Thursday, 21 July 2011

Kevyn Aucoin Lipstick in ThelmaDora

I received the Kevyn Aucoin Expert Lip Tint in Thelma Dora several weeks ago for review. When I first looked at it, I thought hmm....a nude lipstick, is it really going to be for me? I have to concede that it's rather grown on me.




Thelma Dora is a peachy beige shade full of golden shimmer. The shimmer isn't quite at the level of frost. I've struggled to get the camera to pick up the gold in the hand swatch but it's a little more visible in the lip swatch. Looking at a swatch on my hand right now there's something about it that reminds me of the Orgasm Illuminator.




The coverage is nice and opaque and the lipstick feels creamy and very comfortable to wear. It's creamy and moisturising rather than slippy like a Rouge Volupte. It's similar in feel to my favourite Rouge Bunny Rouge lipstick but not quite as moisturising. It's long lasting too. My only gripe is that although the packaging is ok, I might have expected something less plastic-y for a premium price lipstick.

From the top going clockwise - Revlon Blush, MAC Barely Lit and KA ThelmaDora

From the top going clockwise - MAC Barely Lit, KA ThelmaDora and Revlon Blush

I wondered if ThelmaDora it might be similar in colour to MAC Barely Lit but in comparison, Barely Lit is more golden beige. Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Blush is also similar but Blush is darker and pulls more mauve when compared to ThelmaDora.

I've enjoyed wearing this colour and it makes a nice change from my typical rosy pinks. I think this would be a good colour choice if you're after a polished nude without straying in to freshly exhumed territory (you know what I mean, right?). I will post a picture showing the colour in a face of the day very soon so that you can see how it looks in the context of my full face.

The Expert Lip Tints are available from Mise Beauty for those in the UK and Ireland and cost £20. Mise Beauty also ship Internationally, you can see a complete list of the European Countries that they send to here.

Disclosure: Product received without cost. As ever there are no affiliate links in this post.


  1. 'Freshly exhumed'- love that expression!

    This colour looks right up my street - I love that delicate shimmer, looks very pretty.

  2. Very pretty. You really captured the shimmer in your lips. Unfortunately for me, that peachy nude is way out of my comfort zone, but it looks great on you!

  3. I think this looks rather lovely and ever so chic on you. I wish I could pull off nudes, but on my (red) blotchy face they just look disastrous lol
    Nina x

  4. That looks like a wearable nude, pretty! I too wasn't overly keen on the packaging, a bit chunky.
    I like the look of the MAC one, was that a limited edition shade? x

  5. Doesn't this make you wish he were still alive so that we could see what wonders he'd have done with his cosmetic line!
    I have a lot of KA but not lipsticks because I find the fragrance too strong for me.

  6. That's funny- on me it is more of a rosy toned nude. Still is one of my faves though, when I remember to wear it-lol.

  7. I like this on you. I'm not much of a nude lip person, but I do wear it often because it's my bf's favorite look. It's nice!

  8. That color is really pretty on you. I'm not one for nudes, but that one actually shows up on the lips. Very nice.

    Thanks for the great review and swatches!

  9. I have to agree with you about the packaging - half the joy in a pricy lipstick is a nice heavy luxe looking tube - this looks more like something you would get from a drugstore brand! The colour is nice though.

    Best, Lisamarie

  10. I'm always on the search for a wearable nude, and it looks like you've found one--thanks!

  11. @Meeta: I agree, it is a pretty colour and it's nice to try something a little different for me. Glad you like my expression ;).

    @Zuzu's Petals: Thanks, I really struggled to pick it up in the swatch so I'm pleased it came across in the lip photograph. I expected it to be out of my comfort zone too but it's actually nice for me to be challenged to try something different.

    @Nina: You so do not have a red and blotchy face! I'm pleased this turned out to be a wearable shade for me. The formula is lovely.

    @Replica: I'm glad it's not just me being sniffy about the packaging! I wonder if it will get a re-vamp when the line is relaunched next year.

    Barely Lit was a limited edition from the Smoke Signals collection (Aug 07). I loved that collection! I've just spotted one on ebay for $45.99!!!! Crazy stuff!

    @Marcia: Absolutely. I'm interested to see the changes that the re-launch will bring. You know, I didn't notice a fragrance at all. I must go back and have a sniff!

    @Ammie: It's interesting isn't it, I think lipstick is one of those items that can look very different according to the wearer. It's certainly labelled as a rosy nude but doesn't seem to pull that way on me.

    @Shannon: Thank you Shannon. This is definitely not a typical nude. Most beige nudes look horrific on me!

    @Lisamarie: I do think for the price, the packaging could be better. The formula is definitely luxurious.

    Thanks for your comment,
    Jane x


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