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What's in my (Holiday) Makeup Bag

Mystery MU bag1

It's my turn to share my makeup bag for the Beauty Spotlight Team Mystery Makeup Bag series. Rather than just showing you my ordinary bag, I thought I do something a bit different and show you what I'm going to be taking on holiday with me. I'm going away for 10 days and will spend a week camping. As the tent takes up most of the car boot and the children take up most of the car, there's going to be very little space for my 'extras'. Sob! So I'm challenging myself to take one bag, including brushes and makeup to see me through the week.

Mystery MU bag7

Mystery MU bag2

Day to day, it's unusual for me to carry foundation with me. I picked LMdB Peau Vierge* to take with me as it's a great colour match for my summer skin and it contains an SPF too. The other advantage is it doubles up as skin care. I won't have much for space for skin care either.

The RMK Super Basic Liquid concealer is always in my makeup bag. I've mentioned before that it'll double up for covering blemishes as well as being a great undereye concealer. I picked the BECCA concealer* as well in case of any breakouts and for concealing redness.

Mystery MU bag14

I've probably gone a bit overboard on the cheek products but you never know, I might need them all! The NARS Laguna bronzer is another staple of my daily makeup bag. I find it perks up my face and adds more definition to my face when wearing foundation. I' hoping it will enhance any colour I might get whilst on holiday.

I've picked a variety of blusher colours. The Benefit Posetint is a light, almost neon pink in the tube but blends to a subtle flush of colour. The Kevyn Aucoin liquifuchsia* is one I haven't used yet but I had to add it as soon as I saw how lovely it was on Grace (see Londonmakeugirl's post here). I showed the RBR Decadent Duo in Flamenco Duende before and this is a great product to stash in your makeup bad as it's a gloss and blusher in one. The blusher is a tawny, tan sort of colour and looks nice and summery so I thought this would be ideal for my holiday bag.

Mystery Bag

I'm cheating a little here re-using the picture from my Which Palette? post but I haven't had chance to take a new one. BECCA Enigma got the most votes, closely followed by the ArtDeco palette, so that's what I will be taking with me. Thank you to all of you that voted. It'll almost be like taking along my own UD Naked palette with this combination. I'm resisting the urge to take the new NARS eyeshadows along as I really don't think they'll be as helpful for speedy looks. I've also had my head slightly turned by a naughty person sending me a link to the Stila Holiday Palettes. Tsk! They're only £10, so I'm going to pop along to Boots tomorrow to have a little look. What harm could a keep trip to Boots possibly do?!

Mystery MU bag10

I received this mini Film Noir mascara as a GWP. As well as being one of my favourite mascaras it's the perfect size for carrying around. RBR Atlas Swallowtail* is perfect for a quick eye look on it's own and also as a base for other colour so I thought it was another good holiday makeup choice. I choose the MAC Dirty greasepaint stick for similar reasons. It's good for a quick smoky eye, should I get the opportunity to do more than hang about on the campsite!

I'm planning to try and tint my brows before we go but I've got my trusty Shu Uemura pencil with me in case I don't get chance. As for eyeliner, I thought I'd take my two favourites: GOSH Truly Brown and YSL Waterproof eye pencil in #5. Both are really easy to apply and long lasting. I just need to make sure I take some waterproof eye makeup remover with me!

Mystery MU bag12

Now here comes my real nod to this being holiday, rather than everyday makeup. I've banned myself from the mid-toned pinks and instead chosen some nice juicy watermelon shades. Chantecaille Lip Chic in Zinnia was an obvious choice as this is a lovely, sheer, glossy balm which wears as a bright on my lips. The RBR gloss in Coy* is similar colourwise and one of the few glosses that I wear regularly. I thought a gloss might be a nice, low maintenance choice too. I don't suppose I'll want to visit the toilet block too often to check my lipstick!

NARS Mayflower was a gift from a very kind friend and I think it's another lovely summery colour. I have pictures ready to review this one on my return.
Mystery MU bag11
L- NARS Mayflower, R - Chantecaille Lip Chic in Zinnia

Mystery MU bag8

Looking at a couple of these brushes makes me feel very nostaligic. The 129, 244 and 213 are part of a MAC holiday set that started out my brush collection. They're still going strong though my 129 sheds like a beast (isn't that right Get Lippie?). They really are the perfect size for a makeup bag. I'm actually tempted to pay a visit to Bicester Village to see if I can find another set with short handle 217 and 219 but shhh.....don't tell my husband.

The dual ended brush is from an old and much loved Ruby + Millie neutrals palette. This one is always in my makeup bag and it's not half bad. The little slanted eyeliner brush is also Ruby + Millie and the second one of these I've purchased. I'm glad I snapped it up whilst I still could. The R+M brushes were a mixed bag but this one is a real gem.

The small pot in the top of the picture is a sample of RBR primer which I've packed in case I need to tackle a case of the shinies.

Mystery MU bag5

I just thought I'd give you a final quick peak at what my regular, everyday makeup bag looks like. Though the products change regularly, I do try to keep it to a minimum.

