Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Reader Query About Edward Bess Compact Rouge

I had a query from a reader recently about the Edward Bess Compact Rouge colours that I own. I thought it might be helpful to post some pictures to help answer the question and I also have a question that you might be able to help answer too.

Creme Blushers1
Clockwise from top left: Becca Turkish Rose, EB After Sunset, EB Island Rose, Max Factor Soft Copper

Creme Blushers2
Left to right: BECCA Beach Tint in Fig, MF Soft Copper, Becca Turkish Rose,  EB Island Rose, EB After Sunset

Creme Blushers4
Left to right: NARS Douceur, Becca Beach Tint in Fig, MF Soft Copper, Becca Turkish Rose, EB Island Rose, EB After Sunset

Firstly, the reader wanted to know if After Sunset could be a little muddy and whether or not Island Rose would be too bright? Her skin is fair with a tendency to light ruddiness. I like Island Rose but I have mentioned before that I need to be careful with it. If I'm too heavy handed or haven't used foundation, this colour can make me look very flushed. I think for anyone that is prone to ruddiness, this could be an awkward colour. I tend to use in combination with bronzer to avoid looking like I've gone overboard with the rouge.

After Sunset is a harder colour to explain. It is quite brown but on my skin it pulls rosy so I don't find it looks muddy. I really like this cheek colour and I use it quite often as it gives a natural look. I would be very interested to hear from anyone that has used it and found it does pull too muddy on their complexion.

The question that I wanted to put to you all is a texture question. I was asked how the texture of the Compact Rouge compares to both BECCA and Le Metier de Beaute creme blushers. I only have the BECCA to compare to and wondered if anyone had experience of all three and could help? The reader finds BECCA and LMdB creme blushers too emollient. I fear that the Compact Rouge might be too emollient also but wondered what everyone else thought? I find the BECCA and Edward Bess quite similar in texture, I think that Edward Bess might have the edge actually but I don't find either to be too greasy or slippy on my skin. In the past, I found the MAC Blushcremes to have a texture that couldn't comfortably wear.

I would really appreciate your input on this one!


  1. Island rose looks super gorgeous!

  2. I really like After Sunset (by Edward Bess)...I do not find that it looks muddy on my fairish skin either and I prefer the texture to that of the Becca cream blushes (just a "tiny" bit drier, but still very emollient). I need to try Island Rose though:-)

  3. I have all 3 brands you mention. The most emollient is Le Metier, they are very soft and spread easily. I love these but they aren't great for hot weather. The least emollient, firmest is Becca. I find Becca to be very long lasting but not that easy to spread. Right in the middle is Edward Bess. My only problem with EB is the strong fragrance that I notice. I have Love Affair and Island Rose and love the colors so I put up with the fragrance.

  4. @Flyavsted: It's a really pretty colour, isn't it?

    @Erin: I'm pleased to hear you get on well with After Sunset too. I like the Edward Bess texture a bit more than Becca too.

    @Marcia: Absolutely agree on the fragrance and I did mention that. I like the fig scent but it's definitely not for everyone and I think it could be a deal breaker for many. Am I right in thinking the powder blushers are scented too or is it just the bronzer?

    Jane x


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