Monday, 28 March 2011

Hand Creams Part II

Although the sun keeps putting in an appearance and Winter is behind us, I'm still finding I'm in need of a regular application of hand cream. I think it's the combination of being outside a lot and the frequent hand washing that comes with looking after small children that ravages my skin. I thought I would give an overview of some I have been using and liking recently.

Best for Maintenance - All for Eve Hand Cream (£7.50)
This is another item that I got as part of my TSV order from QVC. This sits in the kitchen and is used by both my husband and I. It has a lovely fresh fragrance and sinks in easily. I reach for this one when my hands are in good condition, I don't find it heavy duty enough for when my hands are chapped and dry but it's good for everyday use. I particularly like the shape of the packaging too.

Best for Luxury - Dr. Hauschka Hand Cream (£12.77)
I was sent a tube of this by a very lovely blogger after I tried hers and loved it. When I refer to this as being luxurious, it's because of the lovely texture of the cream. It's very moisturising without feeling heavy which is exactly what I'm after. I have a heavy body butter type cream which I use at night but it's too greasy for the day, unless I wear cotton gloves and frankly who wants to do that in the daytime? This is perfect for really soothing and nourishing without leaving me incapable of using my hands.

Best for Repair - Alva Stressed Hands Cream (£7.70)
I was very kindly sent this to try by Alva after they heard about my troubled hands. This cream is excellent for soothing dry, chapped hands. It does have an unusual scent, it's slightly medicinal as well as being quite citrussy. It contains avocado oil, marigold extract and camomile which I think accounts for the moisturising and soothing properties. The other plus is that it's fairly unisex, great for the man in your life if, like mine, they get chapped hands too.

Best for Ladylike Fragrance - The Body Shop Vitamin E Hand and Nail Cream (£8)
This is the most recent acquisition and was a gift from my children for my birthday. It has a nice feel, sinks in easily and my favourite thing is the scent. Oddly, I can't smell it immediately but after it sinks in to my skin I pick up the lovely rosy smell (it contains rose hip oil and geraniol) and I can't stop sniffing my hands.

Have you tried any of these? Do you find dry hands are a year round battle or are yours recovering now that winter is over? 


  1. I LOVE hand creams so thanks for the post. My personal latest love is Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula concentrated hand cream, it's great! x

  2. I have dry hands year round, not so bad in summer than winter but still bad enough. I inherited it from my mother. I find it very hard to find handcreams that work for me and dont leave my hands a grease streak.

    Currently loving dream cream from Lush and simples derma range handcream.

  3. I have found my absolute hg hand cream - L'Occitane Rose 4Reines. It has the most gorgeous rose fragrance and leaves my hands feeling really soft, it soaks in brilliantly and isn't greasy at all. Wanted the Rose 4 Reines edt and shower gel for Mothers Day, til entire family said they don't really like the very strong rose scent of the hand cream. plebs. ! xx

  4. Thanks for this review, really need to find a good hand cream, this winter my hands have gotten too much dry :(

  5. My hands are dry all year round so this post is very useful. I bought the Aveeno one after reading about it on your first post and it is lovely although I have quite a few others on the go at the moment too.

  6. My hand dryness seems to be getting worse the older I get, that Alva sounds good, don't think I have heard of them before. I think I might try one of those Cochine Hand & Body Lotions next at Zuneta.
    I got that YSL palette at the weekend we were talking about btw x

  7. I'd been curious about the Bodyshop Vitamin E hand cream, but it doesn't sound like it would be hardcore enough for me! My hands are still dry from Winter, so the Alva one sounds especially appealing right now...

  8. I have dry hands all year round. I'm a big fan of handcream - I love Lush Smitten (resigned to their online only Retro range now!) and Lush Lemony Flutter. I'm currently trying out their Coco-lotion too and it's going pretty well.

    I wouldn't be without Solar Oil and Jo Malone Vitamin E Gel for extreme dry skin emergencies though, I like to use the Vit E Gel at night too, it's so intense!

    I haven't tried any of your suggestions, though I'm tempted by the Dr Hauschka one :-)


  9. @Marina: I’m glad I’m not alone in my hand cream fascination. Another one I really like is the Aveeno hand cream.

    @Ms Red: I really like Dream Cream, it’s actually the only Lush product I’ve ever used. I can’t be doing with greasy hands either!

    @Debbie: The L’Occitane sounds lovely. What a shame about your planned Mother’s Day present. I don’t suppose they’ll relent if they don’t like the smell!

    @Charlene: I’m sorry to hear your hands have been suffering too x

    @Meeta: I still really rate the Aveeno. When mine ran out I sent my husband out to get a new one and he came back with body cream. I swear he makes these mistakes on purpose so I stop asking!

    @Replica: I look forward to hearing what you think to the YSL palette! The Cochine stuff looks lovely, the diffusers really caught my eye. I’ve tried a few Alva products now, it’s quite unfussy but I get on well with it. My favourite so far has been the Sanddorn Cleanser.

    @Beauty’s Bad Habit: I don’t think the Vitamin E would be great for really dry hands on it’s own. The Alva one would be worth investigating. From memory they do a mini/travel size so you can give a try to see if it’ll work for you.

    @Clever Rabbit: I suspect you would really enjoy the Dr. Hauschka cream. I’m intrigued by all the products you’ve mentioned. The Jo Malone sounds particularly nice!

    Jane x


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