Thanks for reading, if you got this far! Do you manage to pack light when it comes to holiday makeup? Or do you find it hard not to take everything, just in care?

*Products marked with an asterisk were received at some point as PR samples.


  1. I think you picked great shades for your holiday! I think I'm in love with the Chantecaille lip chic *sigh*.
    I always have trouble when packing for holidays, but it helps me when I think about the outfits I pack and then try to think of colours that'll go with them. Plus I always take a couple of things 'just for fun', because knowing myself, if I've packed neutrals, I'll find myself wanting to wear a bright coral lip in the middle of my vacation, lol.

  2. Nice choices - we're off for two weeks self-catering and I'm still considering taking nothing - though last year (before I really got into makeup) I 'had' to go and buy two lipsticks when I realised that the other women on the site weren't quite so brave, so perhaps I have to take a minimum of two lipsticks and a tinted moisturiser. And a couple of eyeshadows. And a couple of liners. And a blush.......or two.....

  3. I'm going on holiday in 2 weeks, it amazes me that for a holiday I can get everything I'm going to need in one small cosmetics bag, yet when I'm at home I need a mountain of products just to get me out of the door. You have made some lovely choices there. Have a fabulous holiday. Jude xx @jadlgw

  4. Yay!!! :))
    Great choices. I had voted for that eye shadow combination and now feel vindicated (living vicariously much?).
    Wise, practical and there no end to your talents? ;)
    Nina x

  5. Gorgeous post with lots of wonderful detail! I totally agree with your lip color choices--I'd have gone for sometihng similar myself--definitely Zinnia, and also Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon.

    I must admit I am very impressed with your camping bag! When I go with DH I end up so sweaty, dirty, and mosquito bitten, it would be difficult to make an improvement on my face. Plus, I have to be careful of anything with fragrance because of bears. They'd come running for Chanel in big way and then want my S'Mores!

    I'm certain my camping trips are much less pampered (e.g., FUN) than yours. I've likened our through hikes to the French Foreign Legion Death March. (DH is all about getting to the top, typical male!) On my last trip, I think I brought Dr. Bronner's liquid Castille soap (for my face, body, hair and washing dishes!), Jane Iredale PurePressed powder (contains sunscreen), brow pencil, and Burt's Bees shimmering lip gloss in Rhubarb. I knew blush would be lost in the red face I'd be continually sporting, lol.

    *sigh* You have made me nostalgic, and now I want to get out into the woods. But can I go camping with YOU instead of DH, pretty please? We could put up the tent, unfold the lawn chairs, and have croissants and tea delivered, hee hee.

    Have a blast!

  6. You picked out some really great items!!! I love all your mini travel brushes! Nice selection! I am going to have to re-think my makeup bag before my post! :) xoxo

  7. I agree that Chante Lip Chic is too pretty for words!

  8. Great choices! when i go on holiday i like to take multi purpose products, because I usually take up a lot of room with my clothes (and hair dryer). Have fun on your trip!
    Grace xx

  9. You've chosen such wonderful products! Hope you have a great time on your holiday. xx

  10. I love your choices. I hope you'll report back on what you actually wore though since I'm like Zuzu and even though I start with good intentions, they usually fade away by day two of being hot.

  11. I bet you will be the most glamorous woman camping! You packed some great finds in there!

  12. I find it hard not to pack everything! I usually pack about two makeup bags full when going anywhere overnight, I like to give myself a lot of options.

  13. Love the lip products you're taking with you, they just scream summer! x

  14. @Maria: I had a couple of moments of colour craving and both the lip chic and YSP purple liner came in handy!

    @too_busy_too_stitch: It’s funny how things can change so quickly with makeup wearing! I’d love to know what you decided on :)

    @Jude: Thank you! I hope you had a good holiday too x

    @Nina: I lacked patience in abundance on holiday. At least I found the way to sneak in some shopping!

    @Zuzu’s Petals: Your camping trips sound hardcore. We have a carpet in our tent….. I’ll pack you in our car next time we go. It might be a while off though ;)

    @Pammy: Thanks you! The mini brushes come in very handy.

    @productdoctor: It’s a lovely colour to have and I love the feel of the Lip Chic’s.

    @Grace: Gosh, yes. Hair appliances can take up quite a lot of space. I had no space (or electricity) for a hairdryer. The makeup kind of had to make up for the lack of everything else!

    @Klara: Thanks Klara. Our holiday was nice. I think we’ll be opting to walls and a door next time ;)

    @MarciaF: I had a couple of days when I didn’t wear anything but I mostly managed to put on a face. I’d do it in the car on the drive to my parent’s place. Well, building site more accurately! The PV was really handy as it doesn’t feel as heavy as regular base. Both of the eyeshadow palettes got plenty of use too.

    @HDTM: Thank you! I hope all is well with you. I’ve been missing you x

    @Nicole: I’m normally the same. I had to show a lot of restraint!

    @Rocaille: Thank you lovely. I made a conscious effort to pick more summery lip colours. They were very cheery to wear.

    Jane x


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