Friday, 20 August 2010

RMK Cleansing Oil and Creamy Soap

I received a sample of the Cleansing Oil and Creamy Soap when I purchased the RMK Basic Liquid concealer during my London shopping spree. I was absolutely thrilled as I have been wanting to try an oil cleanser for some time. Both samples were a generous size and I managed over a weeks worth of use every night.

It's recommended that you use the oil first and then use the soap after to remove all traces of make up. Although it is gentle enough to use to remove eye make up without irritation, I found I couldn't remove eyeliner and mascara with the cleanser alone and had to use a separate eye makeup remover.

The oil has a lovely scent to it, it has a subtle minty smell and I found it quite herbal. Apparently there is also a hint of rose to the scent. It has a pleasant slippy feel to it. I added a couple of drops to my cupped palm and then massaged in to the face with both hands. I think that the warmth of your hands helps the oil penetrate the pores more easily, helping to lift out make up and dirt. The action of massaging the cleanser in to my face felt nice and soothing. To remove, you wet your hands and rub over the oil to emulsify, then rinse with warm water.

I was happy to use the Creamy Soap as a second step as I felt the oil didn't leave my skin feeling clean enough. I think that's more about my mind set than anything else. I like my face to feel really fresh and clean. The cleanser leaves the skin feeling moisturised rather than as if there is a residue left though.

The Creamy Soap has a really interesting texture. The blurb describes it as that of whipped cream, which is pretty accurate. It foams up very well and you only need a small amount per application. The foam doesn't dissipate on the face and does indeed feel very creamy. It washes off nicely and doesn't leave your skin feeling dry or tight like some soaps do. The combination of the two products together left my skin feeling beautiful clean and hydrated at the same time.

I really enjoyed using these two products as part of my cleansing routine. I'm hoping to try a sample of the Shu Uemura oil for comparison but I intend to buy full size versions of the cleanser and soap in the near future. You can buy RMK skincare from Selfridges stores or order online from

Have you ever tried oil cleansers? Do you like them or have any other brand recommendations?


  1. Hi Jane,
    I love the RMK oil and rather prefer it to the Shu. I find it has a lighter texture (whilst cleansing just as effectively) and rinses away more thoroughly.
    Was real happy to read your review of the soap, as I am torn between RMK and Nude's similar product (unfortunately, I have never been able to get a sample from Nude to form an opinion).
    Have a great weekend and I'll 'see' you after my week-long holiday on the lovely Greek island of Syros...
    Nina x

  2. Hi Nina! I really appreciate your opinion on how they compare. I have a couple of nude samples, I'm not sure it in includes the wash though. I tried a Nude moisturiser and I had to wash it off as the smell was horrendous! However, I tried the Miracle Mask last night and thought it was very good. For me it seems a little hit and miss.

    I really like the Creamy Soap though, it has a very luxurious feel to it. Very nice to use. Have a lovely time in Syros and don't worry about us in the rain! ;)
    Jane x

  3. Oh no another oil cleanser to try! This and balm cleansers are my favs, Shu is too liquidy, 1 squirt and my fingers are all over my face, up my nose in my eyes! Nude is thicker, but don't feel it cleanses as well and I need a second application.

  4. The Dermalogica Pre cleanse is great too, one of the best out there. I wrote a post about it a little while back, so have a read. There's no scent to it and you pretty much use it the like any other oil cleanser. It really sets the way for a deep clean and the 150ml bottle lasted me just over 3 months with once a day use.
    This past week I've been using the Shu Uemura Oil Cleanser and I can't seem to get off my black kohl eye pencil with it. I have to use an eye make up remover first. I know its a cult product, but I'm not sure I'm going to be a follower, except when I run out of Pre Cleanse.

  5. Hi lipstickmama! Thanks for the opinion on the Shu and Nude cleansers. As both you and Nina have stated a preference for this over the Shu I think I've been lucky trying this first! x

    Hey BQ, I read your review of the Pre Cleanse and it sounds good. I haven't tried any Dermalogica products yet but I'm interested in trying some. Another one that doesn't love the Shu Oil then! I found the RMK didn't remove my eye make up completely but then I always find I have to remove eye makeup separately. Although I don't wear waterproof liner and mascara, I use eye MU remover for waterproof stuff otherwise it doesn't shift. It's surprising that oils don't break it down though. x

  6. I know this is an old post but I've only recently started following and decided to check back through old posts of yours!

    I actually love the Shu oil! It's my favourite cleanser. Have been wanting to try the RMK oil for a while now but haven't managed to get a sample. Haven't yet read up on the ingredients either.

    If you haven't managed to get a hold of a Shu sample, I have a few 50ml sample bottles if you're still interested in trying it out.


  7. Hi Chrissy, I'm glad you're enjoying looking through my older posts :). The RMK is lovely and well worth seeing if you can get hold of a sample.

    I'd love to try the Shu oil if you can spare a sample. That would be great. Only as long as you're sure.
    Jane x

  8. Sorry, have only just checked back!

    No probs, just pop an address I can send it to in an email and send it to - I'll send you one asap.

    I've still got 3 bottles (got duty free happy) and my current one to get through so there's no sense in hanging on to the samples is there!



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