Sunday, 6 March 2011

Filthy Gorgeous Nail Polish

When I visited Filthy Gorgeous in Debenhams late last year, it was mentioned that a range of nail polishes would be released in 2011. I really enjoyed my Filthy Gorgeous experience, so when I was asked if I would like to give them a try I was very keen. 

The nail polishes are described as -

'A professional quality, high-performance formula with exceptional durability and maximum protection. Properly balanced with resin, plasticizer and nitrocellulose to provide a durable film that offers initial high-gloss and shine retention, these polishes are Toluene and DBP free. 

A carefully balanced blend of film formers resists water and detergent and UV absorbers help to maintain colour fidelity and durability.'

I was particularly interested to try them out as my frequent handwashing and habit of doing the washing up minus gloves tends not to be very manicure friendly

I was sent Tu-Tu Much, Satchel and Blah. Satchel was an immediate hit, it's a milk chocolate taupe with a tiny hint of mauve. I found it applied well and I got good coverage from the first coat. This particular shade lived up to the promises of being water and detergent resistant and stood up to several rounds of brutal washing up and handwashing.

Satchel and Blah

I was less impressed with Blah which I used as an accent nail. Lime green isn't a colour I would naturally choose. It was really interesting applying this at the same time as the other polish as it highlighted the differences in formula and coverage. Blah is quite a thin, runny consistency and gave a streaky coverage with the first coat. It was much better after a second coat (as seen in the photos) but I think it might have benefited from a third. Despite the unusual colour I think it might make quite a fun multi-coloured pedicure for the summer.

My surprise favourite of the bunch has to be the bright, hot pink Tu-Tu Much. This formula was easy to apply, like Satchel, with no streakiness and again lasted well through my terrible nail abuse! The colour is really bright and summery. I actually found it tricky to photograph as in my natural light pictures it appeared as a neon coral. I have only shared the flash photographs as this show the colour most accurately.

Tu-Tu Much

These nail polishes are available online from the Debenhams website as well as the Filthy Gorgeous apothecaries in London and Glasgow. I was a little surprised at their £9 price point which makes them similarly priced to OPI. The formula was good for two of the three polishes that I tried but I think the bottle itself isn't the standard I would expect for a professional quality nail polish. The handle and brush are both a little narrow and make neat application harder work. I would also agree with Helen 'Just Nice Things' observation that the styling would appeal more to a younger shopper yet the price is pitched at an older audience.

The polishes are currently in the 10% sale on the Debenhams website (£8.10 instead of £9). It's also worth pointing out that a couple of the nail sets containing four polishes are on sale for £12.50 instead of £25 which is a really good saving.

As a slight aside, these bottles were really popular with my children and I had difficulty wrestling them off them as you can see here. It seems I'm creating my own little cosmetic junkies!

Even at one, it's clear that Miss MB has an eye for pink!

Disclosure: These items were sent to me without cost for review purposes.


  1. I've been interested in trying these out but my local Debenham's doesn't have a FG stand =|. Narrow brush = bad application and I'm naff at painting nails anyway Lol!! Thanks for sharing, might give these a miss!!

    Love J.

  2. I like Satchel - lots! Was just looking at the sets on the Debenehams website, but they don't seem to tell you what shades are included in the set itself. Think I'll have a look in-store before I order. Thanks for the heads up though Jane x

  3. Blah and Tu-Tu Much are pretty, I feel like I've seen Satchel 1000 times before, though! I'm never in Debenhams, but might give these a look :)

  4. Hi Bon Vivant, the brush isn't terrible but I would prefer one of the pro wide style brushes as it just makes it that much easier. I'm not sure that they will have stands in Debenhams generally or whether it's just online only.

    Hi Leanne. Satchel is very nice, I was quite taken with Tu Tu though. I don't really have any bright pinks so it makes a real change for me.

    Hi BBH! It's quite true Satchel is not really a unique colour these days. I do have a couple of similar colours. I'm quite tempted to give myself a pedi with Illamasqua Gamma and Blah!

    Jane x

  5. The bottle is so cute! And I love the lace design... wow!

  6. Blah is the exact shade of nail varnish to go with my new lime green and black top I was supposed to be wearing on sat eve, my new found colour love has started to creep into my wardrobe now too! sadly just as we were about to leave the power went off and as guest house was full we couldnt leave them all wombling round in the dark so had to cancel plans! Am going to hunt down a lime green polish to wear next time I get a chance to wear my new top! Satchel is lovely but the pink is nicest on you, agree re pricing and pitching though!


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