Sunday, 13 March 2011

Toxic Nature: Swatches of Delirium, Emerge and Gamma

Here are the pictures and swatches of Delirium, Emerge and Gamma as promised.

Emerge, Gamma and Delirium

Delirium - Rosy Taupe

Delirium is a matte rosy taupe and I have already posted an eye look using this colour as a base. I imagine I will use it quite a bit this way as I like the effect it creates with a taupe wash over the top. This colour also works well on cheeks. I can't pull this off on my lips as it makes me look a bit too cyanotic but I was surprised by how good the coverage was when applied to the lips.

Emerge - Peach

Emerge is a peach colour. This can be used as a cream blusher but I think it suits a more tanned skin than mine. It can also be used to brighten dark circle. I had a go at this myself on my undereye area but found I couldn't achieve a well blended finish with my fingers. I think a brush would be best for this kind of application. I used it on my eye above the crease (as per the Into The Palette tutorial) and found it very brightening. On my lips, this acts a bit like concealer to blot out my natural colour. I think if you are more adventurous you could experiment mixing this pigment with other colours to interesting effect.

L - Delirium, R - Emerge
With flash

The finish of the cream pigments is matte but they feel comfortable and creamy to apply and wear, with no hint of chalkiness. As I reported in the eye look post, I did experience some creasing when I used Delirium as an eye base.

I had wondered whether Emerge might be similar to Illamasqua Rude Cream blusher which I already own. As soon as I opened Rude, I realised I had been wrong to think they were alike. Emerge is much lighter in comparison and obviously peach to Rude's coral. I think the swatch also demonstrates the matte texture of the cream pigments.

L - Emerge, R - Rude Cream Blusher
R - Rude, L - Emerge


Gamma nail polish is a neon orange. I wasn't really sure how this would look on my nails. As it turns out it entirely depends on the lighting conditions. In bright sunlight, it looks great but in overcast light, it brings out the red in my hands. This one will be best reserved for the summer months for me I think. This was my first experience of an Illamasqua nail varnish. I'm not sure it is the best example to start with though as I found the coverage was a little patchy, even after two coats. I have a feeling it's because of the neon colour as I had similar problems with the FG Blah lime green I posted about here. I don't think it will put me off my lust for Bacterium!

The Toxic Nature collection is available now from the Illamasqua website and will be out on counters from 17th March. I'm not sure yet when it will appear on ASOS and Debenhams.

Edit: Ingredients list for Cream Pigments

Disclosure: The products shown were those I received in my event bag.


  1. All of these swatches of 'Emerge' are making me want to buy it so badly :S I love peach blush, especially paired with a golden highlight. I hope these stick around until October so I can cheekily add them to my birthday wishlist!

  2. Great swatches! I love the nail polish x

  3. I am loving the neon orange nails! Neon and orange are both big trends in the US right now, love, love, love it!

  4. I love the look of Delirium! It's one of those shades that I absolutely cannot make work for me, but I like them so much that I will still buy them and make a (futile) effort...go figure lol
    Nina x

  5. I looove Illamasqua nail polish, and that one is super-bright! The cream pigments look amazing too and I am intrigued about using Emerge for the undereye. I can't wait till this hits counters, this looks to be the most exciting collection yet for this year.

  6. Having seen these in the flesh yest I have to say Delirium is more wearable than I had imagined, I think if you are pale skinned then as you said on your earlier post it is the same shade as your natural skin shadows. That said I think you would need navy blue staining under your eyes to necessitate the use of that scary peach stuff, your 2nd pic with flash is much more how it looked to me in the flesh! Neon orange nails looks stunning on you but if you dont think you can deal with them on fingers they would make a stunning summer pedi! x

  7. I have the polish and i love it. I am tanned at the moment though ( well fake ha ) i think it looks good on you though xx

  8. wasnt sure about this collection when i first seen it but after seeing the swatches on peoples blogs i really starting to like it xox.

  9. Emerge looks awesome, can't wait to get my hands on it :D

  10. Thanks for these, I keep pairing down my Illamasqua TN list then adding more to it, guess I should stop faffing about and just order really! I have a few of their nail polishes and would say they apply really well so think as you say might be due to the colour, I wouldn't let it put you off trying other shades from their line up x

  11. @Beauty’s Bad Habit: I think Emerge would be a good choice for you as I think that you could use of it as a lip colour too (and use it to mix with other colours). I have noticed that items from their collections don’t disappear at the speed of say MAC so fingers crossed.

    @SweetLikeJelly: Thank you!

    @GABY: Thank you! It’ll look great in the Summer I think

    @Jenn S: This nail colour is going to do down a storm in then! It really is super bright and looks fantastic in bright light.

    @Nina: I know what you mean about persisting with things you know won’t work. Nude lips anyone? I do think Delirium is my favourite of these creams.

    @Meeta: I wished that the collection had been out yesterday as I would have popped into the Beak St. store when I went for my hair doing. I really want Bacterium.

    @Debbie: I agree, Gamma is going to be on my toes this summer for sure. Although not the purpose we’re after on beauty blogs, I think you could use the cream pigments to make some cracking bruise special effects!

    @nicoletta: I bet it looked amazing against tanned skin. It’s such a vibrant orange.

    @Steph: I think with the mixture of pastels, neutrals and the statement lipsticks, I think there’s bound to be at least one thing to appeal to everyone. Do you have a counter near you? If so, I would recommend going and having a look in person.

    @Jadegrrrl: I think you could totally rock Emerge as a blusher. I look forward to seeing how you get on with it.

    @Replica: I think you’re right and that it’s the colour that’s done it. Too many people that I really trust have said their polishes are great. I won’t let it put me off, I promise ;). Have you placed an order yet?

    Thanks for all of your comments x

  12. Oi, that is one blinding neon!!! :)
    I love how it looks-perfect for summer, like you said, but Bacterium has my heart! Lol!

    As for the formula, perhaps it behaves that way because it's a neon..?



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