Sunday, 29 August 2010

All Hail McQueen by Butter London


All Hail McQueen is part of the Butter London Autumn 2010 collection. The other colours are lovely but this gorgeous taupe beige with holographic glitter really caught my eye. I haven't tried any of the Butter London polishes before but was keen to try as I thought they might kinder to my nails as they're all 3 free (free of toluene, formaldehyde and Dibutyl Phthlate - DBP).


The holographic glitter is beautiful, I can see flecks of peachy gold, silver and purple. If you catch it in the right light you can really appreciate the pretty sparkle.



I've had this on my nails for a couple of days now. I know people have reported issues with chipping with the Butter London polishes. It's hard for me to comment on this, as I've mentioned before I have trouble with all polish chipping on me. I did experience some tip wear but I hadn't used any top coat.

This brings me on to another point. It is recommended that for best results you use these polishes in conjunction with BL top coat and base coat. Rather than being some kind of marketing ploy this has sound scientific reasoning. Using 3 free polishes with products that contain formaldehyde, toluene or DBP can cause incompatibility issues resulting in slipping or the polishes not drying properly. Top coats such as Seche Vite, which contains toluene, have been reported not to work well with big 3 free polishes. This may be worth considering if you have experienced problems with the wear of these polishes before.

Butter London polishes are available from Zuneta and The Powder Rooms.


  1. Looks lovely i think they do some gorgeous colours but not tried any yet x

  2. Oh this looks lovely! I just got Millionaire by Leighton Denny (via QVC - thanks mum!) which sounds rather similar.

    Mind you, don't know about the 3-free state of LD products....

    Is it named after Alexander McQueen?

  3. This is a pretty colour. Where in London is this brand available, do you know? ps It's so cool that you were in the Barbie club :-) But what a shame that you don't have your Barbies anymore. I wish I had a daughter so I could buy them!

  4. Hi Alice! Lovely to meet you. It’s a lovely colour, I’m really pleased with it.

    Hey Nicoletta, I’ve been looking at some of the colour and would really like to try some more.

    Hi Alison! I’m really interested in the Leighton Denny polishes. Would you let me know how you get on with it? Yes, I assume the polish has been named for Alexander McQueen. I saw yesterday a comment on a blog post that we’d be encouraging a trend for suicide by wearing it. It did lead me to discover that Isabella Blow killed herself a few years ago. Something I had someone been unaware of. Sorry about the minor tangent there!

    Hi Café Bellini, yes I will admit to having been an avid collector of Barbie’s when I was younger. My sister was obviously all business and no sentiment ;). She gave me a tenner and made good with the rest of her profits. I’ve already been eyeing up Toy Story 3 Barbie, at least I have an excuse to buy them again!

    Regarding the BL polishes, I know that Replica said she bought this in Oasis where they had a little stand. I wonder if other Oasis stores sell the polishes? I’ve just done a little search and discovered that Boots have them online, I wonder if they sell them in larger stores too? If anyone could shed any light, I’d really appreciate it.

    Jane x

  5. I just saw that they sell them on amazon as well. I'll have a look in one of the Boots stores. Thanks!

  6. Lovely colour! I doubt that wearing a shade of nail polish will encourage suicide, but perhaps I'm wrong!? x

  7. This is gorgeous, I can't wait for mine to arrive now.. Boo bank holiday tomorrow so it won't come.
    It looks paler than I expected, but it's very pretty indeed :)

  8. its a very pretty colour and it reminds me a bit of Leighton Denny's Brief Encounter, only a touch darker. I know that BECCA in South Kensington sells Butter polishes as well.

    I use Leighton Denny at The Chapel and they are good, but I'll fill you in later x

  9. That is so simple and gorgeous. I love a neutral shade with the shimmers giving it a little punch.

    Thanks for the lemming!

  10. @Café Bellini: It looks like there are a few places that sell them. Beauty Maze also mentioned that you can get them in the BECCA store in London. That might be worth a look, though of course I won’t be held responsible for the other things you might find in there that you want! ;P

    @TheBristolBeautyBlog: Yes, I think someone was having a touch of the trolls with those comments. I’m not sure about the name but I don’t think it’s in the league of MAC Rodarte in terms of bad taste.

    @Sweetcheeks: I hope you don’t have to wait too long for yours to arrive! I think it’s a beautiful polish. I’m trying to think of a polish that it similar to in terms of colour but I’m failing. It’s certainly lighter than say, Other the Taupe.

    @Bella Queen: Thank you so much for the information about the BECCA sore. I’ll look forward to hearing more about the Leighton Denny polishes :)

    @jv: You’re welcome ;). I love it and it certainly a very me colour. I managed to get my hands on Paradoxal so it’s been a great week for nail polishes for me!!

    Thanks for all the great comment,
    Jane x

  11. Leighton Denny does a show on QVC and there are some great bargains to be had on his Today's Special Value item.

    I've got his Silver Screen collection to see it on QVC - 4 pink/red shades, a top coat, oil, tidy-up fluid, nail file, horse-shoe thing, cuticle cream and hand cream - all for £36 + P&P

    So far just used the Millionaire - the lilac pink at the extreme left side of the picture on the QVC link.

    Goes on as a very light pink with speckles of gold through it. Speckles very small, so not rough to the touch on your nail.

    It's very pretty - can't stop looking at my nails when I've got it on :-)

    Seems to last for quite a long time without chipping - especially if you use the top coat that comes with it.

    Plus, it's so 'nail' coloured, when little bits chip off, you don't really notice.

    Working up to trying the RED one!

    Ali x

  12. That's such a nice set Ali! I like the sound of Millionaire, I frequently end up with chips so a shade that doesn't show wear so obviously is great. I think that's why I like Dulce du Leche so much too.
    Jane x


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