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Kebelo System Hair Treatmemt

When I was invited along to Four London to try out the new Kebelo System smoothing treatment last week, it would fair to say that I jumped at the chance. After my recent disastrous haircut, I thought this could be the perfect disguise for 'the mushroom' whilst I grow out the layers.

The 'mushroom'

One of the things that really interested me about the Kebelo system is that it doesn't contain formaldehyde or keratin unlike many other smoothing treatments, instead the formula is rich in botanical proteins and amino acids. I am aware that the use of formaldehydes in these treatments is becoming a bit of a contentious issue especially as the percentages seems to vary wildly between brands and it doesn't appear to be properly regulated. When proper safety precautions aren't adhered to (such as ensuring a room is properly ventilated) this puts both clients and hairdressers at risk.


Before the treatment there is an initial consultation where your hair type is assessed and you are able to discuss what you hope to achieve from the treatment. I had the great pleasure of having my treatment done my Aeron Beckett, Technical Director and Stylist for Kebelo. Aeron discussed the different stages of the treatment including how long each would take. There was also a visual breakdown of the stages (which you can see behind my head in the picture below) so that you know what to expect. The treatment takes around two and half hours altogether depending on your hair type. 


The first stage in the process is preparing the hair for treatment. The Kebelo Clarifying shampoo was lovely, it cleansed and prepared the hair without tangling. A relief if, like me, your hair breaks easily when knotted. After my hair was washed, it was rough dried, sectioned and the treatment applied to my hair in small sections. The treatment comes in individual tubes for each client. I am told they can be kept so that you could return to have a particularly stubborn area 'topped up'. Once the treatment had been applied, my hair was rough dried, sectioned and the treatment heat sealed with straighteners. Unlike many other smoothing treatments, this doesn't need to be left on the hair for three days. Once it has been heat sealed, the hair is ready to wash and blow dry. I was particularly impressed with this as it means that you can enjoy the benefits immediately.

I was amazed at how shiny and smooth my hair looked as Aeron was blow-drying. It worked wonders on the awful layers and got rid of the mushrooming effect. The treatment can lift the hair colour a bit so it is recommended that you wait for a week or two afterwards to colour. The lifting actually helped remove a bit more of the dark dye that remained in my hair and was a welcome side-effect. I love the way that Aeron styled my hair on the day and he very kindly evened up the 'step' in the layers across my face.


I left the salon with gorgeous, glossy hair and a box with my prescribed aftercare products. There are two different aftercare sets, Revitalising and Enriching. I received the Enriching system as my hair and scalp has tendency to dryness. Both sets include a shampoo, conditioner and weekly masque (they're all SLS free). I haven't used the masque yet but I can report that the shampoo and conditioner are really lovely to use.

Of course, we reach the crucial bit. How did I find it once I washed my hair at home? Again, this is where the Kebelo system differs to the keratin treatment I had previously. My hair is not poker straight, it's smooth and shiny but it still has body. It's mostly frizz free though I still find it can get a little tangled up at the ends where my hair was most dry. It's made styling easier and reduced the bulkiness caused by the layers. Although my hair is smoother than it is naturally when left to air dry, I do prefer how it looks when I blow dry it. My hair feels really healthy which is amazing considering the abuse it has taken of late.

Several washes after initial treatment


This is a smoothing rather than a straightening treatment. It's not going to give a look of permanently straightened hair but it will give you smooth, healthy looking hair that still has body and can be styled in a variety of ways. I think it's an excellent alternative to keratin treatments that contain formaldehyde, especially as I expect tighter regulations to be imposed on the use of formaldehyde in hair treatments in the not too distant future. I also salute the fact that the Kebelo team knows what is in their products and why and that they have full data safety sheets in their training manuals.

It isn't cheap, at just under £200 per treatment but I feel it's competitively priced compared to other smoothing systems plus the large bottle of shampoo and conditioner required for maintenance are included in the price. Also, you can be safe in the knowledge that all stylists have been thoroughly trained to use the treatment. Believe me, I read the training manual!

Four is one of a couple of salons that currently offer the treatment but Kebelo are in the process of training (Worldwide not just the UK) so the treatment will be available in other salons very soon. You can find out more information about the treatment on their website which has an excellent FAQ section. Images of my treatment in the salon were taken from the Kebelo Facebook page and where you can also find out more information about the treatment and where it is available.

Disclosure: The treatment was provided without cost for the purpose of review.


