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Hair Dye Before and After

Don't worry, it turned out well, so there's no upset this time round. I used Clairol Nice'n Easy in the original formula. Although I didn't like their foam version, I still rate their regular, permanent hair dye. I had wanted to put in some highlights/lighter sections but none of these were recommended to use on freshly dyed hair and I desperately needed to cover up my grey roots. Although my hair looked a little uneven from stripping the colour and the Kebelo treatment (this also pulls out colour), I actually quite liked the lighter, golden tones I was left with. I picked up Medium Golden Brown (#117) to hopefully keep this warmth.



The before pictures show exactly how long it's been since I properly coloured my hair. I used a semi-permanent a couple of months ago but the grey hairs re-appeared within a week. You can see my hair is quite peppered. I also noticed I'm losing skin elasticity on my neck this morning, ah the joys of ageing!

Nice'n Easy+117-1

Nice'n Easy+117-3

Nice'n Easy+117-2

Nice'n Easy+117-5
With flash

I followed the instructions, including leaving it on longer to cover stubborn greys. Mine are definitely resistant to colouring, so I left the dye on for around 40 minutes. I'm pleased with how it's turned out. It is darker than it was pre-colouring but not overly so and it has covered my grey hairs well. As ever with the Nice'n Easy dye, it felt a bit dry as I rinsed the colour away but felt lovely and soft once I'd used the after-care conditioner.

I'm still interested in putting some lighter strands through my hair. There are a number of different kits I've seen, including those specifically designed for darker brown hair but I've no idea which are good and which have 'orange potential'. I toyed with the Garnier Nutrisse highlighting kit but #4 looked like a very unnatural brassy colour on the packet. I wondered whether using a permanent hair dye in a dark blonde shade was worth a try instead of straight peroxide? I know that I really ought to just go to a salon, I do have some serious trust issues with hairdressers though as you have probably gathered! Which reminds me, it's coming round to my twice yearly visit to the hairdressers. This time there's going to a strict, no layers policy.

As an aside, I'm wearing L'Oreal Burning Black today. I've included the picture below to let you see how it looks applied. This colour was the reverse of Endless Chocolate in terms of application and went on better with fingers than a brush.

Nice'n Easy+117-4


  1. This is a very dangerous post for me. After one too many home colour disasters I vowed never to dye my own hair again, but THIS makes me want to ditch the hairdresser. Gorgeous colour. I love that eyeshadow too so I'm glad you mentioned it!

  2. Hi Joy! Thanks for your comment. I've had so many disasters I've become quite accustomed to using ColorB4! I do get on well with the Nice'n Easy, the foam however is shocking. I'm glad you like the eyeshadow too. These have been a good bargain find.

  3. It turned out really well! Aren't you glad you didn't go for highlights this time!! Nice N Easy rules!

  4. I use Clairol Nice & Easy semi-permanent hair dye in Light Golden Brown and love it, never fails me. It lasts for 6-7 weeks and fades quite evenly, so I don't have any harsh roots. :)

  5. Hi Jamilla, yes I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I going to give the root touch up a go when I need to re-do it.

    Hi Anita, that's really great that it doesn't leave you with obvious roots. I think the foam really is a bit of a waste for them as I find their cream formula very easy to apply.

    Jane x

  6. It looks great! I like the warm brown tones in this. I personally would be scared at highlighting my own hair and would go to a salon.

    I totally agree on no layers, the last two hairdresser visits I've had I've just said no! and I feel it does make a difference (especially as my hair is fine).

  7. @Meeta: I know I am a bit nutty for wanting to do it. I wondered about having a go at Ombre dying as there have been quite a few tutorials.

    Regarding hair cuts, I'm just going to get a trim I think. I need to build a relationship with a hairdresser before I can experiment. The layers I had cut in last time are at an acceptable length and I couldn't abide them going shorter again!

  8. i love the colour which you have chosen. i have mine coloured at the hairdresser the same colour more or less as my natural hair colour but i dont like it on me. i much prefer when my hair is darker and then with a little tinge of red like i used to have when i could get away with semi permanents and not so many greys or specks of pepper as you call them.

    god ageing sucks. funny enough i was feeling my neck as well today.

    suckity suck.

  9. I wouldn't use a dark blonde hair dye as tint doesn't lift tint, unless its a highlift tint or you are going darker. Use bleach and 30 or 40vol peroxide with it (judging on the depth you want, darker blonde do 30, lighter 40), normally the Jerome Russell kits are good and don't come off brassy or just buy a tub of bleach and peroxide from somewhere like Sallys it will work out so much cheaper too :)

    I really like this colour on you though, suits you!


  10. Great job on the colour Jane! Looks really impressive. You must be very pleased with how it turned out! I love that eyeshadow on you too - very you! :)

  11. The color is perfect for you- very flattering. I never can get that from a bottle- never! I get scary, awful freakish colors- never natural or becoming! I'm getting a bumper crop of gray beasts and I've gone blonder to help conceal the re-growth. Is it helping? Dunno but I can always go back to the dark side xx

  12. The colour turned out fab, I'm going grey too, think I have been for the last four years dammit 0_o

  13. Wow wow wow! Your new color looks so rich and shiny. I really love it, and it suits you perfectly. Not too dark or light. your whole face brightens. And the Burning Black is a perfect complement. Great job!

    Aw crap, my neck was the first bit of my body to betray me, too. It doesn't go with my face, which is still relatively youthful.

  14. I love your hair. It looks so healthy and shiny.

  15. Wow I think thats really good coverage and your hair is dead glossy. I am getting my blonde stripped out soon and going back to natural brunette and am then going to assess how best to cover my greys!

  16. Great job on the hair coloring- it looks natural and glossy.

  17. Very flattering and glossy.. You look lovely!!!

  18. That's a really nice colour. I'm dithering (once again) over whether to just let the greys come in, or to try that Avon one we were discussing. I like Burning Black on you too, lovely!

  19. @liloo: Ageing does indeed suck. Grey hairs, turkey neck and even more eye crinkles I spotted yesterday. I need a magic mirror!!

    @Charli!: Thank you so much for the advice, it's much appreciated. I'm tempted to leave the highlights for a bit longer as I am enjoying this colour. It turned out even better than I had expected.

    @dempss: Yes, I am very pleased with how it turned out. Thank you very much for bringing the eyeshadow to my attention. I'm not sure I would have bought it without seeing your post and I'm so pleased I got it.

    @makeup merriment: Thank you. I like to think that a lighter colour would help disguise the re-growth but I'm probably deluding myself! Sometimes there's no hiding them!

    @Jadegrrrl: Having children seems to have really accelerated the speed of greying! My husband's having the same problem and keeps threatening to buy some Just for Men.

    @Zuzu's Petals: Thank you. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. The neck is ditressing. I've always been bad at remembering to put cream on my neck too. This won't be happening anymore but I guess the damage is done *sob*!

    @Old Cow: Thank moo very much :D

    @Rachel: I hope the return to brunette goes well. Keeping on top of the greys has become a real battle. I can't believe I'd left it for so long this time!

    @Jen W: Thank you. I'm very pleased with how healthy it looks now.

    @iliana: Thank you!

    @Grace: I can sympathise with the dithering. I'm definitely tempted to give the Avon colour a try. I'll have to buy it advance though as I usually find I'll just suddenly get the urge after weeks of dithering which is no good if it's something you can't get in a shop! I would have tried the Henna had it not been for the highlighting fancy.


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