Tuesday, 1 March 2011

OPI Extravagance DS

I have been admiring swatches of this particular nail varnish for a very long time. I think I first spotted it on Scrangie in 2008 but by the time I decided to order it, I couldn't find it anywhere. So, when I spotted this on Just Nice Things blog sale, I knew I wasn't going to miss my chance!

This is such a stunning polish, it's a rich plum purple packed with shimmer. It was part of the OPI Designer Series and I believe they are holographic. Whilst I'm not sure this is truly what I would describe as holographic, the shimmery effect is amazing and it's not gritty or tricky to remove like a traditional glitter polish.

Although nothing lasts terribly well on my nails, I found this quite hard wearing and I didn't experience significant chipping until the second day of wear. Something of a miracle for me. On normal nails I imagine this would last very well.

I assumed it would be hard to get hold of this colour now but I found it on BeautyBay for £16.75. It's obviously more expensive than a regular OPI polish and puts it at a similar price point to Chanel and Dior polishes. I do think this is just as pretty as any Chanel that I've owned. I can't deny that I struggle to justify the cost with the expensive polishes, probably because nothing last terribly well on my nails. Really that is the subject of whole other post though so I'll leave it there!

Bottom line: Gorgeous polish and it was well worth the wait.


  1. It's totally worth the price- wow! :D

  2. That is a beautiful polish! You'vew applied it so professionally too!

  3. It looks lovely on you and your nails are looking in good nick so something must be working for you?

  4. I really love this shade. I'm not normally into sparkles but this is just the right side of subtle. Jealous!


  5. Gorgeous! Your nails are looking better! What are you using now? x jeanie

  6. Ive got nail polish envy... thats a gorgeous colour.

  7. This looks great with your skin tone! I really like the OPI DS polishes. :)

  8. Such a pretty colour - I used to not be a fan of purples but now it is my uniform colour and you know what it is purple all the way for me. Very lovely. Agree that nails are looking not half bad at all. Jan x

  9. @Ki: It is lovely and with something quite unique I think the price is easier to justify. I’m very pleased I managed to snag it in the blog sale!

    @Dempss01: Why thank you! I find the OPI brushes help a lot with my application.

    @Debbie: My nails are still quite bad under the polish unfortunately. They always look so much better with polish covering them up! At the moment I’m using the Solar Oil and the vitamins. I’ve gone back to my habit of using the Nail Envy as a base coat too. I don’t think it does anything to help but I’m almost superstitious that if I don’t, it’ll make things worse!

    @LBQ: Thank you missus! I’m not a big glittery gal, as I’m sure you know but I think this is lovely.

    @Jeanie: Thank you, I’m so pleased I finally got my hands on this colour! I’m using the Solar Oil and also the ‘hair and nails’ vitamins. They are still quite shabby under the polish but as the polish isn’t making them worse, I may as well cover them up and make them look nice!

    @SultryRed: Thank you, I think it’s a really special colour.

    @Makeup Magpie: Thank you, there are a few others that I like the look of, do you own any to tempt me with?

    @Jan: Thank you, I do have a real thing for purple. Randomly, I remember hearing once that being drawn to the colour purple is a sign of sexual frustration. I don’t know someone worked that out but there you go! Got help a psychologist trying to make an evaluation on me based on my taste in colours!

    Jane x

  10. So pretty, I could stare at that longer than I should do, on the list is goes ;) x

  11. I really struggled to narrow the pictures down. It's very pretty x


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