Monday, 2 August 2010

July Favourites

I have been struggling to work out what my favourites have been this month, it's almost like the month has been split in half in terms of my make up use. For the first half of the month, as it was still very warm, most of my looks involved the same favourites I'd posted about in June. As the weather cooled slightly and once I got my hands on some of the Edward Bess collection, some new things found there way into my routine.


My Suqqu quad has been really useful these last couple of weeks. I've used this when I needed to put make up on on the run. The colours are great for producing quick but dramatic looks and the small brush inside is actually very good. This particularly handy as carrying round loads of brushes in your handbag is not practical!

As I mentioned above my Edward Bess lipsticks and creme blush have become fast favourites. They're such flattering colours and the formulas are great. I love lipsticks that don't dry your lips out and these have a very luxurious balm feel to them.

I can't remember if I've mentioned this in a favourites before, but I have been loving my Shu Uemura H9 brow pencil. This pencil is so easy to use for a brow pencil novice like me, you can build the colour up gradually and the lack of red tone make it a perfect shade. I've enjoyed giving my brows a more dramatic look and playing with the shape. It was an absolute essential after my hair dye blunder too.

My final mention has to be for the Mavala products I bought to get my nails in shape. I shall post an update soon but I've been really pleased with the results to far. My nails feel so much stronger and wearing nail varnish hasn't instantly caused them to peel. Result! Which reminds me OPI Dulce de Leche has to have a mention as I have worn this lots this month. It's such a pretty nude nail colour.

So, have you had any particular favourites this month? Have you got over the Summer make up lull yet?


  1. Good favourites! I realy need to try brow pencils! xx

  2. Nail polish looks so pretty!Lovely favs!

  3. @Mybutterfly65: You should give them a try. I'm so pleased with the Shu pencil. I'm hooked on doin my brows now!

    @Blushingloves: Thank you! I wished I'd picked up this polish sooner.

    @The BBB: The Mavala system is really good. I particularly like that it's not an everyday application.

    Jane x

  4. Nice post Jane, I always like people's favourites, and am desperate to try the Shu Uemura brow pencil.

  5. I'm currently using some Bobbi Brown eyeshadow on my brows because black is too heavy and brown is too red - so I mix a bit of grey powder in with some brown powder and it works.

    But really must invest in a good brow pencil!

    Ali x

  6. I was using MAC Omega eyeshadow on my brows before which was good colour wise but the Shu pencil is so much easier. I've become more daring with it as time has gone on. It's going to last forever as well as I'm yet to sharpen it! Bonus.
    Jane x

  7. Thanks Jan, I hope you can get your hands on the pencil (as I say you can ring and do it as mail order if it's easier). I can highly recommend it x

  8. I am always on the look out for a good brow pencil and the Shu Uemura pencil sounds perfect - especially not having that red tone to it.
    You have actually convinced me to try this!

    Also Mavala products always seem to work well- however at the moment the only thing I use to keep my nails strong is one of them 4 sided nail blocks that remove ridges and buff the nails! It seems to keep them looking good and strong. Also as cheap as 99p!

    Fee x

    Always enjoy reading your favourites.

  9. I really do recommend the brow pencil. I think the praise it gets is well deserved. I had a couple of go's with rimmel pencils and they looked wrong. The Seal Brown is such a great colour.

    I've been very impressed with the Mavala. Your block sounds great and what a fantastic bargain!
    Jane x


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