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Tag: A Bit About Moi (and a question to other bloggers!)

By the time you read this I will getting ready to cross the Irish Sea (I'm praying the wind will drop). I'll be away for a week so my apologies for not responding to comments. I promise to read everything and respond on my return. I've scheduled a few post to keep you entertained whilst I'm off on my jollies!

I was tagged by Sparklzandshine to answer these questions. I thought this would be a bit of fun. How it works: She gave me 8 questions to answer, I'll answer them first, then I'll post 8 questions of my own and tag a couple of people to answer the new set. Then they can go and repeat the process on their blog.

A Bit About Moi

1 Who is someone you really admire?
I hope it's ok to include someone that's no longer with us? I really admired my Grandma's strength and courage. She was certainly ahead of her time. She escaped a marriage that made her very unhappy and took herself and her 3 children back to England from Australia on a boat. It took weeks and it must have been so frightening wondering what the future would hold. She stood strong and carved a wonderful and exciting life for herself. She could be eccentric but she was always true to herself and never afraid to live life to the full. My only regret is that I never told her how much I admired her whilst she was still alive.

2 What are three things you love about yourself?
Hmmm...I don't really like answering things like this. I'm more used to being self deprecating but lets give it a go.
I love my new hair!
I love being a Mummy
I rather like my sense of humour, without it life would be dull.

3 If you could live somewhere for a month where would it be?
I would like to live in Tuscany for a month. I've never been but I've always wanted to visit and having lived abroad before, I'm sure I'd enjoy it.

4. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
Aside from all the make up? I'm not really sure. Does spot extraction count? If so, I'm definitely guilty of squeezing and enjoying it. Especially if it's on someone else.

5 What is your most important beauty secret?
Exfoliation, whether it's with a hot cloth or a physical exfoliant, I think it's one of the best things for your skin. It really helps other products to work effectively as well.

6 What is your favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?
My favourite piece of clothing isn't something I've ever really worn. It's a beautiful embroidered, chinese jacket which I inherited from my Grandma. I cherish it and hope very much one day to have occasion to wear it.

7 What is your dream job?
My dream job would be to work in product development or testing for a cosmetics/skincare company. It would be the ideal way to merge my work background with my love of all things beauty related!

8 Who is your all time beauty icon?
This is tricky. If I was to pick from someone from recent history it would probably be Mila Jovovich. Somehow Icon makes me think of someone from less recent times, if so I think it would probably be Audrey Hepburn. Her style was timeless classic with just a touch of quirkiness and she always looked effortlessly beautiful.

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Tell me about Vous

1. If you were a perfume, what scent would you be?

2. Can you speak any foreign languages?

3. What was your most embarrassing moment ever?

4. You can only have one lipstick for the rest of your days, what would you choose?

5. Who is your favourite Author?

6. What item of make up couldn't you live without?

7. Cats or Dogs?

8. What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever eaten?

If anyone else would like to answer these question please do go ahead, I’d love to read the answers so please leave me a link in the comments box.


  1. Lovely tag!I enjoyed reading!!!:)
    Thanks for tagging me hun!!I'll do it soon!

  2. Thank you lovely. Bella queen let me know that i missed question 80 so i will try and edit later. Question 8. What item of make up couldn't you live without?

  3. Love your answers! What an awesome Grandmother!!

    Aren't we all so good at being self deprecating...that's why I picked the question:D

    Spots oh yes and I'm so longing to see that jacket!


  4. Hi Sparklz and Shine! Thank you for the tag, I really enjoyed doing it. I will take a photo of the jacket for you. It deserves coming out of the wardrobe for an airing :)
    Jane x


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