Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Nuxe Crème Merveillance: Final Thoughts


My pot of Crème Merveillance is coming to an end and I thought I'd take the opportunity to review it before it's gone.

I bought this on a recommendation from a forum. At the time it was on offer at but it's regular price is £32-36 so it's quite expensive. The cream is designed for use on visible expression lines and is recommended from 35 years onwards. I'm obviously just shy of 35 but I have plenty of, erm, expression lines.

The blurb:
Delivering intensive correcting action, NUXE Merveillance Visible Expression Line Crème for Normal Skin offers clinically proven effectiveness, helping decrease visible expression lines. The number, appearance & length of lines all appear reduced.

Discover precious benefits for your skin and visible results after just two months of using the NUXE Expression Line Cream for Normal Skin. An exceptional combination of 3 botanical ingredients works to deliver intense skin re-plumping action. Reinforced with althea root, the NUXE Visible Expression Line Cream instantly smoothes skin thanks to oak extract. Suitable for normal to dry skin and ideal for women from ages 35-40 with visible expression lines.

I really appreciate the lack of science-lite guff trying to explain how this works. I'm prone to getting twitchy at that sort of thing and I'm just happy to know it has proven results.

This cream has a nice texture and smells beautiful, more botanical than perfumed. When it first arrived I was applying morning and night. However, I found the cream a little too rich day wear. I also found a poor base for make up and it often reacted with foundation causing the emulsion to separate and ball up. I switched to using it at night only and this has worked much better for me.

Have I noticed and difference in my fine lines? Absolutely. My skin is a lot plumper and the lines, although they haven't disappeared, don't look as deep. I particularly noticed this on my forehead which looks a lot smoother.

I won't be repurchasing this for now. Not because it isn't an effective cream but because I want to try other products out to see how they compare.


  1. Thanks for posting this Jane. I have used NUXE in the past, and have been disappointed, I don't know whether it is the texture or the smell, but they just don't seem to suit my skin - probably because my skin is oilier than I care to admit to!!

  2. Hi! As I mentioned I can't wear this as a day cream. It says it's for normal to dry skin but I do find it quite rich. It's fab as a night cream though. For me, the problem brand is Nivea. I like the smell of their creams but I end up with such a greasy film I can't use them.
    Jane x


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