Saturday, 7 August 2010

Chanel Autumn '10 Collection

The new Autumn collection from Chanel is due to be released on August 13th. Although I haven't been as excited by this as the Guerlain collection, I have been eyeing up the palette and eyeshadows as a few of the American bloggers started to post swatches on their blogs.

I am undecided about whether to go for the Enigma quad or for the two single eyeshadows; Taupe gris and Verte Khaki. After seeing Gaia at The Non-Blonde's swatches of Taupe gris and Verte Khaki I'm even more confused. There are too many overlapping shades to justify or even want all of them, in fact I think two of the eyeshadows in the quad seem very similar (see Karlasugar's swatches here). However, these are the sorts of sludgy, dirty colours that make me weak at the knees! Add in a murky purple to the quad and it certainly makes a tempting purchase. Talking of purples, not much has been mentioned about the Cassis waterproof pencil but I've been very taken with the swatches. After missing out on MAC Designer purple, I'm lusting after this colour.

The nail polish Paradoxal will be a big hit I'm sure. Also, as part of this collection there will be three new Joues Contrast blush shades and three new Coco Rouge lipsticks. The colours look nice enough but there's nothing really grabbing me. I still haven't tried any of the Coco lipsticks but Mademoiselle has been on the list for a while and I think I'd rather get that before I consider any of the newer shades.

Do you have your eye on anything particular from this collection or are you waiting to see it in person? If anyone knows what these will be priced I'd be keen to hear.


  1. thanks for the review :) they're pretty but i will only focus on the guerlain collection :D

  2. I'd go for the quad, I much prefer quads as it helps me put an eye together when all the colours that match are together. I'll be getting paradoxal and have a bottle reserved, but I think the three Coco's look pretty stuning too!

  3. Hi Lily! There are so many nice Autumn collections coming I'm definitely being selective about what I get.

    Hey Charlie! I keep wondering which is the best to go for. I would really like Mademoiselle I think so want to get that before any other Coco shades. I can't wait to see your nail swatches of Paradoxal :)

    Jane x

  4. Love autumn, the colours, the clothes - a spare tire looks so much better in denim than linen - the makeup, lovely colours

  5. I had to have Paradoxal so got it a few weeks from ebay. Its heavenly beyond belief - got a bottle reserved at my local counter and may end up getting another back up.

    Its a must have for nail addicts.

  6. @lipstickmama: My michelen style tummy will be grateful for the cooler weather. The holiday has not helped my physique much! I really do love Autumn and Winter collections, the colours appeal so much more to me.

    @Clairey: Paradoxal is a great colour, I'm sure it will have sold out everywhere now but if I spot it, I'll be grabbing a bottle!

    Jane x


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