais+Delphes6

Swatches+Grand Palais+Delphes1
Outdoor shade


Swatches+Grand Palais1
Grand Palais

I bought these from the NARS website, the Grand Palais duo cost £23.50 and the Delphes trio cost £33.00. I'm not sure of the release date for counters but I think it's soon. I'm looking forward to looking at some of the other items in person. If I was a little bolder, I'd be after that stunning blue!


Perilously Pale wondered about whether the texture of the taupe of Grand Palais is similar to the taupe of Dogon. I thought it might be useful to add a picture of the duos side by side and also swatches. It's surprising how similar they are when swatched. To answer PP's question, both taupes are quite sheer and need to be built up. I have a feeling if you were disappointed with Dogon, you could happily miss that one. I hope that helps!

Grand Palais+Dogon1

Grand Palais+Dogon2


  1. Grand palais looks gorgeous! Never tried NARS before rather expensive!

  2. Grand Palais is gorgeous!

  3. So pretty! Yes please we'd love to see how you apply these :)

  4. Is the taupe in Grand Palais more pigmented than the taupe in Dogon. I was pretty disappointed with it. Thanks!

  5. Great photos - I think these will look lovely on your pale skin!

  6. @Carla: Grand Palais is pretty. Yes, NARS is expensive. It's worth looking out for deals on ASOS when they have them as it can make the prices a little more tempting!

    @Yu: I hope the pictures are helpful.

    @Get Gawjus: It may have to be post holiday but I promise to share how I get on with them.

    @PerilouslyPale: I just added some pictures to help answer your question. I think maybe the taupe in the Grand Palais duo is maybe slightly more pigmented but it still needs layering. I think you could miss this one if you were left disappointed with Dogon. I hope the pictures help.

    @Jamilla: Thank you. The sun played the game today!!

    Jane x

  7. Never been drawn to Nars (and am planning on staying that way!) but that trio is soooo pretty! dying to see what you come up with, great post, the more pics the better imo!xx

  8. Thanks so much for doing this Jane, especially as you're all busy with holiday preparations!
    I had already decided on Grand Palais after seeing Makeup Magpie's excellent post, and your pics just sealed the deal. I also wondered about the possibility of the pink shade used as a blusher, or even as lip colour.
    Nina x

  9. You are the absolute best! Thank you!

  10. I got the Delphes trio too and really like it. Definitely makes a beautiful daytime look. I also got Oasis blush and lipgloss as well and really like how these all work together.

  11. Thanks Jane. I have been back and forth as to what to buy from this collection, I have to say the lighter shade in the trio may not work for me, but I really like the other two shades. I do really like the look and idea of Grand Palais, but think I might be just too pale for the rosy shade to work x

  12. I often order Nars without seeing it but I'm going to hold off on this collection and check it out in person. I've been reading about the chunks of glitter and that wouldn't suit me at all. Thanks for the many pictures - they are important!

  13. Thanks for the comparison to Dogon! I'm also a taupe lover but will have to skip this duo. Somehow NARS eyeshadows swatch really nice but end up looking quite dull on my eyes. Your images are beautiful.

  14. Thanks for the pictures but for once I am not too excited about Nars FAll. I bought a lot from the previous two and haven't really used it at all and I think I have to draw the line somewhere! Also, I really want to get some more matte shades, chunky shimmer/glitter is not for me I've decided. The only think really calling to me are the new matte lip shades. At least it will help me save for Chanel Fall! x

  15. Grand Palais is definitely beautiful but a sheer taupe just wouldn't show up. ; w ; So tragic.

  16. Your photos and swatches are impeccably gorgeous! Thanks so much for the kind words. I'm looking forward to seeing your look when you have a chance to post it. These will look lovely on you! :)

  17. i'm obsessing over the green/grey colour in the trio! its incredible!

  18. I’m so sorry about the huge delay in replying to you all. I’m finally catching up with everything.

    @Debbie: Thanks Debbie, it looks pretty in the packaging but the application is hard work. I do have some pictures to post soon of the looks I’ve managed.

    @Nina: I keep meaning to try the pink as a blusher. I think it could work quite well.

    @Perilously Pale: You’re most welcome. It’s blogging raison d’etre!

    @miss_violet: Delphes is so pretty but I’ve found it tricky to place the colours in a way I’m happy with. Any tips would be gratefully received!

    @Replica: I’ve found Delphes tricky to work with. The green can dominate the grey and the lightest shade isn’t really a colour more glitter in a sheer base which I’ve not had much experience with. However, the pink in Grand Palais is less scary than I anticipated! Not sure that’s in any way helpful, lol!

    @Minza: Thank you!

    @MarciaF: I’m obviously late back with my reply but you do right to wait to see in person. I think the textures won’t be to everyone’s taste. I’m glad lots of pictures are a good thing. I always worry that I’m going overboard!

    @Kristie: Thank you Kristie and I’m glad the pictures and comparison are useful. I know that NARS eyeshadows aren’t a universal hit.

    @Lipstick Luuvie: That sounds like a good plan. I was all set to hit Chanel then I saw the Tom Ford pictures. Oh deary me, there are so many beautiful things out there!!

    @Eden-Avalon: Ah what a shame. I’m sure we can find you another more suitable and magical taupe :D

    @Makeup Magpie: I really must get that post up. I’m glad you like the pictures, the lighting was on my side for once!

    @paintedinblack: The colours are certainly very pretty.

    Jane x


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