  1. great hair! and I love your baby! sooo cutee :) leinti nti

  2. Very informative, and I love these photos of you! So fresh and pretty! The treatment seems wonderful on your hair, and it seems that the salon was very professional. I'm glad your 'hair journey'is starting to improve :)

  3. What a brilliant result, your hair looks lovely...mushroom be gone lol! I'm really glad, as you were long overdue a good hair experience.
    And what's more important, Her Highness seems to graciously approve :-)
    I also wanted to thank you for my lovely prize [insert huge beaming smile], I was delighted to rip it off the postie's hands (and possibly scared him a little bit in the process too)!
    Everything looks so pretty and, at last, I am introduced to The House of Gloi yay...
    I would love to take you up on your suggestion (after 8 April) and perhaps show you in the flesh how well these lovely goodies work!
    Big hug
    Nina x

  4. Yey! It lightened your hair! I bet you were pleased :-)

    At £200 it's a treatment I'd probably skip. My hair is reasonably well behaved in the 'be smooth, be straight' department.

    Looks like it was a welcome treat for your hair, I bet you're feeling lovely and pampered in time for spring :-)

    Looking great hun! x

  5. Your hair looks so sleek! Simply amazing!

    It's expensive but seems to be worth it.

    Thanks for the detailed review x jeanie

  6. It looks so sleek and glossy, thanks for such a informative and thorough review x

  7. Your hair is so healthy looking and gorgeous. I'm very envious of the sheen as well. :)

  8. @leinti nti: Thank you. Baby is quite keen on sneaking into the shots!

    @dempss: Thank you, I’m pleased you enjoyed the photos. It makes a lovely change to report something good about my hair certainly!

    @Nina: I’m so pleased everything reached you ok. We’ll sort something out after the 8th, it would be lovely to see you for a proper chat. I’m pleased to have enabled some Haus of Gloi testing too!

    Her Highness definitely approves of my hair. Well, at least I assume so as she’s been enjoying decorating it with jelly babies!

    @Clever Rabbit: Thank you! I left the salon with a definite spring in my step! My hair is back to it’s natural colour I think after this and the ColourB4 treatment. Though of course that includes the grey hairs too ;)

    @Jeanie: The treatments are expensive. It’s supposed to last 100 days though so I guess it covers are reasonable period of time. I think if your hair is particularly unruly, it’s quite a good investment. I’ll admit I really enjoyed being pampered for a couple of hours!

    @Replica: Thank you, I hope it was interesting. I was really grateful of the pictures to demonstrate the process.

    @Jenn S: Ah, thank you! This was a really enjoyable bit of research :)

    Jane x

    1. Just had it done and so far so good especially as the price is now reduced to £100 definately something i could justify 3-4 x a year.
      I haven't washed it myself yet but woke up today without a kink which given my hair texture (very thick and course) is a miracle.

    2. Oh that's great news George, the prize reduction is good too. I could actually do with another treatment myself as my hair is really suffering with the weather. Thank you so much for the timely reminder. I hope you continue to be kink free :)

    3. I had the treatment which was recommended by my hairdresser it turned my hair yellow (my hair is thick and highlighted). very unhappy with result. Cost a fortune and left my hair worse condition.

  9. Not sure, I have had it twice. It was good for going abroad in humidity as hair straightners dont work. I think your hair has to be pretty frizzy or course for you to see the difference but I still have to use straightners for the fringe. I can honestly say a few weeks you will want to deep condition your hair with a different conditioner. The Kebelo does not make you hair feel conditioned. Yes it is a bit more manageable but thats it, I will stick to straightners and deep conditioning tratment. Not worth the money

  10. I have just had the treatment done and ive got to say my hair looks amazing I used to have to straighten my hair 3 to 4 times after washing and drying to get it to go nice, but now with one straighten my hair is smooth shiny and looks great well worth the money considering how hard my hair was to keep nice.

  11. I have just had the treatment done and ive got to say my hair looks amazing I used to have to straighten my hair 3 to 4 times after washing and drying to get it to go nice, but now with one straighten my hair is smooth shiny and looks great well worth the money considering how hard my hair was to keep nice.

  12. well ive got to say im a delighted with the results I have just got the treatment and my hair is amazing no more straightening my hair 3 to 4 times after washing it, One straighten and my hair is soft, smooth and shiny im really impressed well worth the money

  13. I had this treatment in the middle of August and am now half-way through my one hundred days. I am very pleased with the results. I have really frizzy coarse hair and it is so much easier to manage now. Certainly doesn't make it poker-straight but that's not what I was expecting.

    Seriously considering having it done again before Christmas - well worth the money!


  15. I had mine done 2 weeks ago! Pretty Disaponted !! I have long hair and it was very healthy, after had it done, ends are a bit brittle and it hasn't taken the frizz away! £100 waisted, specially was suggested I was going te get same results as the keratin ones! Now I am going on holiday and can't have a keratin one until the 100 days as it will damage my hair!!!


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