Monday, 7 March 2011

The Bluebeard's Revenge Shaving Cream

One of my first brushes* with Bluebeard's Revenge was this video with Sacha Harding in a shave off challenge. Intrigued, I originally looked into the shaving cream for my other half. For some reason he got it into his head that it was some sort of depilatory cream and won't touch it (he claimed the shaving brush fairly quickly though) so I decided I would give it a try myself.

I have to admit that I haven't used cream or gel for shaving my legs for years. My days of luxurious baths are firmly over and I find it can be a faff to use product in the shower as it tends to rinse straight off. This cream is no exception so I have to switch the shower off whilst I do my legs. The upside is it does produce a lovely creamy lather which makes shaving more comfortable. It has a not unpleasant scent too, very much like other traditional shaving creams. It's a slightly powdery, talc-like scent and whilst it's masculine, it's not overly so.

I've been using it for a few weeks now. I do tend to be a little erratic in my shaving (should I be admitting this?) however, I have noticed a slowing of re-growth. I shaved my legs yesterday and they still feel smooth today. However, immediately after shaving the skin on my legs and on the hand I apply it with feels a little strange. It's not quite dry but it feels slightly textured and not quite smooth. I'm presuming this is to do with the active ingredient used to retard the hair growth.

I have rather enjoyed using a a cream for shaving, I'm not sure I'm totally converted but it does make shaving feel more like a ritual rather than a chore. You can find out more information about the cream and the science behind it on their website, there's also a list of their stockists which includes The Shaving Shack and Amazon. The shaving cream costs £14.99 for 180ml which isn't cheap but as it is a big pot and a little goes a long way, it should last a long time. If your chap is of a less suspicious nature than mine, you might even be able to share it. Just don't tell anyone I said so!

Disclosure: This product was sent without cost for review purposes. * That pun was mostly intentional.


  1. Oh's Monday and this post just reminded me that I need to shave my legs (not that I shave them every Monday you understand, it's just that the thought compiled to the misery of it being Monday).
    I well and truly loathe shaving, but anything that might make the whole experience less aggravating is worth thanks for this.
    Nina x

  2. I've seen this product on quite some blogs and it looks interesting and so different from the usual and boring shaving gels! Great review x

  3. Hi Nina, I hope the writing is going well? It's funny you mentioned your Monday loathing. I very nearly started this post with a Monday rant, I'm not a fan either. Anything that makes the chores less arduous has to be a good thing!

    Hi Gaby! I like their tongue in cheek style and it's quite different to try a more tradition cream. I'm glad you enjoyed the review.

    Jane x


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