Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Rouge d'Armani Deep Ruby Lipstick

I found myself at the Giorgio Armani counter last week and wanted to have a look at the new Night Shades collection. I had wanted to look at the Lip Inks in particular but strangely there was only one shade available. The shade I swatched was red and although I didn't check the name, I'm sure it must have been no. 2 (Lavish Red). As I'm most interested in Shade no.1 Black Purple, I moved on to the lipsticks.


I swatched all three lipsticks from the collection; 602 Soft Pink, 603 Black Purple and 604 Deep Ruby. They were all beautiful and I'm kicking myself now for not taking a picture of the swatches to share. I was being attended by an assistant though and thought it might look a bit unusual if I got my camera out. Silly really as he was such a nice guy and probably wouldn't have minded at all. Don't let the names deceive you, Soft Pink and Black Purple are both pink shades and Deep Ruby is a dark purple. It is confusing but I'll forgive them as they are such nice colours. I decided to go for the darkest colour, 604. As I'd just got Edward Bess Night Romance, I couldn't really justify another Raspberry pink and I thought Deep Ruby would make the best lip stain.


The first thing that struck me when I used the lipstick today was the fabulous packaging. The lipstick is encased in glossy black packaging with a slight shaping to the tube. When you replace the lid you can feel the magnetic clasp snapping the lid shut in exactly the right position. It's quite impressive, I even made my husband have a turn!


The colour goes on nicely. It's quite glossy and neither entirely opaque nor sheer. It sits somewhere in the middle. This makes wearing such a dark colour much less daunting. It is a little tricky to apply in terms of making it look sharp, this is probably more to do with the colour. I think it might benefit from either lining the lips or using a brush to apply. Of course, if you are going to blot it down, this would be less of a concern.


I really like this lipstick and think I'll will be using it quite a lot in the cooler months. The lipstick cost £22 and is available from Selfridges and I was pleased to see that the Night Shades collection is now available to buy online.


  1. Wow, that's such a beautiful colour! It suits you so well. I bet it would look great over a red lipstick or with red gloss.

  2. Wowsers, this is a gorgeous colour! When I saw the first pic I was thinking 'no way...too dark' but once on it looks amazing!

    I love luxurious packaging...I would have been playing with it all day! :)

  3. Thanks Beauty's Bad Habit! I'm really pleased with it. I'll have to give it a go with red. I've never tried the technique of using different colour placement on the lip but I imagine this would work really well to with the colours you've mentioned. Like red all over then the deep ruby in the centre of the bottom lip. I hope I'm describing it correctly so that you know what I'm getting at!

    Hi Wedgie! I know what you mean, it does look almost black as a bullet but as it's not matte or completely opaque it's very wearable. I'm too old to pull off a total goth look these days, it's just a little nod to it ;).

    The magnetic closure is very impressive. I might have opened it a few more times than strictly necessary!

    Jane xx

  4. Beautiful colour - I agree that it looks much more wearable on than swatched. By the way, I'm liking the new blog layout! x

  5. That is a gorgeous colour, looks great on you. It'd totally wash me out though.

    Have tagged you for an award on my blog here


  6. Thats a striking colour on you. They seem to only have shade#2 up of the lip tint on Selfridges and thats the one shade I probably wouldn't get. Did you see the eye palette as thats what I most want from that collection, any good ? x

  7. I have also tagged you for an award on my blog here- http://marie-thisisme.blogspot.com/

  8. Gorgeous, very sophisticated! These kinds of colours are the best thing about the weather getting colder. x

  9. @TheBristolBeautyBlog: Thank you. Thanks also about the blog layout, though I kept on messing with it so it’s different again. I hope it still looks ok.

    @SarahR: Thanks, I really like it. That’s the funny thing about lipsticks isn’t it? The right colour can pep you but pick the wrong shade and you can look washed out. I find I can’t wear nudes and pale pinks because they make me look deathly. Thank you for the award x

    @Replica: It was the same thing in store with the lip tint as online. It’s annoying as I really wanted to see the others. No.2 is a very orange red when swatched and just wasn’t grabbing me at all. The palette wasn’t with the lip products and sadly I didn’t see it. I kicked myself when I realised :(. It looks lovely from the pictures I’ve seen too.

    @Marie: Thanks for the award :) x

    @missy ellie: I agree, I’m not excited about it getting colder but it’s almost worth it for the Autumn colours!

    Thanks for all of your comments,
    Jane x

  10. One word: LOVE! you look amazing.


  11. Thanks Michelle! I'm glad you like it x


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