Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Guerlain Autumn Collection

UPDATE: You may have noticed that this collection still isn't available. I heard back from Guerlain HQ yesterday and have been told that it will be released on 4th September. It gives me a little longer to save up I suppose! The Lingerie de Peau foundation however was released on 7th August as previously mentioned.

I'm sure most of you have seen the beautiful quads that will be released as part of Guerlain's Champs Élysées Collection. I have spent rather a long time pouring over swatches trying to decide which one I will get. I say one, as these will retail for £51, gulp! There are some excellent photos and swatches on Yuki's Lazy Channel here.

At the moment, this is my short list.

Rue de Sevres 29

Rue de Passy 93

Champs Elysees 68

Rue de Passy is currently the favourite but I think I need to see these in person to make the final decision. Though I realise going to a counter will probably result in me wanting it all, all over again! I think the packaging and styling is just beautiful.

I called my local Guerlain counter to find out when this collection will be released and apparently it will be available from 7th August. I was also told that they will be releasing Lingerie de Peau, an 'Invisible Skin-fusion foundation' on the 7th as well. I was intrigued by this so did a little research. This is a little extract from the rather poetic blurb: 'The first rays of daylight, the softness of silk sheets, the caress of a negligee so fine that you could swear that it is at one with its wearer… '

The science behind the second skin formula is pretty mind boggling. They have created a 'Bio fusion micro-mesh', which is made up of a mesh of natural and synthetic polymers. Specifically, silk and linen fibres are combined with stretchy synthetic polymers that allow the natural fibres to be flexible and mold to the skin. The finish is demi-matte. I like the idea of it molding to the face like a second skin. I'm not sure about the 'fusing with the skin in total osmosis' part. Personally, I thought osmosis was the diffusion of water across membranes, I think they must have meant synergy (have I just turned into a science pedant?) but honestly, if it's going to give me flawless skin, I don't mind. I can't paraphrase the colour pigment technology but you can read more here. It looks like there will be a matching HD powder too. Lingerie de Peau will be priced £33.50 and will be available at Guerlain counters from Saturday.

So, will you be splashing out on any of the palettes? What do you think to the foundation? Are you a fan of Guerlain's products?


  1. the "champs elysées 68" seems interesting :D

    they're smart to give their palettes the names of the adresses of their local shops in paris, so people can remember where they are xD


  2. That foundation sounds nice, although I'd have to stand there and look through the ingredients, my Guerlain SA is quite nice though so might have a look.
    Well I have narrow the palettes down to Place Vendome and Rue de Sevres, I have however added Rouge G in Gillian and blush in 07 Caresse de l’Aube. Thanks for giving us the release down, its sooner than I thought. I think I'll go with Guerlain this month and leave Chanel fall till next month.

  3. Hi Lily, I like that they've given them names that mean something. Quite cunning that it helps you shop for them too ;).

    Hi Replica, I did have a look to see if the ingredients anywhere. I also spent lots of time pestering Guerlain people to get information. I'm extremely interested in the foundation (this fact finding business is an expensive pass time!).

    I think it's probably the right thing to do, to do the Guerlain shop first. The lady on the counter actually said it was available from 7th - 27th August. I was a bit flumoxed by this as I've never come across such finite end dates for a collection. I have got a Chanel post coming up soon and the date I was told for that release is August 13th. Of course I'm away when both are released on counter so I'm hoping things don't sellout before I can have a look!

    Jane x

  4. wow they do look pretty tempting!

  5. Hi!

    Well these eyeshadows are without question absolutely beautiful. I have however managed to talk myself out of them. I really love Rude du Sevre and Champs elysees but really, they are just neutral shadows with a blue. I have plenty of neutrals and thanks to Blue Dahlia, some lovely blues. I hear the shadows are beautiful quality but I think the ones I have are more than passable.

    The container design is out of this world, but I'd be spending £51 on a container really which I just can't justify even if it is the most beautiful make up I have ever seen in my life!

    If money was less of an issue I'd be snapping up one or two of these babies, but for me right now an unnecessary luxury.


  6. I'm not sure about the foundation, I'd really have to a counter and have a play. Sounds like lots of science behind it, so my mind boggles.

    The eyeshadows on the other hand, BEAUTIFUL....they colours look good and the textures look fab, even though its only via a computer screen. Rue de Passy is my fave, but at a price of £51....I suppose that's just over a tenner for each pan of colour...so I guess thats reasonable, especially as its Guerlain.

    Clearly as you can tell my heart, head and bank balance are very torn over this, I'd really have to go to a counter to see how hard I fall for it.

  7. Gorgeous palettes, but too expensive for my pocket - even though you get lots of shades there.

    Not sure about the foundation, what I NEED is something that removes bags, and that will only be surgery, not a foundation :-)

    Ali x

  8. Rue de Sevres 29 grabs me the most but then again I'm a sucker for aqua shadows. I actually wouldn't push any of them away ;O)

    The compacts are really over the top gorgeous!

    Love your blog!

  9. @Get Gawjus: I think the palettes are so pretty and such tempting colour combinations

    @Charlie: I hear you about the cost, I have to be really careful as my budget isn’t endless. I kept reminding myself when I went to London that I couldn’t get too much as I really want to buy from this collection and the Chanel release. I’d be really interested in a dupe look for one of palettes. :)

    @Bella Queen: Have you seen the pictures of me in science mode? I think this is why the foundation appeals. I’m also very keen on barely there kinds of foundation that make your skin look great without being obvious.

    The eyeshadows and the actual packaging is beautiful. If money were no object I could easily go for a few of them, but I will make my self be sensible!

    @Ali: I agree, they have definitely made a lot of effort with the packaging. It’s calling to my inner magpie! Hopefully the formulation chemists will come up with a ‘make me look fresh, awake and 10 years younger with zero effort’ foundation very soon. I’d happily be a fresh faced pauper for that. ;)

    @ jv: The shot of aqua in Rue de Sevres is gorgeous. I wouldn’t turn any of them down either! That’s what makes it so hard to choose one. Adding the compact design on top just makes it harder to resist. Thank you for the lovely comment too, you’ve made my day :D

    Jane x

  10. Oooh - I love the Rue de Sevres one. But £51 is eek money... Just too much, I think! x

  11. Yes, eek is definitely right!
    Jane x

  12. Really love the sound of the foundation anything that gives a more flawless look is great and worth the price.

    However the quads are just tooo much money for me! I don't think I could justify it ever. They are very beautiful though so I look forward to lusting after which ever one you pick :)

    Fee x

  13. Hi Fee! I'm hoping to try the foundation at the counter. I think with the palettes I need to do some set myself a challenge either so many from looks from the one palette or I could see if I could do a 'drugstore dupe' look. What do you think?
    Jane x


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