Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Current Favourites

I find it increasingly hard to think of monthly favourites these days. With make-up, I try and wear different things everyday and if I'm testing skin care products, I use the same thing for at least 28 days. However, there are always a couple of things that tend to stand out. Sometimes they're staples that I use everyday no matter what and sometimes they're simply colours that I pick out again and again.


Konjac Sponge and Naked Truth Age Resistant Cleanser
I shall do a proper review of the Konjac Sponge soon but the combination of the sponge and the AHA face wash has given me with noticeably smoother skin. I have used them separately and also together once or twice. I know I was a bit sceptical about the Naked Truth products to start with but I keep on using this cleanser which I think speaks volumes. I do still think it's expensive but it's lasted well. I've still not made much of a dent in it despite using it daily.


Bioderma Crealine H₂O
I know I'm very late to this party but I finally remembered to ask my Mum to pick some up whilst she was in France. I don't especially like it for taking all of my makeup off (I tried it when I had the lash extensions on) but it's a marvel for cleaning up mascara blobs and other eye make-up blobs. I just use a cotton bud and gently wipe away any mistakes. It's good for cleaning up any drift on hot days too.

Haus of Gloi Who Needs Love Pumpkin Butter
I'm sorry to mention something that's not available any more but it really is one of my favourites. This scent came out with the Valentine's collection and I love it! It has a sweet and quite fizzy, sherberty scent. It reminds me a lot of Refresher Sweets. I appreciate that it's maybe not a fragrance that will appeal to everyone. I use a night cream that is scented with Frankincense and I'm not a fan of Frankincense at all. I'll often apply this to my arms after using the face cream to mask the smell! I wish I had a larger pot of this and really hope that it will be released again next year.


Tinted Moisturisers with SPF
I've been using tinted moisturisers a lot over the past couple of months. I've just bought my first BB cream in a blog sale and will give you my thoughts on that soon but I've been reaching for BECCA Luminous Skin and LMdB Peau Vierge all the time, especially because of the sun protection they offer. The BECCA has an SPF of 25 and the LMdB has an SPF of 20. I also like tinted moisturisers in the summer months as they don't feel heavy on the skin in the warmer weather.


Shu Uemura Hard 9 Brow Pencil in Seal Brown
The Shu Uemura brow pencil is my brow constant. I feel slightly unfinished if I forget to fill in my brows as they're quite fair at the tail end. The hard formula means that it doesn't transfer in the same way as many pencils, this makes it easier for me to control the depth of colour and shape. It's not a red based brown either which I really like.

Hourglass Film Noir Mascara
After the lash extensions fell, I'm even more painfully aware of how puny and fair my natural lashes are. Film Noir makes them look so much better, it's the trifecta of length, volume and curl without looking over the top that I especially appreciate. I really like the Max Factor mascara but Film Noir remains my true love!

Rouge Bunny Rouge Cream Eyeshadow in Atlas Swallowtail
I've mention before how much I like this for speedy makeup. Even without eyeliner, this makes my eyes look more polished. It's an easy formula to apply and lasts very well. You can see from the swatches that the colour changes according to the light. I suspect it's this quality that makes it suitable to wear on it's own without looking boring.


Max Factor Miracle Touch Creme Blusher in Soft Copper
Another one that I have already mentioned; Soft Copper is a colour I reach for often. If I hadn't been introduced to it by someone else, I'm not sure I'd have given it a second glance. It's not a colour that instantly says blusher to me but it really works. 

Guerlain lipstick in Beige Nude
I love this lipstick, I think I might have mentioned that before....just four or five times maybe? I'm not a nude girl particularly and certainly beige isn't a name I look for in a lipstick but this is a dark beigey-pink. It's not quite MLBB but it's in the same vicinity. The lipstick formula is really easy to wear too, it's creamy, pigmented and last well without drying my lips.

YSL Long Lasting Waterproof Liner in #5
A more recent acquisition. This eyeliner is the perfect combination of long wearing and easy to apply. It glides on like butter but very quickly sets and lasts all day without moving or fading. I still haven't bought this in another shade but I really ought to. I quite often use this paired with Atlas Swallowtail and it practically became my signature eye look on the days that I was working!


