Thursday, 12 August 2010

Chanel Autumn ’10 update

Since I wrote my original post about the Chanel autumn collection, I’ve received a press release. I mentioned that there would be three new lipstick and three blushers. In actual fact there are two new Rouge Coco lipsticks: Chintz: a peach colour and Rose Dentelle: a soft pink. There will be three new Joues Contrast Powder Blush: Rose Temptation (LE), Pink Explosion and Plum Attraction.

Also as part of the collection there will be four glossimers. Pink Teaser: bright pink and gold, Rose Dilemma: pink and silver, Coral Love: apricot and gold and Petite Peche: peach and silver. I’m actually rather taken by the sound of the glosses as I’ve wanted to, but never tried, the Levres Scintillantes.

The Enigma quad will be priced £35, the Soft Touch Eyeshadows £19.50, the Rouge Coco lipsticks and £21.50 and the Joues Contraste £29.00. If you’re interested to know the prices of any other items in the collection let me know as I have a complete list.

Images provided by Chanel

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