Monday, 30 August 2010

Bank Holiday Shopping Offers!

My Inbox is full of offers for shopping that end today. I thought I'd share them with you if you were in the mood for a spot of online retail therapy this Bank Holiday Monday! Most of the offers are for free shipping but I often find this the best kind of deal, particularly if you just want to buy one thing but can't justify it with the shipping costs. I've included links just for ease, none of them are affiliate links.

Bobbi Brown
Free standard delivery using the code BHTREAT

Complimentary standard delivery using FREESHIP

Free standard delivery using BANKBEAUTY

Free delivery using HQFST

Clinique Online
Free delivery with any purchases over £30 using the code BANK30

15% off using the code AWSTYLE15

I think all of these offers end at Midnight tonight (UK only). Happy Shopping!


  1. Thanks for the Zunetta code. I ordered way too much!

  2. oh I missed them! That is good in a way as I need to control my spending!

    I have tagged you in an award on my blog

    L xx

  3. You're welcome Clairey! I'd love to know what you ordered. :)

    Hi Lou! That's definitely the best way of saving money, not spending it ;). I hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend. Thank you for the award too xx


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