Rouge Bunny Rouge Lipgloss in Coy
Coy is a really pretty colour especially for summer weather. I'm not really a big lipgloss wearer but I like the Rouge Bunny Rouge formula as it feels quite grow up. I know that some of the Glossybox subscribers were lucky enough to get an RBR lipgloss in their box last month. I was really sad to see some pop up on Ebay within days. This was an excellent choice as an introduction to lovely niche brand, it's a shame some didn't keep it long enough to give it a try. Anyway, their loss is my gain as I was more than happy to re-home an unwanted lipgloss!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Last but not least is Shadow Insurance. I've never tried Urban Decay's Primer Potion but the tube packaging of TFSI appealed to me more. I only ever use a tiny amount so I've not had to replace it after more than a year of use. Without this primer, my eyeshadow will almost certainly crease in the warmer weather. I don't think I really appreciated that my lids were prone to oiliness until I started using this. Now, I just use it as a matter of course and really notice if I forget.

What are your current favourites? Do you find your favourites change a lot according to the season?

Disclosure: The products mentioned are a mix of items I've been sent for review and items I purchased myself. They're all things that I would gladly re-purchase as really rate them. As ever, there are no affiliate links in this post.


  1. Bioderma Crealine H₂O and Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butter are two things that have been on my want list for soooo long. I don't think I've ever heard a bad review on either product!

    My favourites change constantly! A few times a month I'll have a bit of a rummage through my stuff (which is in a constant state of disarray) and I'll pull out something which I'd forgotten about and I'll be obsessed with it for a week! I constantly seem to be be rediscovering old things! xxx

  2. Zuneta had sold out of Bioderma by the time I got round to thinking about buying it, but it's been on my want list since last November. Might be a good excuse to pick up a konjac sponge whilst I'm at it!

    Interesting to see The Naked Truth become one of your favourites - Happens like that sometimes. x

  3. I'm not surprised that RBR ended up on Ebay, people are always looking to make a profit. What a wonderful surprise in that box though!

  4. That gloss looks really pretty! I'm also intrigued by the Bioderma because I've heard great things about them too. It's always nice to get a peak into what others deem "favorites".

  5. I am really enjoying that you changed the name of this post (giggling). That gloss looks lovely as well.

  6. Those are great favorites, and I see a few of mine in there, as well. Bioderma remains in my top loves since I started using it a few months ago.

  7. You have some great choices there, like many I need to get round to getting that Bioderma as well. I think my currant favorites is rather excessive and the rate I buy things its also going to make it vary a bit. Thanks for sharing this, always interesting to see these types of posts from other bloggers who have similar tastes x

  8. @Ms. Wedgie: I love discovering forgotten loves. It's one of the upsides of having a weighty collection! I'm really looking forward to you trying HoG. I think you'll love it.

    @Sparklz and Shine: I wasn't sure that I would like the konjac sponge but I changed my mind as soon as I got the one for the children. It love the feel of it!

    @Marcia: Yes, I guess many people see it is a fast way to make money. I hope more people give it a try and discover the pleasure of RBR!

    @HDTM: I always like a nosy too. The Bioderma is great for fixing up mistakes, I think I'll be picking another when I visit France on holiday.

    @luv2smilexo: ;) naughty me!

    @Zuzu's Petals: I'm pleased you rate some of these too. I find the Bioderma a really handy product to have.

    @Replica: I like these kind of posts too but it can get tricky with so many new things I want to try! You know, after saying I didn't think I'd need the BB Tortoise shell palette, it's been eating away at my brain. That and the Nars Douceur de Paris palette. Arrrggghhhh!!!

    Jane x

  9. Great minds, I want to get the Nars Douceur de Paris palette as well after they sent that email round!
    I am also thinking I might pick up some things from the Laura Mercier fall collection, first fall collection I have seen in store but some of the eyeshadows look quite nice. Also Trish Mcevoy is now online at selfridges as I am sure you are aware and if like me, you are compiling a list!
    To top it off just saw a little Stila display in my Boots today so of course bought a few things.
    Gah! so many lovely things to get yet so little money.. x

  10. Oh Replica, you are a super star! I hadn't seen Trish McEvoy online but I was just thinking last night how much I wanted to buy Raisin. I am so miserable at the moment (no idea why) and struggling with blogging. I really want to treat myself to a little pressie to see if it will cheer me up.

    I'm looking forward to hearing what you picked up from Boots :D xx


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