Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Becca Crème Blush in Turkish Rose

I have wanted to try Becca Crème blushers for a number of years, they've long been appearing in magazines as must haves and I wanted to know what I was missing. Having never seen the range in person, the only tricky thing was choosing the colour. I had studied various swatches and wondered if Amaryllis might be the one for me but I was warned this would give quite a bright look whereas I was after something more natural (you don't say!). In the end I went for Turkish Rose and it's just what I was hoping for.

It's muted rosy colour which leans slightly brown. It reminds me a little of Edward Bess After Sunset, though from memory I think After Sunset is a touch darker. The texture is lovely and blends easily. It doesn't look or feel greasy and I'm not aware of it sitting on my skin. It's not so dry that it's impossible to blend either. It adds just enough sheen to impart a healthy look to the skin. I apply it using my fingers rather than a brush and I find it gives a nice definition to my cheeks. I think it would be hard to go overboard with this colour.

One thing I was a little surprised about was the size of the blusher. I'd seen many pictures of the packaging before but I don't think I had ever seen a shot that put their size in to perspective. So, here it is compared to a MAC blusher. It's probably a similar size to my Edward Bess Compact Rouge and the same sort of diameter as the MAC Mega Metals eyeshadows. The size does make it very handy for popping in your handbag and cream blusher is always my preference for on the go makeup.

This is Turkish Rose applied to bare skin (it works well over foundation too). I seem to have developed a bit of a thing for cream cheek products over the past year. I have a Stila Convertible colour, Illamasqua cream blush, two Edward Bess Compact Rouge as well as a Becca Beach Tint, which admittedly is a bit more like a gel in texture. I will certainly be looking in to another shade, I think a visit to a counter or the boutique in London might be in order!

Edit: I was helped to find my perfect shade by the lovely girls on the Becca London twitter account. They're always happy to answer any queries you might have and offer advice on shades and products. Today they tweeted about a 25% discount on products that are due to be discontinued so it's a great way to keep up with Becca news too.

I bought Turkish Rose from www.zuneta.com who stock all the shades apart from Terracotta. They cost £22 each.


  1. It looks great on you! And I have become a wild Becca devotee. I wasn't even a cream blush fan until theirs came along.

  2. That looks really nice on you, I would love to try out some products from Becca but they are quite difficult to get hold of here!

    Charlene xxxx
    A Cosmetic Affair

  3. Hi Karla and thank you! I have looked at your Becca blush swatches many times. I'm late to discover the brand really but I've liked everything I have tried so far. I see more Becca in my future!

    Hi Charlene. It is hard to get hold of but there are a few really reputable sites that stock it. It's worth giving it a try, even without seeing things in person. I've been very pleased with the items I have tried.

    Jane x

  4. That looks really pretty on you, that does seem to be one of the most popular shades of their creme blushers. You know I still haven't seen anything about their spring release, seems a bit odd? x

  5. That looks lovely on you. I am slowly dipping my toe into more creme blushes, I now have 2! I do like the few Becca products I have but haven't tried their creme blushes or beach tints yet.

  6. I have Amaryllis and it's really lovely. But this one looks nice on you. I want to buy their Lip & Cheek Crème now but am not sure about the shade yet.

  7. This colour looks beautiful on you! I really like the Beach Tint that I have, will need to "investigate" the cream blushes as well. Btw, how would you recommend the Becca Creme Blush to the Stila Convertible Colours? It seems that the Becca is not as dewy and creamy? x Klara

  8. That colour's great on you, Jane. It looks quite boring in the tin and rather brown in the swatch, but lovely on the face, aquiring a tint of rosiness.

    I think I'm developing a thing for cream blushes too, now owning Mac's creamblend in poesy, Nars multiple and Stila convertible. Never really paid attention to Becca before since I've only seen it online and it was in my mind that it'd be very expensive, but at £22, I may just have to check it out!

    Cassie x

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  9. Shamefully I only own one Becca product, and your post reminds me that I need to try more!

  10. Gosh that looks so good on you. Glowy and rosy.

    I don't mind the smaller size- I hardly ever finish blushes, and because this is a cream product it will probably go rancid after 2yrs anyhow.

  11. Hello!

    This loooks lovely on you.

    I dug out my Becca Creme Blush t'other day. The shade is Amaryllis. I have to say that compared to all my other cream blushes (I am obsessed) these are certainly the most pigmented. Perhaps it is because my cheeks are on the dry side but at times I find mine a little hard to blend.

  12. @Replica: I haven’t heard anything about their Spring Summer release either. It seems a little late on doesn’t it? I think all the other collections are out now. I can’t really remember if others have been significantly later in the past.

    @Meeta: The beach tints are pretty but I can definitely feel them on my skin all day. I think it must be due to their waterproof nature. I suppose which one you would enjoy most probably depends on your skin type. Both are well worth investigating. I’m really tempted to try more things from Becca.

    @Maria: There are some really pretty shades in the Lip & Cheek crèmes, I have looked at swatches in the past alongside these. I would be interested to hear how they differ in terms on the texture.

    @Klara: Strangely I was going to say that I think my Stila is drier but after reading Old Cow’s comment I wonder if the texture of crème product does change a bit over time? I have Orchid Convertible Colour though so it might just be it’s hard to see the dewy nature of such a dark colour? I’ll have to go and get both out and have a play!

    @Cassie: Thank you. I do often pick out colours that look a bit blah in the pan! I’m really interested in trying the cremeblends from MAC. I didn’t get on with their old formula so I’m keen to see if I will like these better.

    @Dempss: What a scandal ;). I don’t suppose it’s any cheaper in Australia is it? I have been very impressed with everything I have tried.

    @Jen W: I agree, I was shocked by the size but it’s really no bad thing as I will probably never hit pan on any of these things! It makes it very practically for carrying it around too.

    @Old Cow: Good to know I’m not alone in this obsession! I find the consistency quite creamy at the moment but I wonder if it might change over time or if there’s a little variation between shades? If you like crèmes my I suggest you have a look at the Edward Bess Compact Rouge, they are an amazing texture.

    Jane x

  13. I am just dipping my finger into cream blushes and your review was perfect timing. I love Becca but it's difficult to find in the states. My HG Becca is the Luminous Skin Color. I may have to order Hyacinth from faith (& an internet swatch). Again, you wear simply beautiful lip colors.

  14. Really lovely on you Jane!
    I have three of these little beauties and I think they are excellent quality. And, as a bonus, they are nice used on lips as well (something that I could never get my Nars multiples to do!).
    As an aside, thank God for my beauty-blogging friends...doing the blog rounds is the only time of the day that I actually come up for some air and a change of ideas :)
    Nina x

  15. That's a lovely shade Jane, so easy to wear!!!
    I've been meaning to try these ones for ages as well, perhaps I might take the plunge soon enough!
    Love the finish and intensity of the colour on these photos!!!

  16. I wish I could wear creme blushers as they come in so many different shades but my pores are huge and it just doesn't work. I've tried cheek gels too like Benetint and it looks awful.

    I shall have to live vicariously through you and your creamy cheeks!


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