Monday, 21 March 2011

Chantecaille Sea Turtles Applied

As I mentioned in the swatch post, I'm not absolutely sure that all of the colours in this palette work for me when applied as an ensemble. On my eyelid, the base colour appears to be quite a yellow gold rather than a beige. It's not awful but I'm not convinced that it looks terribly flattering (on my colouring) when applied with the brown. It's possible that changing the placement might help too, so far I have only tried the brown as a crease colour as opposed to a lid colour.

Zinnia Lip Chic

Fresco lipstick

Today, I swapped the base colour from the palette for MAC Brule eyeshadow which I applied from lash line to above the crease. I did add a tiny bit of the base colour in the inner corner. I think this is maybe a little too muted though. I think being more adventurous with the placement of the brown and the green will be my next move.

With MAC Brule eyeshadow and Guerlain Beige Nude lipstick

So far I've tried three lipsticks with this palette; Chantecaille Lip Chic in Zinnia, Hourglass Femme Rouge in Fresco and Guerlain Kiss Kiss Beige Nude. I think the one that works best is the Guerlain Beige Nude (above) as it doesn't seem to complete with the other colours.

One thing I do really love in this palette is the cheek colour. I know it has been compared to NARS Orgasm, a colour that I have never owned nor wanted to, so I'm surprised by how much I like it. There's a gold shimmer through it but it's not overpowering which I really like.

So, what do you think? I know it's not my best effort and I would be interested to hear how you would work it.


  1. I think the Zinnia Lip Chic with the blush looks delish! For my money I would have played up the green more on your eyes with those 2 and I think that would have been killer! I would maybe have put a soft shimmery nude colour (or MAC Brule maybe!) all over lid and then used the green on the outside v and into crease as in the top photo I think the green used as a liner really pulls out the green of your eye. But as you know I have no clue what I am on about it just seems right in my head, reality might be somewhat different!x

  2. I think you've done really well! :) I'm terrible when it comes to palettes. I end up just layering on colour after colour even if they don't all go then ends up going a bit Pat Butcher! lol I probably would have gone quite heavy with the brown and green and then used the base colour on the inner corner!

  3. @Debbie: I think the green is a lovely colour but I dithered over applying in the crease as I wasn't sure how it would blend. I think it could be patchy but I have to give it a try. Brule is satin so no shimmer, the iridescent beige shu eyeshadow was a washout so I think I'm still minus a shimmery cream/beige. I might see how Next to Nothing works. More playing around is required here!

    I think you're right about the blusher and Zinnia going well. I will use them together again with a different eye look.

    @Ms. Wedgie: I'm going to have to give it a go. The brown could be too warm on me but it's time to venture out of comfort zone and try it. I fear the accidental Pat Butcher and a social freeze out on the school run! I might have a play post pick up.

    Jane x

  4. i actually prefer the look when paired with zinnia lip chic over the other two lip colours :)

  5. I do like it on you and think it looks soft and pretty, but I am feeling you think it a tad to warm with the base and brown and that makes me know it won't work 100% on me. If I had that I think I'd put the base shade in the inner corner of eyes only, brown on main lid and green on outer V and crease, I would then tighline/line with a matte black for extra definition and to break up the warmth of the brown.
    Could it be you have saved me money, I sit here aghast ;P xx

  6. Hi Pippa. That's interesting. I do really like Zinnia and I think it works well with the blusher but I wasn't sure it worked with the eyeshadow as well.

    Hi Replica, yes I do think a bit too warm on me. The base colour isn't as wrong as the IR beige Shu but it's not far off. Thanks for your application suggestions. I do think you can skip it, I think this may also be a first for us this way round! I have a way to go to make it up to you ;) x

    Jane x

  7. Thank you for adding the names of the lip colors. You wear lovely colors that always make the look. Now I can mimic the look w/out emailing you endless questions.

  8. I really like the Zinnia lip chic on you, too. Maybe you could try using a darker base (cream eyeshadow or pencil) under the eyeshadows, it would probably make the shadows deeper and might bring out the green a bit more. x Klara

  9. Hi DRTVrMoi: I'm pleased that adding the names was helpful. Never worry about asking or emailing about the colours though, I am always happy help with any further information. It's lovely to know that you enjoy my choice of colours.

    Hi Klara, I think you're right that a darker base would work. I also have a couple of green liners which I could use to accentuate the green. I really like Zinnia too, I'm interested to try these new Poppy King lipsticks to see how they compare to the Lip Chics.

    Jane x


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