Friday, 6 August 2010

Friday Confessional

It's confession time again as I feel the need to unburden myself again of my beauty sins.

  • I left my nail polish on a day longer than I really should have done. Chips ahoy!

  • I really need to get and do some, ahem, facial threading but I am lazy and keep forgetting to do it.

  • I am STILL not using an eye cream. This is very bad and I fully intend to spank myself.

  • My beautiful hair cut is in need of matching beautiful colour. Grey roots are not cool but have I sorted out an appointment? Have I heck.

  • I do not use a body lotion. I do it once, promise my self it will become a habit then promptly forget all about it it.

  • I still haven't thrown away my terrible Tresemme shampoo and conditioner. There is so much product left that I feel unable to bin it. It is rubbish though and makes my hair feel awful. Someone please speak to me sternly about this.

I am a very bad beauty blogger, I really ought to clean up my act. Do you have anything you need to confess? Feel free to unburden yourself here, I promise not to judge.


  1. 1. I do that too.

    2. I need to learn how to do this. I sugar with Nads, threading sounds more convenient though.

    3. SPANKS you!

    4. My only advice is not to get me to do it for you.

    5. I *have* to do this, or else my pelt looks like a crocodile's. I don't have three tinies though. Have a look at the Villainess Smooch! shower stuff at Posh Brats.

    6. Throw that stuff away! Klorane is a good dip-your-toe-in premium line, not too expensive. I also like the Louise Galvin stuff in Waitrose, which is less than £10 a bottle.

  2. I am looking at my chips now, need to get the remover out.
    I have been learning to thread and although it takes me ages I am getting better.
    I hated using body lotions (part of me still does) but now use one regulary. Maybe try a dry oil spray like This Works which is quick and easily absorbed. Hei Poa is nice and smells divine.

  3. Hi Grace. OxfordJasmine did an excellent YouTube tutorial on how to thread your own brows here. I'm not confident enough to do my brows but happily do elsewhere as no shaping is required. I find it less faffy than heating up wax too.

    Thanks for the Villainess Smooch recommendation. The tresemme is definitely going will have a look at either the Klorane or Louise Galvin if I don't go back to Bicester for the Ojon. Thanks for the spank too, I need it ;)

  4. Hi Meeta, I quite enjoy threading. I find the twang noise strangely satisfying! I'm nervy shaping my brows in case I take loads off by accident.

    A dry oil sounds like a good idea. Waiting for lotion to sink in is often the thing that puts me off.
    Jane x

  5. Confession - I ate three slices of birthday cake and blamed it on the compulsive eating of a visiting child.

    Always leave my polish on too long and go out with it chipped.

    I get electrolysis - and need to book a session now that I think about it!

    Ali x

  6. You really are naughty for a beauty blogger aren't you? lol

    I've got polish all over my fingers and I need my eyebrows sorted!

    I have been using eyecream though, do I get a gold star? x

  7. Hi Ali! The Summer holidays have been so bad for accidental food consumption. I've blamed food disappearing on the children quite a few times now. "Oh, that pot of mini sausages? Of course it wasn't me darling".

    Good to know I'm not the only polish offender! How do you find electrolysis? Is it effective and do you find the hair is really disappearing? x

  8. How on earth did I miss the hair cut post?? It looks so fantastic, I love it on you and you must be thrilled with it. On the subject of threading have just posted on my blog about my latest waxing purchase, no more moustache for me! I also recently bought a Sanctuary spray body milk from Boots which is fab, nice and quick and it soaks in without you having to rub it all in.

  9. Hi BQ, I am very bad and certainly not setting a good example! What your eyebrow shaping method of choice? You definitely get a gold star for eye cream. At my age I really ought to know better. These crows feet won’t sort themselves out I suppose.

    Hi Debbie. I’m pleased you like my hair, I’m ever so pleased with it. I’m for a look at what you got. The body milk spray sounds great.

    Jane x

  10. I usually pluck myself, tried waxing a few times, but I have never tried threading (ohh the shame, beauty therapist like me in London!) I really want to try it. Any recs? x

  11. Definetly going to take a look at that video it's something I've been meaning to look up for ages......terribly I often just snip the hair with sissors rather than do it properly. It seams to appear from nowhere overnight sometimes.

    I've got a Wahanda voucher for a haircut and I'm still putting it off.....partly because I desperately need to by some more henna.

    I love my SBC gels for drying quickly. Some people don't like them because they have alcohol in them but that's why they dry quick and do a great job on me:)

    Funnily enough I remembered my Liz Earle eye cream this morning, for the first time in ages...used to put it on everyday but kind of fell out of the habit.

    I've also got a bottle of Tresemme (conditioner though) that I've had unoppened for an age....I just hate throwing stuff away....on the other hand I know 100% that I have no intention of using it:D

  12. @BellaQueen: I can recommend looking at OxfordJasmine's video if you fancy trying it yourself. Link here. In terms of where to go to get it done I'm not sure. I tend to go to the bars in Debenhams. I think there are better places to go though - worth an ask on twitter I think.

    @Sparklzandshine: What are the SBC gels? I know what you mean about putting off the hair cut. I'm so pleased I got mine done in the end though. How long is your voucher valid for? I'm the same with the Tresemme, I won't use it so it's silly to keep it. I might give it to my Mum - I feel bad though as it's for coloured hair and she's completely silver!

  13. Oh I think I will have to tell you off about keeping the Tresemme products!
    They best be in the bin lady!!

    Fee x

    Ps. Love your Friday posts :)

  14. I don't think the Tresemme lets you throw it away,I had to use some round my parents once (guess it was my Dads) horrible stuff made my hair lank and ichy, I throw it away and when I was next round theirs it was back again, you know thinking about it, its still there when I last went round which must mean its been there for over a year now...just wont go...
    Yes, you should start using an eye cream so you can fling more money on cosmetics ;) I do really like the Sarah Chapman one though x

  15. It can be quite painful, but once you've gotten over the initial nip, it's ok. It really makes your eyes sting the closer you get to the centre of your face.

    Does it make a difference? Hell YES! I had a zappata that could only be controlled by copious amounts of Jolene bleach. I wish I'd started getting my tash zapped years ago!

    I'd really recommend it to anyone who is tired of bleaching and wants to Take Action against their hirsuteness.

    Ali x

  16. @Fee: I will be redirecting them to my Mother. She would be horrified by the waste!

    @Replica: If the Tresemme has some magic power which stops it actually going to landfill, it most certainly can go to my Mum. I just hope it doesn’t keep finding it’s way back here. Me no likey.

    As if I really need new things to spend money on. Tell me more about this Sarah Chapman person, have you done a review? X

    @Ali: Thanks for telling me more. I gave up on the bleach some time ago and use wax or threading to remove the hair. These can be eye-watering at the best of times so I think I could cope with the nipping element to it. Genetics tells me it’s only going to get worse so I think electrolysis might be something for me to consider long term.

    Talk of Jolene reminds of me of the time I tried to buy it Boots with my Mum. She kept saying loudly, “Is that bleach Jane, facial bleach?” in an attempt to put me off. This is the same women that dances in front of shop security cameras at any given opportunity. She’s such a card, you can see why she’s getting the Tresemme can’t you?

    Jane x

  17. Can you use the Tresemme as brush cleaner, until you run out (and can then never buy it again?)

  18. Hi LiAnn, that's a great idea! I do use the shampoo to clean the brushes at the moment. I will pour some out to use up that way :)
    Jane x


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