Saturday, 14 August 2010

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero

I mentioned in my make bag video post that I would do review of this pencil and here it is. I was prompted to review this after reading Lipstick Rules post about writing negative or neutral reviews. In my opinion, this one is definitely in the "meh, I don't get it" category.


I bought this after reading lots of raves about what a brilliant product this is. The comments ranged from; the blackest, black; the longest lasting; the easiest to apply. I agree with the fact that this is an easy pencil to apply. It's very soft and creamy, it deposits colour without you having to apply pressure and there's no tugging. I find that the tip doesn't stay sharp for long (no doubt because of the creamy consistency) so I struggle to get a clean line. I get a lot of migration with this and I often end up with lots of black around my tear duct and into my undereye. This is a terrible look for someone with dark circles anyway! This happens with lots of liners for me but this is particularly bad for it and it happens very soon after application.


I'm sure lots of the raves for this are from people using it to tight line and waterline which I rarely do. I can appreciate that a soft consistency is pleasant if you're applying to these sensitive areas but it if I get migration with this applied above the lash line I dread to think the state I'd be in if I used it to tightline. I've no doubt I'd look like Sue from The Sooty Show very quickly (in case you're too young to remember here's a little photo of Sue for you!).

For me this is definitely just an OK pencil. I keep it in my bag for when I don't have time to use a gel liner. It'll probably take me forever to use it up but when it happens I won't be re-purchasing.


  1. While I love UD 24/7 liners (Underground, Mildew, Lucky and Bourbon are lovely), Zero isn't my favorite. I find Zero does the same thing to me (like you) when I wear it on my upper lash line, I have also tried it on the waterline and it usually always ends up looking a mess on me. I have found the best pencil for my waterline is Kevyn Aucoin Black liner or MAC Feline pencil, although, I admit, I'm still hunting for the HG black waterliner.

  2. I don't get the UD 24/7 liners at all, maybe it is an age thing, maybe it is because whenever I go to test at a counter they are all worn down to a stub and there is muckiness and spilt pigment and used tissues around - I just want to get out the Cif and give it a good going over! I also find whatever pencil liner I use there is migration, again it is my age and my crepey eyelids.

  3. I used to love Sue from the Sooty Show.
    I've tagged you on my blog
    Check it out if you have the time.

  4. Hi jv, I have wondered about getting Bourbon before. It looks lovely but quite similar to MAC Teddy eye kohl which I have and love. I had Gunmetal too but the grey was way to light on me to work. It’s interesting I’m not the only one that’s had migration. I honestly thought it would stay put based on reviews.

    Hi lipstickmama, every time I’ve been to a UD stand to look at the pencils I’ve been unable to swatch because they’ve needed sharpening. I find it so annoying. Grubby stands totally put me off looking too!

    Hi Helen, I loved Sue too. She was cute put she can keep the eye look ;). Thank you for he Tag.

    Jane x

  5. I have to totally agree with your review on this.

    It wears down so quickly and you cannot get a neat sharp line with this.
    Like you I am thinking it will take me forever to use it all up & I won't be buying it again.

    On a side note - How I miss watching Sooty! I think I need to start watching it again on YT with my 3yr old niece :)

    Fee x

  6. Hi Fee, I just cannot get a good line with it and for me that's an essential for a great liner. I realise it's probably because of the consistency but I know this must be the same for everyone so don't really understand all the rave reviews.

    You must watch Sooty with your niece, I bet she'd love it!
    Jane x

  7. I agree, this liner is rubbish! I also bought it based on people raving about it being the blackest black, and lasting all say. Neither of which is true for me!
    Even though I dislike it, I use it now & again, and must say it's finishing quickly - due to the fact it needs sharpening ALL THE TIME..
    I wore it today, and looked terrible at the end of the day- panda eyes galore!!
    Still searching for my HG black liner!

  8. Hey Sweetcheeks :D
    It seemed so popular I was desperate to try it. I got the Gunmetal too and it did nothing for me. I find loads of things migrate on my eyes but this is really bad for moving around. I've just got some Too Faced shadow insurance and I'm interested to see it this will stop liners from moving. I'm not holding my breath though!


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